20 Main tourist attractions in Portugal to put on your itinerary

Are you planning a trip to the country? Then write down the Tourist Points of Portugal that you need to know to make it unforgettable.

Despite being a small country, Portugal is incredibly diverse from North to South. Depending on the time you have planned for your trip, it is very worthwhile to make an itinerary through the mandatory stops in all the tourist spots in Portugal that we have selected in the list below – take the opportunity to also check our post with Portugal itinerary. 

For those who like the city, restaurants, trendy exhibitions and a younger vibe, the cities of Lisboa e Porto are unmissable. If, on the other hand, you love the beach and nature, be sure to visit the Algarve and Azores islands and Madeira. Check out the 20 tourist attractions in Portugal below and have a good trip!

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Tourist Points of Portugal
Lisbon and the Center of the Country

1. Belém Tower, Lisbon

One of the mandatory stops for anyone visiting Lisbon is the Torre de Belém. This Manueline style icon is an emblem of the time of the Discoveries and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.

Reserve a morning to walk around Belém, as there are several tourist attractions to discover there. Start with an espresso and the famous belem cake, but don't be scared of the queue!

We have a great tip from #insider: instead of ordering take away (“to go”), get in touch Pastel de Belém and explore the tile-lined corridors. It has several rooms, with tables for customers to sit and eat one or two pastries in peace.

From there go to the monastery of Jerome and then go up the Monument to the São Tomé Discovery for a panoramic view of the city. visit the CCB (Belém Cultural Center), where there are always interesting exhibitions and one of the best ice cream parlors in town, the Really.

Then walk through the gardens of Belém, passing the Belém Palace where the President of Portugal lives. Finish your tour by visiting the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology), a modern architecture building by the Tagus River that is worth visiting.

Belém Tower – Tourist attractions in Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: Virginia Falanghe

Sights in Belem:

  • Visit Torre de Belém: Online tickets here
  • Visit the Jerónimos Monastery: learn more here
  • Visit the Discoveries Monument: learn more here
  • Visit the CCB: learn more here
  • Visit MAAT: learn more here

Where to eat in Bethlehem:

  • Pastéis de Belém: learn more here
  • Feitoria Restaurant: learn more here
  • Este Oeste Restaurant, at CCB: learn more here
  • Darwin's Café, at the Champalimaud Foundation: learn more here
  • Terrace on the Margin: learn more here

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2. Alfama, Lisbon

the neighborhood of Alfama It is the oldest in Lisbon and therefore the birthplace of many traditions such as Fado, the Santo António festivals and the Portuguese way of life. To visit the narrow streets that go up and down, the cool thing is to take a Tuk tuk or do it on foot.

go up to the Castelo de sao jorge (normal ticket price – €8,50) for a panoramic view, located on the top of one of the seven hills of the city. Do not hesitate to enter I know from Lisbon and Church of Sao Vicente de Fora, two of the most visited religious monuments in Portugal.

Enjoy the view of the roofs and the Tagus River from the top of the viewpoint of Santa Luzia and go down the stairs to the Field of Onions. There is where the unusual is Casa dos Bicos, which is now the headquarters of the José Saramago Foundation – the renowned Portuguese writer.

During this tour, you will be able to get to know the inspirations of some Portuguese songs up close. That's where you can visit the Museu do Fado, which tells how this passion was passed from generation to generation. An amazing experience is to book a table at the restaurant Fado Club, on the side of the Cathedral, and dinner with fado accompanied by the Portuguese guitar.

Visit to the historic center of Lisbon. – Portugal tourist attractions | Travel Tips – Photo: Virginia Falanghe

Alfama tourist attractions:

  • Visit São Jorge Castle: learn more here 
  • Visit the Lisbon Cathedral: learn more here 
  • Visit the Church of São Vicente de Fora: Largo de São Vicente, 1100-572 Lisbon, Portugal
  • Visit Casa dos Bicos: learn more here
  • Visit the Fado Museum: learn more here

Where to eat in Alfama:

  • Santo António de Alfama Restaurant: learn more here
  • Clube de Fado Restaurant: learn more here

3. Baixa-Chiado, Lisbon

In Portugal, as in almost all European cities, there is a lot of street shopping running all day. It's worth walking around streets of Baixa, Chiado and Prince royal em Lisbon, which are full of shops of all kinds. From Zara, Tiger and Sephora, to local stores with unique pieces, such as Burel (handcrafted wool) and Vista Alegre.

