Top 6 of the best Greek language learning apps

  • 1. Duolingo
  • 2. Mondly
  • 3. Memrise
  • 4. Bravolol
  • 5. FunEasyLearn
  • 6. Learn Greek from Simya Solutions

Want to learn a new language from anywhere? Then discover our top 6 applications to learn Greek!

Have you always been attracted to Greece? Perhaps you have planned a trip because you dream of visiting this country and its millenary culture, but also its exceptional landscapes. Or maybe you simply plan to study or live in this beautiful Mediterranean country. Whatever your reasons, downloading an application to learn Greek is a great idea. Speaking the local language is the best way to make friends, to share more, to make your expatriation a success or to enrich your experience.

To help you in your quest, we have therefore selected for you 6 applications to learn Greek. All you need is your smartphone or tablet to get started! You will be able to learn Greek anywhere in the world, on your couch or during your transportation, without ruining yourself in private lessons.

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1. Duolingo

Duolingo has gradually established itself as one of the best free applications for language learning. Of course, it offers you to learn Greek easily, step by step. Unfortunately, this language is not available from English. So you will have to do it from English! So the prerequisite is to speak Shakespeare's language easily before starting to learn Greek.

If this is already the case for you, then you can take advantage of the Duolingo method to learn Greek. This very playful application uses modules in the form of mini-games. It also offers a system of progression, success, with series to be held. The objective is to keep you motivated and help you not to give up while learning! Duolingo allows you to master the grammar, comprehension and expression, oral and written Greek. You will also learn a lot of vocabulary.

2. Mondly

Mondly is another company specialized in language learning. It offers its application for learning Greek: "Learn Greek for free". As with Duolingo, it allows you to learn Greek with games in just a few minutes a day. Her exercises therefore focus on grammar, sentence formation, pronunciation, expressions and key words of modern Greek. The application obviously uses voice recognition, as well as statistics. The texts are recorded by native speakers. One of the advantages of the Mondly application is that you will be able to learn Greek from French, unlike Duolingo!

The application is aimed at beginners as well as intermediate or more advanced profiles. The first lessons are free of charge, but the following ones can be charged! This is the price to pay to learn Greek easily from home, and with your mother tongue, French.

3. Memrise

To revise your vocabulary or learn new words, phrases or expressions in Greek, Memrise is the ideal application! Indeed, it uses a scientific method: spaced repetition. Based on the learning and forgetting curve of our brain, it offers you vocabulary cards with key words and expressions written on them. You will have to learn and retain them. They will then come back at regular intervals: if you remember them, you will see them less often. If not, you will see it more frequently until you remember it.

This Memrise application is terribly effective if it is coupled with another one to learn grammar or conjugation. Especially since one of the strong points of Memrise is its worldwide community of users. Users can create their own list of memory cards and then propose them on the application. You can therefore download lists of other users to learn Greek on particular topics.

4. Bravolol

Offering up to 19 languages, Bravolol is an application for learning more than 800 expressions and terms in Greek. Acting more like a dictionary, it is aimed more at travelers and beginners. If you want to learn Greek before you arrive in Greece, don't miss the application.

In addition to its rich database, words and expressions are listed by theme and nature. A phonetic tool reinforces the learning process, thanks to voice and visual recognition, the perfect tools to perfect your pronunciation. The other advantage of this application is that you don't need to be connected to Wi-Fi to use it! You will find it under the name "Learn Greek - Conversation Guide" on Google Play.

5. FunEasyLearn

The FunEasyLearn company, which specializes in language learning, also offers an application to learn Greek: "Learn Greek for free". With this application, you will learn to speak, read and write Greek from French. It gives you access to more than 6000 words: the most common nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs, classified in 10 levels and 200 subjects. In addition to this simple vocabulary, there are more than 1200 expressions in Greek frequently used by native speakers. These expressions will allow you to communicate while travelling or to feed daily conversations with local travelers. They are also classified in 7 levels and 120 subjects.

This Greek learning application is ideal as a replacement for Duolingo, or as a complement to the Mondly or Memrise application.

6. Learn Greek from Simya Solutions

Similar to the FunEasyLearn application, this application is however much less complete. Generally free, it is ideal for learning basic Greek before going on a trip. Acting more like a conversation guide, it also uses the spaced repetition technique. Ideal for learning vocabulary, words and phrases are presented each time in phonetics and Greek writing. They are also recorded by a woman from Greece.

The application also allows you to save your favourite words and phrases so that you can easily find them again during your trip. Finally, you will be able to test your knowledge frequently with entertaining little quizzes. In the free version, you have access to 11 vocabulary categories, including more than 400 Greek words and phrases. In the paid version, you will have access to 22 categories with more than 1000 Greek words and phrases.

As with the previous application, we advise you to use it in conjunction with a more complete one, such as Mondly or Duolingo. You should also test several of them to choose which one is best for you to learn Greek.

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