The 10 best music festivals to do in Europe

  • 1. Sziget Festival
  • 2. Exit
  • 3. Creamfields
  • 4. FIB Benicàssim
  • 5. Rock am Ring & Rock im Park
  • 6. Roskilde Festival
  • 7. Primavera Sound
  • 8. Awakenings Festival
  • 9. Tomorrowland
  • 10. Hellfest

What are the must-see festivals in Europe? From Budapest to Barcelona, via Clisson: discover the editorial staff's selection.

Europe hosts some of the best festivals in the world. In this article, we invite you to discover all the essential information about the 10 best festivals to do in Europe, such as Creamfields, the Sziget or Tomorrowland. From dates to booking your tickets, you'll know everything!

1. Sziget Festival

Nicknamed the European Woodstock and gathering almost 500 000 people every year, the Sziget takes place on the island of Óbuda, in Budapest. In 2018, prestigious artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Petit Biscuit honoured the festival with their participation. Renowned as the Musical Eldorado, it calls for adventure and freedom for an experience out of the ordinary!

Where to stay at Le Sziget?

To stay at Le Sziget, you have the choice:

  • Free camping at the festival thanks to your festival pass
  • Paid campsites (89€ minimum)
  • Apartment or hostel in Budapest

How to access the Sziget?

The best way to get to the Sziget is by plane. You will find several flights from France on the website of our partner Skyscanner.

2. Exit

L'Exit is a festival of electro, hip-hop and indie rock music. Don't be fooled by its small size! L'Exit is known for its eclecticism, its ever-growing line-up and its thousands of visitors who jostle each year. Jewel of the European scene, it is in the heart of a magnificent fortress on the banks of the Danube that it took up residence almost 20 years ago. In 2018, it welcomed great artists such as Grace Jones, Martin Garrix or Adam Beyer. Although the programme for the next edition has not yet been announced, one thing is certain: it will make a lot of noise.

Where to stay at Exit?

To stay at the Exit, there is nothing better than the festival's campsite. Count 38€ per person, with access to a superb beach. Lodging at is also possible for a lower cost: opt for a reasonably priced hotel or Airbnb accommodation, which is very popular in the area.

How do I get to the Exit?

On its website, Exit offers buses from Belgrade or Budapest airport. For a cheap flight to these destinations, do not hesitate to consult the website of our partner Skyscanner.

3. Creamfields

Among the most prestigious dance festivals in the world are Creamfields. An international reference, the British festival owes its reputation to the incredible fabric it has built up over the years. And with good reason: the biggest names of the electro scene such as Ben Klock and Eric Prydz have trodden its stages! Creamfields is also the not-to-be-missed event that attracts more than 70,000 fans every year. From EDM to trance to grime, the festival explores the universes, offering an immersive experience in its own right.

Where to stay at Creamfields?

As with most festivals, Creamfields has its own campsite. As Daresbury is a very small village of just a few hundred people and has only one hotel, it's best to choose one of the few (if not the only) options available. If you want to book a pitch on the festival campsite, you can book an all-inclusive pass.

How do I get to Creamfields?

From France, there are several flights to Liverpool, the closest airport to Daresbury. Our partner Skyscanner also has a wide choice of cheaper flights to Liverpool. From this airport, a shuttle or bus will take you easily to Daresbury.

4. FIB Benicàssim

In the festival world, Benicàssim is no longer to be seen. With your feet in the sand, in the water or on the asphalt, the FIB will take you to the coast of Costa del Azahar where it has been based for more than 25 years. A Spanish sun that has made an indelible mark among the biggest European festivals, thanks in particular to the artists who come to the stages. In 2018, Travis Scott, Justice and the unmissable Liam Gallagher have signed a remarkable programme that has been hailed by the public. For its next edition, Benicàssim is expected to be at the turning point with a crazy line-up that promises to become even more legendary.

Where to stay at the Benicàssim Festival?

To stay at the Benicàssim Festival, nothing could be simpler: the festival campsite has an exceptional atmosphere and your ticket gives you access to it.

How do I get to the Benicàssim Festival?

To get to the FIB, official shuttles will take you from the airports of Valencia (92km from the festival) or Barcelona (261km). For a cheap flight from France to Valencia or Barcelona, consult our partner and flight comparator Skyscanner.

5. Rock am Ring & Rock im Park

And if you're looking for a cheap flight from France to Valencia or Barcelona, check out our Skyscanner partner and flight comparison service. Together, the Rock am Ring & Rock im Park festivals offer you a unique experience. And with good reason: they take place simultaneously and are dressed in the same line-up. With one stroke of genius, Rock am Ring takes you to an old airbase in Nürburg and Rock im Park at the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg. The two festivals are in close contact with the big names on the scene, with artists such as Die Antwoord, Slipknot and Sabaton, each of whom have presented eclectic programmes. The 2019 edition promises to be just as grandiose!

Where to stay at Rock am Ring & Rock im Park?

For Rock im Park, you can stay at the festival campsite, which is included in your ticket. For Rock am Ring you can choose a ">hotel in the city of Nürburg.

How do I get to Rock am Ring & Rock im Park?