In Largo do Chiado, visit the famous Cafe "A Españaeira", where several poets and thinkers met at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. then go down Rua do Alecrim, one of the most beautiful in the city, until the Cais do Sodré.

have lunch at Ribeira Market, which belongs to Time Out Magazine, where you can taste great dishes from several Portuguese Chefs. From there it is possible to walk along the banks of the Tagus River, taking the Ribeira das Naus until the beautiful Commerce Square, also known as Terreiro do Paço.

Time Out Ribeira Market. Photo: Virginia Falanghe. Portugal Sights

Where to eat in Baixa-Chiado:

  • Ribeira Market: learn more here
  • Belcanto Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in town: learn more here
  • Bairro do Avillez Restaurant: learn more here
  • Atalho Real Restaurant: learn more here

The best local produce stores:

  • Souvenirs from local artisans and designers at the “A Vida Portuguesa” store: learn more here
  • Portuguese wool at the “Burel” store: learn more here
  • The traditional “Vista Alegre” porcelain: learn more here
  • Portuguese trendy brands at “Embaixada Concept Store”: learn more here

So you don't miss any attractions, see our map with all the places in Baixa-Chiado

4. LX Factory, Lisboa

Lisboa it is a city where the old traditions and the restless spirit of the Portuguese live side by side. One of the best places to see it up close is the LX Factory, a former factory complex fully transformed into a creative hub.

There are spaces for cowork, concept stores, bookstores, barbershops, bars and cafes of all kinds. There is no shortage of options for local and international gastronomic experiences.

It is also worth checking the agenda, because there are always shows e workshops happening there, in addition to the Sunday market.

If you're up for a drink in the late afternoon, go up to one of the bars on top of the old factories. On weekends they are full of locals, people who are doing exchanges and some tourists to offer one of the best views of the Tagus River.

Visit the LX Factory: learn more here

LX Factory in Lisbon – Tourist attractions in Portugal | Travel Tips: Photo: NIT

5. Mafra National Palace, Lisbon

One of the main tourist attractions in Portugal is the National Palace of Mafra, which is 25 km from Lisbon. The largest Baroque monument in the country, it took almost fifteen years to build and comprises a church, a convent and a palace.

It is worth visiting the luxurious rooms that hosted the court of King D. João V and the Basilica lined with marble from floor to ceiling. But the real jewel of the Palace is the library. Breathtaking, she looks literally straight out of the Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”.

Take your time looking at the crafted shelves, which hold over 36.000 books. There it is possible to see in person one of the first editions of ”Os Lusíadas” by Luís de Camões.

Visit Mafra National Palace: learn more here 

Mafra Palace – Tourist attractions in Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: Miguel Carraca

For you to understand the grandeur of the National Palace of Mafra, see below the video we separated for you.

6. Pena National Palace, Sintra

Sintra is without a doubt one of the wonders of Portugal. This mountain, full of Romantic style monuments and mystical atmosphere, is just thirty minutes from Lisbon. You can go there by train, leaving from Rossio Station in the city center.

There are many wonderful sights in Sintra, so our tip is to buy this ticket that already includes entry to several places. O National Palace of the Rock is a must stop, one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. It is worth spending some time admiring the rooms, furniture and symbols of the time of kings.

Don't forget to visit Castle of the Moorsthe Palace of Seteais and Vacation Specials, places that seem straight out of fairy tales. After the tour, take a coffee break “A Piriquita” and order a “Travesseiro”, the delicious sweet from the region. It is a must among the tourist spots in Portugal. 

Pena Palace, Sintra – Portugal tourist attractions | Travel Tips – Photo: Virginia Falanghe

In addition to knowing the Palace of Seteais, you can still stay there at the Tivoli Palacio de Seteais. The 5 star hotel overlooking the Moorish Castle and the Pena National Palace.

