Beach in winter? Oh, it's even better!

There is nothing better than a few beautiful days at the beach, enjoying the salt water of the sea, the stunning beauty of the nature and that unique feeling of putting your foot in the sand. Whether to relax, sunbathe, read a book, surf, one thing is for sure: the beach is always good. And when I say always, I mean 365 a year (even with rain, lol #addicted).

No Spain, the good news is that there is literally no bad weather when it comes to enjoying the country's natural beauties. From north to south, there is always an advantage in enjoying our coast all year round, including winter. Here are the advantages of traveling to the beach this season:

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The beaches get more empty and paradisiacal

Think about this scenario and answer: which is more pleasant?


Okay, you might really like summer, people and all, but there's nothing like a beautiful praia only for you. O winter It's a delight because they are empty and you can enjoy a quiet walk, relax and enjoy the sun just for you.

Even for surfers it's good, since the "crowd" (slang for crowding in the water) of the summer goes away and only those who are willing to get in the water to enjoy the best waves of the year stay (they come in winter).

The climate is milder and rains are rare

Don't think that winter is cold, none of that. There are few days when you need a jacket to enjoy the beach. at least from Southeast up (sorry, Southern folks). the days of beach in winter are usually sunny without clouds, without the slightest risk of rain.
The weather is not like summer: the sun gets more shy, but still very tasty. And to the cold ones on duty: if you want to go into the cold water, just put on a wetsuit.

Prices go down and everything becomes more affordable.

If this article didn't convince you until this item, now you must be thinking twice. That's it, the prices that are usually overpriced in the summer are on sale during the winter.
Whether in accommodation, in restaurants or even in the coconut beach: everything is more accessible. Beach in winter is also synonymous with not feeling robbed when buying corn, lol.

there is no traffic

Last and good argument, will you? Nobody deserves to work all week, go to the beach to enjoy the summer and spend at least 5 hours in traffic. Enjoying the beach in winter is enjoying your weekend time even more because you won't spend hours in the car.

It is very rare to have traffic to the coast during the low season, that's because most people will enjoy the countryside, the mountains and those perfect destinations to enjoy in the cold. However, the praia it's as good as it gets. And look on the bright side: you will get to your destination quickly.

But look, it's just between us, huh? We don't want to fill the beach in winter also! ?

So, are you coming with us?


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