The cheapest places to travel each month of the year has released a list of the cheapest months to book hotels in different parts of the world. has released a list of the cheapest months to book hotels in different parts of the world. Now you can count on the best hotel values ​​by booking your stay at the right time of year.

If your goal is to go on a cheap trip, plan your vacation based on when hotel rates are at their lowest. For airline tickets, use services such as Passages Imperdíveis, Melhores Destinos, Kayak or Decolar to find discounted rates and more. With this, you will already save hundreds of reais and means the possibility of enjoying a vacation in Honolulu in February or even London and Rome with rates up to 50% lower than in season.

Check out the cheapest places to travel each month of the year:

Janeiro: Melbourne

Visiting Melbourne in January means you can take advantage of low fares between Christmas and the Australian Open, which attract hundreds of travelers. The average room rate drops from $150 in high season to $112 in January (when it's still summer and still the best time to visit the city)

Photo: Divulgação.

February: Hong Kong

It's not just hotels that are cheaper in Hong Kong in February, although they go up to $125 a day in 4-star accommodation. This month is also a good season for those who want to shop – with excellent promotions in stores – and on the cultural side as well – with the Spring Lantern Festival or the Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong Night View – Flicker: Isaac Torrontera

March: Buenos Aires

It is possible to find accommodations in Buenos Aires for US$ 55 dollars in March. In addition, the temperature at this time of year is ideal for exploring the city on foot.

Source: Buenos Aires 54

April: Copenhagen

From May to October is the peak tourist season in Copenhagen. If you visit the city a month before, you won't miss any of the charms of the high season and the mild temperature of the season and still save 38% on accommodation.

May: London

It's never cheap to visit London. However, the British capital offers good rates if you go in the month of May and that's why it's on the list of the cheapest places to travel that month.

June: Beijing

June should be the season in Beijing as the weather is mild. However, there are no domestic holidays, which means a drop in the number of travelers. If you visit the city in the month of June, you can expect to pay less than $80 a night in a 4-star hotel.

July: Sydney

It's not the hottest time of year, but visiting Sydney in July will save you 44% off hotel prices.

Sydney Harbor Bridge – Flickr: Danijel-James Wynyard Follow

August: Berlin

Believe it or not, it's at the height of summer when you'll save on your stay in Berlin. According to, you can find rates around $100 in the city.

september: rome

There is no bad time to visit the historic and dreamed of Rome, but September is the best month of all. Since many Europeans take August on vacation, the city returns to normal in September. This brings prices down to $131 a night in a 4-star hotel.

Colosseum, Rome. Photo: Virginia Falanghe

October: Cape Town

Spot whales and climb Table Mountain. All this is best to do in the month of October. In addition, hotels are in the range of $80 per night.

Cape Town – South Africa

November: Rio de Janeiro

Oh, Rio de Janeiro. November is the perfect time to discover the wonderful city. A little before summer, but still with the best temperatures to enjoy the beach. Accommodation prices drop 37% this month compared to the peak season that arrives the following month.

December: Frankfurt

The first two weeks of December are a magical time to visit Frankfurt, which is full of Christmas decorations and fairs. This is when you can find rates 56% lower than in season, with rates averaging $112 per night.

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