  • Tivoli Palacio de Seteais – Photo: publicity

  • Tivoli Palacio de Seteais – Photo: publicity

  • Tivoli Palacio de Seteais – Photo: publicity

  • Tivoli Palacio de Seteais – Photo: publicity

Sights in Sintra 

  • Buy tickets for all Sintra Sights here
  • Visit Castelo dos Mouros: learn more here 
  • Visit Palácio de Seteias: learn more here 

7. Cabo da Roca and Azenhas do Mar, Sintra

Going down the Serra de Sintra towards the sea, you will arrive at the westernmost point of mainland Portugal: the Cabo da Roca. It is worth going there and admiring the landscape and the sun setting over the sea.

And if you continue up the road by car along the coast, you will pass by several beautiful beaches with rock formations, such as the Big beach and Ursa Beach.

Our tip is to go to the village of watermills of the sea, with the white houses perched on the cliff. Stop the car and ask for a table at the Azenhas do Mar Restaurant, where you will eat the best fish and seafood in the region.

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Cabo das Rocas – Portugal tourist attractions | Travel Tips – Photo: Ricardo Vidal via Flickr

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8. Castles of Óbidos, Leiria

One of the wonders of Portugal, and of Europe in fact, is the possibility of visiting places that seem to have come out of princess books. If you're looking for scenarios like this, then head over to the Óbidos Castle em Leiria, 80 kilometers from Lisbon.

Walk on top of the castle walls, discovering the houses and alleys protected by them below. Get lost in the medieval village from the time of D. Afonso Henriques – the first King of Portugal – with well-preserved Manueline style details.

Finish your tour by tasting a local delicacy, the famous Ginjinha de Óbidos – the famous liqueur of the region that is served in a chocolate cup.

Where to stay in Óbidos:

  • Pousada do Castelo de Óbidos: see all the options here

The best Ginjinha in Óbidos:

  • Bar Ibn Errik Rex: learn more here

Tourist Points of Portugal
north of the country

9. University of Coimbra, Coimbra

The oldest university in the country is located in the city of Coimbra, and is one of the tourist spots in Portugal that you have to visit. O Palace of Schools, where the University's historic building is located is simply breathtaking.

Be sure to also visit the Joanina library. Try visiting during the week to see the lively action as this is a student town.

>> Want to know more about the University of Coimbra and what to do there? Enter our post Coimbra Portugal: 10 unmissable tips of what to do there

Also take the opportunity to experience a oven roasted suckling pig, one of the typical dishes of the region, or dine in the magnificent Hotel at Quinta das Lágrimas. Through the gardens and secret rooms of this place, the tragic love affair between Prince D.Pedro and D.Inês began.


University of Coimbra – Tourist attractions in Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: Henrique Macedo.

10. Vista Alegre Museum, Aveiro

On the way to the city of Porto, make a stop at Ílhavo, beside Aveiro. It was here that the tradition of Vista Alegre porcelain started in the XNUMXth century. This is still a little-known tourist spot, but it is worth visiting the oldest porcelain factory in the Iberian peninsula.

Until 1800, Portugal was the main importer of Chinese porcelain from the Western world. Until the founding family of Vista Alegre started to produce locally, developing a characteristic trait for Portuguese tableware.

To this day, Vista Alegre is one of the most respected brands in the country and has fans all over the world. Our tip is to buy your souvenirs from Portugal here, to take advantage of the prices of unique factory pieces.

Aveiro, in Portugal – Portugal tourist attractions | Travel tips

Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel – Sights Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: publicity

Wall of Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel with beautiful porcelain – A charm in every corner – Photo: publicity

Sights in Ílhavo:

  • Vista Alegre Factory Museum: learn more here

Where to stay in Ilhavo:

  • Montebelo Vista Alegre Hotel: read more here

11. Boat trip on the Douro River, Porto

If you are visiting the city of Porto, then book a day to take a boat trip on the Douro River. There are always several companies offering this cruise, at any time of the year.

usually depart from waterfront of the city and end in Régua, a charming village located on the banks of the Douro.

The tour goes through incredible landscapes, full of wineries of the best estates of port wine. So of course, don't miss a wine tasting, as you will be in the heart of this wonderful Portuguese nectar.

