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    8 ideas for tours in Iceland to do in summer or winter

    • 1. The Golden Circle
    • 2. Reykjanes Peninsula
    • 3. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula
    • 4. The Western Fjords
    • 5. Southern Iceland
    • 6. Vatnajökull National Park
    • 7. The eastern fjords
    • 8. North Iceland
    • How do I book a tour in Iceland?
    • - Where do I pick up my rental car?
    • - Which vehicle to choose for a tour in Iceland ?

    Do you dream of volcanoes, hot springs, glaciers and nature with a strong character? Then head for Ice Land and our selection of Icelandic tours!

    Iceland is a 400 million year old history. An isolated, free and promised land where nature is queen and its elements kings. It is also the portrait of a geological spectacle in its own right that makes the country undeniably unique. Dressed in earth and fire, Iceland captures, surprises and amazes all those who encounter it.

    Today, we invite you to discover this Land of Ice in a different way, at the wheel of freedom. Are you ready? Then fasten your seatbelt, we're setting off on a memorable journey.

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    1. The Golden Circle

    Ah the Golden Circle... Not to be missed, this is an emblematic stage of the Icelandic round trips. It can be done in one day from Réykjavik.

    Begin with the fault of Thingvellir, also seat of the first Icelandic parliament, then go to be sprinkled by the geyser Strokkur in the middle of fumaroles. The last star of the Golden Circle: the Gulfoss Falls and their tremendous power. Finish off with a dip in the thermal waters and head back to Fludir and its Secret Lagoon.

    2. Reykjanes Peninsula

    From Keflavik, you set off in the direction of Gardur and head north. Here you will find lighthouses, typical churches and beautiful white sandy beaches. Birds, seals, dolphins and maybe whales invite you to get acquainted with the local fauna.

    A little further south, opt for a hike to the cliffs of Hafnaberg. You will reach the Bridge between Continents, which crosses the legendary fault line! Further on, it is the impressive fumaroles of Gunnuhver that attract attention. Why not go to the famous Blue Lagoon or eat lobster soup in Grindavik? Then drive up Route 42 at Krysavik and take a breath of fresh air at the Seltún geothermal site.

    3. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

    Take the time to visit Reykjavík, a must-see tour in Iceland! Stroll through its traditional city centre, visit the Hallgrímskirkja church, recognizable from afar with its architecture reminiscent of Iceland's basalt organs.

    From here you can make your next loop, the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This peninsula is known for its numerous waterfalls: Grundarfoss, Kerlingarfoss and Kirkjufellsfoss in particular. Along the way, don't miss the fabulous Snæfellsjökull glacier-volcano. At the very end, try your hand at climbing Saxholl Crater and look for puffins along the cliffs of Londrangar.

    4. The Western Fjords

    Along with the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the West Fjords region was the first to be carved by volcanic eruptions. Because of its isolation, the Westfjord retains a very wild character. It is a real paradise for birdwatchers, with more than twenty-five species of birds listed. The small winding roads are full of surprises at every turn and there are plenty of them! And for good reason, the Icelandic roundabouts here draw the contours of two of the three regions, bounded by a multitude of fjords. The third is to be discovered during a long hike.

    5. Southern Iceland

    In one week, you can make a South Icelandic loop. This begins with the Golden Circle and ends in the Reykjanes Peninsula.

    After Gulfoss, discover the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano which is also a... glacier! Then, head to the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón, at the gates of the Vatnajökull National Park. Then retrace your steps to conquer the Reykjanes Peninsula.

    6. Vatnajökull National Park

    The ideal winter tour to Iceland, the one to Vatnajökull Park is a three-day trip.

    Follow the black sand beaches along the south coast, then visit an ice cave on one of the glaciers. Also think of the glacial lagoon Jökulsárlón, a favourite with explorers. In the evening, hunt for the Northern Lights, which are common in this region.

    7. The eastern fjords

    This tour runs between Höfn and Egilsstaðir or the other way around. Both towns have an airport, so it's easy to reach them from the capital on a road trip around Iceland.

    During your tour, you will hardly come across tourists! You can therefore quietly enjoy the beauty of a good ten fjords. Among them, Fáskrúðsfjörður, memory of the French fishermen of the XIXth century who had installed their base there. Small peculiarity: it has bilingual Icelandic/French panels.

    8. North Iceland

    Head north to Akureyri. You can take road 1, which will go to Viðimyri and its charming church with a peat roof. A little further on, Akureyri is nestled in a hollow of a fjord. From here, or from Dalvik, about forty kilometers further north, you will be able to go on an expedition to observe blue or humpback whales. Then continue your tour from North Iceland to the volcanic lake Mývatn. Choose a hike through this area of hot springs and mud cauldrons and end the day at the spa complex.

    Depending on how much time you have, these different tours in Iceland can be combined with each other. By linking them, you opt for a complete tour around and inside the island.

    How do I book a tour in Iceland?

    Where do I pick up my rental car?

    The vast majority of international flights to Iceland arrive at Keflavik airport, about 50 kilometres from the capital, Reykjavik. From France, it will be a little more than three hours of flight, and from Montreal, about five hours.

    Depending on your arrival time, you will be able to pick up your rental car at the agency of your choice. For practicality, we advise you to get in touch with an agency near the airport. A simple but also economical way to move freely from the moment of your arrival. If, on the other hand, you go through an agency specialized in tours in Iceland, it is very likely that you will have to travel to Reykjavik. In this case, remember to book your bus trip to the capital.

    Book your vehicle for a tour in Iceland

    Which vehicle to choose for a tour in Iceland?

    Depending on the season and the circuit you have planned, you will have the choice between city car, 4×4 or camper van.

    • The city car will allow you to drive around the island on mostly asphalt roads;
    • The camper will invite you to stay in unusual places;
    • The 4×4 will allow you to reach more difficult tracks, giving you access to remote and wild corners.
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