It is quite difficult to get to Nürburg: a flight to Frankfurt/Cologne and then a bus or train ride are necessary. To Rock im Park in Nuremberg, you just have to fly to Nuremberg and then use public transport. You can find a cheap flight from France to these destinations by taking a look at the website of our partner Skyscanner.

6. Roskilde Festival

The Roskilde Festival is one of the biggest rock and pop festivals in Europe. Located about 30 kilometres from Copenhagen, it is THE Danish touch that thrills thousands of visitors every year. Carried by a good deed, the festival donates its profits to a different charity from one edition to the next. In addition to its exceptional musical program, which includes performances by Arctic Monkeys and Pusha T, the festival's unique atmosphere makes it a must. For its new edition, the Roskilde has already announced the color by revealing The Cure as the first headliner!

Where to stay at the Roskilde?

The best place to stay at the Roskilde is of course its campsite, included in the ticket price! Otherwise, there are a few hotels in the small town. Be careful though: remember to book in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to get to Roskilde?

To get to the festival, all you have to do is fly to Copenhagen and then take the train from the Centralstation to Roskilde (30 minutes). Copenhagen is one of the accessible destinations in terms of fares. You can find the right flight for you on the website of our partner Skyscanner.

7. Primavera Sound

Spring is ringing in. He is the one who christened it. Every year, the Primavera Sound sweeps over Barcelona and makes its enchanting sounds resound to the four corners of the world. Comfortably installed in the Cour des Grands, the event is a succession of editions with great names of the scene but also rising stars. In 2018, Arctic Monkeys, Lorde, The National and A$AP Rocky will be among the headliners, that's to say! Fasten your seatbelts, 2019 promises to be an equally sensational journey.

Where to stay at Primavera Sound?
You can choose to stay in a hotel close to the "Forum" or in the centre of Barcelona. The choice is wide and you will find what you are looking for with our hotel comparator.

How do I access Primavera Sound?
To access the festival, you will need to travel to Barcelona. Not surprisingly, the plane is still the easiest and fastest way to get to the festival (you will find a wide range of flights on Skyscanner). Car, train or bus are still good options to get to the festival.

8. Awakenings Festival

Techno lovers of all kinds, the Awakenings welcomes you with open arms. The pitch? The Spaarnwoude forest transformed into a giant dancefloor and a multitude of big names in electro like Ben Klock, Nina Kraviz or Jeff Mills! In perfect communion with nature, the Awakenings has now become an institution in the milieu, pouring over its festival-goers with legendary editions. For 2019, the mystery remains but patience... The first names will be announced soon.

Where to stay at the Awakenings Festival?

If you want to stay nearby, Amsterdam is the best choice. Whether it's hotels or Airbnb accommodation, the city has a wide range of accommodation options. Please note that the festival has partner hotels (see the official website).

How to get to the Awakenings Festival ?

To get to the Festival, you will have to go to Amsterdam (to find a cheap flight, check out the website of our partner Skyscanner). All you have to do is take the tram to the Sloterdijk stop and then get on a festival shuttle to the event.

9. Tomorrowland

It is registered in the Pantheon, recognised as a pioneer and adored by more than 400,000 people from all over the world. Tomorrowland is enough by itself to make a name for itself! At almost 14 years of age, the festival stands out for its fantastic and oversized character: when you walk through the gates of Tomorrowland, you enter another world. Inside, hallucinating stagings and the biggest names in electro plunge you into a unique atmosphere. Festival-goers often say that Tomorrowland can't be explained, it can be experienced. The interplanetary DJs have all trodden its stages, considering it an institution. See you soon to discover the line-up for the 2019 edition.

Where to stay in Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland is a giant and has a huge campus where festival-goers can stay. We therefore strongly advise you to opt for this solution, which is nothing less than the best if you want to make the most of Tommorowland. Prices vary according to the comfort you are looking for, but all can be included in the festival pass. All information about the campsites will be available soon on the official festival website.

How do I get to Tomorrowland?

You can rely on the services of the Festival (Global Journey). The festival also offers transport possibilities from Brussels or Antwerp.

10. Hellfest

A giant among giants, the Hellfest is a real rock, punk, hardcore and metal institution. In just a few years, it has made Clisson the capital of enthusiasts from all over the world, of a genre, an institution, making its edition counter explode from one edition to the next. And for good reason, 7 months before its next edition and without having a single name unveiled, the festival is already sold-out (note that the event is not immune to a new sale). That's greatness too. So if you want to experience the Hellfest once in your life, you'll have to put the cart before the horse! Bets are open for the line-up that will ignite 2019, Manowar and Slayer having been unveiled as the first headliners.

Where to stay at the Hellfest?

There are many possibilities to stay at the Hellfest, the most popular being of course camping and accommodation with local people! Clisson is well known for its warm welcome and has a number of gîtes. Be careful, however, as the accommodation is very quickly sold out at this time of year.

How to get to Hellfest?

Do you choose the plane? As Clisson does not have an airport, you have to land in Nantes (check the flights on the website of our partner Skyscanner). From Nantes, you can easily reach the festival via the official shuttles. Otherwise, if you wish to share your journey, there are many carpools to the Hellfest. You can also opt for the train or the bus!

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