Our suggestion is to visit the emblematic Vacation Specials or County Dublin hotels, for an authentic and unforgettable experience. Some houses also have the option to participate in the vintage, which takes place during the month of September. Can you imagine, harvesting and treading the grapes and then making your own wine?

Banks of the River Douro – Sights Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: Virginia Falanghe.

Boat trip on the Douro River: 

  • In the Douro – Wonderful Kingdom: learn more here

Wine tasting and visit to wineries in the Douro Valley:

  • Visit Quinta do Vallado: learn more here
  • Visit Quinta das Carvalhas: learn more here

Where to stay on the Douro River:

  • Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa: learn more here
  • Douro Suites: learn more here 

Find more hotels in the Porto region here 

12. Palácio da Bolsa, City of Porto

One of the most visited tourist spots in Portugal is the magnificent Palace of the Stock Exchange. This is where the headquarters of the Associação Comercial do Porto is located and during its construction, in 1842, traders were forced to trade in the open air.

But this setback was worth it, as the result was one of the best examples of neoclassical architecture in the city.

The ticket includes the guided tour, which takes you through a room more incredible than the other, in a true journey back in time. It is also here that heads of state visiting the city are received, in the impressive Arab salon.

Visit Palácio da Bolsa: learn more here

Arab Room at Palácio da Bolsa, Porto – Tourist attractions in Portugal | Travel Tips – Photo: Virginia Falanghe.

13. Dom Luís I Bridge, Porto

It is from the top of Ponte D. Luís I that you will have the best view of the city and the Douro River. The famous metallic structure bridge was designed by a disciple of Gustav Eiffel and allows the passage of people, cars and subway.

After visiting the Porto Cathedral, walk across the upper board and observe both sides of the valley. On one side, the Ribeirinha do Porto, full of colorful houses, and on the other side, the typical rabelo boats who carried the wine. It was stored in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, where you can still enjoy a Port wine tasting today.

End your tour by going up the Mosteiro da serra do pilar, from where you will have a wonderful view of Foz do Douro and the sun setting over the sea. The bridge is one of the main tourist attractions in Portugal. 

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Dom Luis I Bridge – Photo: Flickr (Ingolf) – tourist attractions in Portugal


  • Visit the Cathedral of Porto: learn more here
  • Visit the Monastery of Serra do Pilar

Where to do Port wine tasting in Vila Nova Gaia:

  • Churchill's: learn more here 
  • Grahams: learn more here
  • Taylor's: learn more here

14. Lello e Irmão bookshop, Porto

Did you know that in the city of Porto Is it possible to visit the magical world of Harry Potter? is that the Livraria Lello, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, inspired author JK Rowling to create Hogwarts.

The wooden interior, the floor-to-ceiling books and the neo-gothic-style staircase really create a magical atmosphere.

Located in the historic center of the city, it will be easy to find by the queue that there is usually at the door. The good tip is that you can buy your ticket in advance online here.

But if you need to wait a little while, take the opportunity to admire the beautiful Art Nouveau façade and the Clérigos Church down the street. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in Portugal.

Visit Livraria Lello: learn more here.

If you are looking for more amazing tips on everything about the city of Porto, check out our 3-day itinerary with what to do in the city of Porto here.

Tourist Points of Portugal
South of the country

15. Capela dos Ossos, Évora

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Portugal among Brazilians is the Capela dos OssosOn Évora. And no wonder, as this place is as unusual as it is creepy, as there isn't a millimeter of wall without real human bones.

The explanation of this strange “decoration” has been dividing the locals, as some believe it would be a message about the ephemerality of life.

But according to the history of the time, it seems that the cemeteries were getting full and it was necessary to find another place to put the skeletons. But besides the Capela dos Ossos, this Alentejo city is known for having a historic monument around every corner.

