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Do you have questions about Assist Trip travel insurance? In this complete post we have listed the main characteristics of the insurer so that you are well informed. Check out our full review below.

Assist Trip Seguros was one of the insurance companies offered in the travel insurance comparator. However, was it good and a reliable option to ensure a trip abroad? We tell you everything in the post below, so you can accurately know more information about the company's plans.

It may be that at the time you read this guide, Assist Trip travel insurance is not available for purchase at insurance comparison site. This happens because there are brands that are sometimes partners with the platform, and sometimes are not in the list of insurers offered there. It's a common move in the online travel insurance market, and if that happens, the tip is to look for an alternative from another insurer.

In any case, if you have found Assist Trip plans available for purchase and are interested in one of them, here you will find all the pertinent details so that your purchase is successful. We cover the brand's insurance coverage, how to activate it in an emergency abroad, what are the pros and cons of the insurer, and even how to pay the best price possible - we offer a discount coupon for travel insurance below.

In this post you will read:

  • What happened to Assist Trip?
  • Is Assist Trip travel insurance reliable?
  • Assist Trip + AXA Seguros
  • Is Assist Trip travel insurance good?
  • Where to buy Assist Trip travel insurance?
  • Travel insurance discount coupon
  • What are the Assist Trip travel insurance plans?
  • What does Assist Trip insurance cover?
  • What is Assist Trip's reputation on Reclame Aqui?
  • Does Assist Trip have coverage for coronavirus?
  • How to activate Assist Trip Seguros?
  • So, is it worth buying travel insurance?
  • FAQ

What happened to Assist Trip?

Despite being a fairly new insurer in the travel insurance market, Assist Trip is no longer being marketed among the plans available on the travel insurance comparator – the largest online insurance purchase platform.

You can, however, search for other travel insurance alternatives by using the search engine of online insurance platform. There are listed the best insurance companies on the market, with different plans and for all budgets.

Is Assist Trip travel insurance reliable?

Is Assist Trip Travel Insurance good and reliable? – Photo: Official Assist Trip website

Because it was guaranteed by AXA Seguros, a reference company in the sector, Assist Trip was quite reliable. The nice thing about the travel insurance offered was the very quick and easy communication.

By hiring a plan from them, you had full-time service, always in Portuguese, via WhatsApp and from anywhere in the world. In addition, of course, conventional forms of communication were also available, such as 24/7 calls for free, apart from email and website chat.

In emergencies, it is always best to call by phone for faster response. But, if you have any questions, contact the team of consultants at insurance comparator is a great solution (they are always ready to help).

Assist Trip + AXA Seguros

A Assist Trip Insurance is a Brazilian company representing AXA Seguros – one of the largest insurance companies in the world, operating in more than 60 countries.

AXA has been ranked the most valuable insurance brand for several years in a row, according to the ranking Best Global Brands, ensuring the reliability of the service provided.

Is Assist Trip travel insurance good?

See if Assist Trip insurance plans are available on online insurance comparator

Assist Trip travel insurance were super valid options to assist you during a trip. Few insurers offer, in their basic plans, items such as insurance for lost luggage, travel insurance for pregnant women or even coverage for sports, for example, and the company had these benefits.

To top it off, Assist Trip had a proposal to include these “extras” in all the plans it offers. In other words, they included these differentials even in the most basic package – you can check out alternatives to the Assist Trip plans at travel insurance comparator.

If you have any questions about the coverage coverage of travel insurance plans, you can speak to the support team at insurance comparison site for specialized care.

Assist Trip's main coverages were:

  • hospital medical expenses
  • Coverage for dental expenses
  • pharmaceutical expenses
  • Coverage for sports
  • Medical Coverage for Pregnant Women (up to 32 weeks)
  • Accidental death while traveling
  • Total or partial permanent disability
  • flight delay
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Baggage damage or delay
  • trip cancellation
  • medical transfer
  • extension of stay
  • Shipping a companion

Where to buy Assist Trip travel insurance?

The best way to buy travel insurance is to check the plans available at travel insurance comparison site.

You can check travel insurance prices on any online sales channel, but insurance comparator always counts the most unbeatable offers on the market. By having partnerships with insurance companies, the platform is able to offer more attractive values ​​even than the companies' own websites.

Another of the advantages of online insurance comparator is the specialized service that the site has. If there is any doubt regarding the most suitable plan or the coverage offered, just contact the platform's team of consultants and ask everything, and they will promptly answer you.

In addition, there are always promotions on the site, and for those who pay by bank slip, there is always an extra discount. We also have a special discount coupon for our readers, which you can check out below.

Travel insurance discount coupon

Better than being covered against possible emergencies during the trip, it is better to hire insurance at the best price on the market. For this, Travel Tips readers can use the coupon FORTRAVELOVERS and guarantee 5% off the final price. Too much, huh?

Oh, and there is an additional 5% discount for those who pay with boleto, pix or transfer, and these discounts are cumulative. In other words, you can guarantee savings of up to 10% when purchasing your travel insurance. Also remembering that the purchase of insurance can be paid in up to 12 installments, making payment as easy as possible.

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  • Pay by boleto, Pix or wire transfer to earn an extra 5% and reach the 10% off!

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What are the Assist Trip travel insurance plans?

There were four plans offered: International Travel Insurance, National Travel Insurance, Student Travel Insurance, Multi Trip Travel Insurance.

Check the average coverage values ​​of each plan:

  • AT 10 Spain: 10 thousand reais
  • AT 40 Inter: 40 thousand dollars
  • AT 60 Europa: 60 thousand dollars
  • AT 100 Inter: 100 thousand dollars
  • AT 100 Inter Study: 100 thousand dollars
  • AT 250 Inter: 250 thousand dollars
  • Mult Trip 120: 120 thousand dollars
  • Mult Trip 250: 250 thousand dollars

However, as Assist Trip products are no longer marketed by insurance comparator, you can check the website for other options, from other insurers, with great offers.

What does Assist Trip insurance cover?

It's super easy to compare travel insurance plans with insurance comparator

Assist Trip offered coverage for the following items:

  • Medical Hospital Expenses
  • Dental Expenses
  • sports coverage
  • coverage for pregnant women
  • Accidental death while traveling
  • Total or partial permanent disability
  • body transfer
  • Sanitary return
  • Medical Transfer
  • Luggage
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Pharmaceutical Expenses
  • Baggage delay
  • Damage to Bags
  • flight delay
  • Extension of Stay
  • Extension of stay for companions
  • Companion shipping

Through the online insurance comparator It is also possible to compare up to 4 travel insurance plans, either from Assist Trip (if available) or from other insurance companies. It's very easy, and it helps a lot to define which plan to choose, according to your budget for the trip or even the activities you will carry out at the destination. In case of doubts, the very complete service of the site can also help in this choice.

What is Assist Trip's reputation on Reclame Aqui?

Overall, Assist Trip has only seven complaints published on Reclame Aqui since it was introduced into the consumer help platform. Thus, it was not possible to establish a reputation for the brand, nor to certify precisely whether the company really provided a quality service, being concerned with the best possible experience for travelers.

In recent months, no publication on behalf of Assist Trip has been made on Reclame Aqui. This does not necessarily mean that she is performing flawlessly. As it is not available on insurance comparator currently, it is likely that it is just a reflection of the inexistence of contracted plans.

Does Assist Trip have coverage for coronavirus?

Due to the lack of informative materials about Assist Trip, we did not find data indicating that the insurer has plans that cover cases of Covid-19 diagnosed during the trip. Therefore, the main recommendation is to seek alternatives in other companies in the field, made available through the travel insurance comparison site.

The specialized service of plan comparison portal can even help you find the most ideal option for your destination and the style of trip you intend to make. It is worth checking the available insurance, and contacting the consultants to resolve all questions.

How to activate Assist Trip Seguros?

Assist Trip provided a very affordable service. As most of insurance available on the comparator, the brand had service via WhatsApp, with virtually instantaneous responses.

When sending a message through the app, one of the attendants always available, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, would respond immediately. He also had chat on the insurance company's own website.

The other option to contact the insurer in non-emergency situations on the trip was via email ([email protected]).

However, in cases of emergencies, calling these numbers was indicated:


  • free call to +1 954 344 8879


  • Just call collect to: 0800 8921341

Also, don't worry, because all this information on how to contact the insurance company is on your voucher (policy) that you receive as soon as you hire the plan. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the team at insurance comparator, which can also indicate the communication channels to activate travel insurance.

So, is it worth buying travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an important part of your planning. Even if the destination does not require hiring, it is always good to follow the motto of “preventing is never too much” and insuring yourself for possible emergencies. Thus, you guarantee that you will have coverage for health problems, bureaucratic difficulties or even traffic accidents, which can happen anywhere in the world.

This is all guaranteed for a minimum price, for contracting the plan, which would be much higher if you decided to take care of everything on your own.

Travel insurance has a very low cost compared to a possible accident, lost luggage, among other problems that can happen on a trip. To get an idea, you can buy travel insurance to stay 10 days abroad for less than R$ 250. A lost suitcase would certainly be a much greater loss.

To check the best prices of plans from the best insurance companies on the market, the good tip is to look for options in the travel insurance online comparator.

One important thing that you must not forget is that some destinations, such as those in Europe, require you to take out travel insurance. Most countries on the continent have travel insurance as a mandatory item for travelers because of the Schengen Treaty.

So I was aware: you can be prevented from entering Europe and miss the entire trip (which cost a lot of money!), if you haven't hired yours Europe travel insurance.

It is also worth mentioning that the credit card travel insurance coverage does not cover extra expenses, in most cases, such as adventure sports or maternity insurance, and is only available if the tickets are purchased with the card itself.


What is Assist Trip?

Assist Trip was one of the insurance companies offered in the online travel insurance comparator. Currently, however, she is with the commercialization of products stopped. See more information about Assist Trip insurance.

What happened to Assist Trip?

Assist Trip is not currently providing travel insurance plans. You can check out other alternatives at online insurance comparator, or check out more about Assist Trip in the full guide.

What is Assist Trip travel insurance?

Assist Trip had a series of travel insurance plans, but they are no longer being marketed by travel insurance online comparator – you can access it and search for other insurers.

How to hire an Assist Trip plan?

It is not possible to purchase an Assist Trip plan at this time. You can, however, access the insurance comparator and check out options from other brands for your trip.

How to activate the Assist Trip travel insurance?

Assist Trip provided contact numbers in the policy of the contracted plans, and also had traditional channels, such as e-mail, and modern channels, such as a number for WhatsApp conversations. However, since it ended its activities, it is only possible to check other travel insurance on comparator.

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