Don't miss out on goth I know from Évora and in the unmissable Temple of Diana. An important vestige of the Roman occupation, the temple is right in the center of the city and has been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Capela dos Ossos, Évora – Photo: David VA via Flickr

City tours:

  • Évora Cultural Experience: learn more here

Where to taste Alentejo cuisine:

  • Fialho Restaurant: learn more here
  • Taberta Típica Wednesday: learn more here

Find discount hotels in Évora here

16. Tavira, Algarve

Another of the tourist spots in Portugal is in the region of Algarve. The city of Tavira It is a fine example of the history of Portuguese conquests and relations with other peoples over the centuries. It was taken and reconquered by Arabs, Romans, Celts, and many others who left their legacy. And so it is today a place where the historical heritage reflects various architectural influences.

Start by visiting the Tavira Castle and its walls, to have a panoramic view of the city and to locate yourself. Then stroll through the little streets admiring the white houses and cross the Roman bridge that crosses the Gilão River. it flows into the Ria Formosa Natural Park, where some of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve are located.

Plan to spend a day at Barril Beach ou na Terra Estreita Beach and on the way back stay for dinner at Santa Luzia, a region specializing in wonderful octopus dishes.

For you to get even more excited to get to know Portugal, check out this place!

 17. Ponta da Piedade Beach, Algarve

Other wonders of Portugal are the beaches. It's amazing how a territory of this size has so much diversity. It has fine white sand beach, others with the best waves in the world for surfing and very high cliffs protecting the bay.

The region of Algarve It is perfect for discovering the beaches of Portugal and is one of the most popular places in the summer here. It is worth going to the city of Lagos and take the boat ride to Point of Pity, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

During 1h15 you will navigate between rock formations that rise from the sea and enter caves that hide wonderful places. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for a romantic walk, the good tip is to take a sailboat ride or rent a kayak and set out on your own (just be careful with the wind).

Ponta da Piedade, Lagos. Photo: Tony Fernandez via Flickr

18. Sagres, Algarve

The place where the Atlantic Ocean becomes the Mediterranean Sea, has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal. Sagres it was very important for Portuguese navigators, as the land ended there and the frightening immensity of the ocean began.

Visit Lighthouse and the Fortress of Sagres and take a trip back in time, to the time of the Discoveries.

To this day the village and beaches remain simple and natural, quite different from the rest of the Algarve's tourist region. Which also means that the structure isn't much, but it's worth knowing the Beliche beach and Praia da Cordoama.

Where to stay in Sagres:

  • Blacksheep Sagres: learn more here
  • Memmo Baleeira – Design Hotels: learn more here

Where to eat in Sagres:

  • Café Correia, Vila do Bispo: directions here

See more places to stay in Sagres

Tourist Points of Portugal

19. Madeira Island

Located an hour and a half by flight, and from 45€ from Lisbon, Madeira Island It is one of the most interesting tourist spots in Portugal to visit. It is closer to Africa than to the European continent and the best time to visit is between June and August, to avoid the rains.

Madeira Island is mountainous, full of trails through nature, called “levadas”. It's worth going up to the Pico Ruivo by car, the third highest mountain in the country, and hike the last three kilometers to the top.

From there you will have an incredible view over Porto Santo and an unforgettable sunset, if the weather is not clear cloudy.

There are also other typical experiences on the island, some more exciting than others. If you are up for the challenge of entering a handmade wicker cart and be pushed downhill, then you can consider yourself a true Madeiran.

We prefer another type of experience, such as tasting the delicious Madeiran espetada, ending with the famous Madeira wine.

Where to stay on Madeira Island: 

  • Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa: learn more here

20. Azores

If you're visiting Portugal with time, it's really worth going to the Azores archipelago. It is that to know the nine islands, some can only be reached by boat, it takes at least ten days.

Depending on the season, there are flights from 40€ and it takes two and a half hours from Lisbon. But to give you an idea, in high season, from May to September, flights are up to three times more expensive.

This is one of the wonders of Portugal that nature lovers need to know. Since going up to top of a volcano, the incredible landscapes of greenish lagoons, the geysers and a unique biodiversity of both plants and animals, there will be no shortage of outdoor activities.

One of the unforgettable experiences that you cannot miss there is a boat trip to see whales and dolphins.

And to finish this class on Tourist Points in Portugal, get to know a little about one of the Açoes Islands – Terceira Island, narrated with a charming Portuguese accent.

And you, do you already know which tourist attractions in Portugal you are going to visit on your next trip? Comment here!

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