What is the best mask for traveling by plane?

Law n° 14.019/2020 decrees the mandatory use of masks in public and private spaces, which includes air travel. See below for everything you need to know before boarding your next destination.

In addition to the basic requirements about the weight of your luggage, what you can and cannot carry in your suitcase, what goes into the plane cabin with you and other conditions for boarding an air trip, there is now one more topic to think about: which is the best mask to travel by plane?

The pandemic brought new rules that we need to adapt to, so the best thing to do is to inform yourself about it and be more than prepared for any unforeseen. That's why we've put together this guide with some of the main questions that may arise when choosing the appropriate mask to board a plane.

Check below which are the best models to protect yourself against the coronavirus and which of these are allowed to travel by plane, whether in national or international territory.

In this post you will see:

Best mask to wear on the plane

Most airlines follow the same model of ANAC rules. Photo: Lukas Souza via Unsplash

The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) stipulated that the best masks for traveling by plane are the N95 (also known as PFF2) models without a valve, the surgical ones and those made of fabric with a double or triple layer of protection. Below you can see in detail about each type of mask.

The recommendation is that these masks should be well adjusted to the face, fully covering the nose and chin without leaving any opening on the sides by the cheek. These rules apply to national and international airlines, see some examples:

  • Latam;
  • Goal;
  • Blue;
  • TAP;
  • British Airways;
  • Argentinian airlines;
  • Among others.

It is important to note that the entry of passengers who are not following this regulation, and other guidelines from each company, is totally prohibited. There are some exceptions, such as children under the age of two or three and people with a medical certificate informing them of a specific health condition that prevents them from using.

See where you can buy the best mask for traveling by plane.

What masks are allowed for international flights?

What is the best mask for traveling by plane?

Travel with peace of mind wearing a suitable mask. | Photo: Yoav Aziz via Unsplash

The same rules applied to domestic flights apply to international flights, i.e. valveless N95 (PFF2) masks, disposable surgical masks and double or triple layer fabric masks are allowed.

However, it is recommended that you go to the official website of the airline of your flight and confirm the other guidelines. For example, British Airways instructs masks to be changed every four hours and Aerolíneas Argentinas requires the use of a mask at all times. Emirates, on the other hand, offers its passengers a hygiene kit with a mask, hand sanitizer, gloves and antibacterial towels.

In addition, some European countries require the specific use of N95 mask models or surgical masks in public transport and indoor environments such as shops and banks. This is the case of France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. So, it is worth checking the guidelines for each city and country visited as well.

What is prohibited to use on the plane

Anvisa, the National Health Surveillance Agency, banned some models that are not suitable for protection standards according to scientific evidence, based on the new variants of the coronavirus and the increase in transmission rates.

Therefore, the use of:

  • Bandanas and scarves;
  • Face shield (Face Shield) without accompanying a suitable mask underneath;
  • Clear plastic or acrylic masks;
  • And masks with exhalation valves.

These measures are valid both for passengers and for the professionals of each airline and other workers in the sector.

Types of masks for traveling by plane

In addition to the masks that must be within the specifications of each airline, you cannot forget to pack the ones you will use during the trip. And, as already mentioned, there are 3 main models sold in España: the fabric mask, the surgical mask and, of course, the PFF2 / N95 mask.

See the details of each below:

What is the best mask for traveling by plane?

Safe travel by plane includes the protection of masks, especially the N95 model. | Photo: Long Itiga Nguyen via Unsplash

N95/PFF2 mask

The PFF2 mask offers the highest level of protection, around 90 to 95% filtration, and is the best mask for traveling by plane, so it ends up being the most expensive too. It is industrially produced with five layers of insulating materials and is sold in different sizes to better accommodate the face. It is disposable, but can be reused a few times as long as it is not wet or dirty and proper cleaning is carried out.

Check out where to buy this model of mask.

Surgical mask

The surgical mask has 3 layers of filter and is also disposable, but should not be reused. A good idea is to buy a box with 50 units and take it in your suitcase, after all, you will need to change it every three or four hours. Although it is a little expensive, it is worth investing in your protection while traveling.

Check out where to buy this model of mask.

fabric mask

More economical and reusable, fabric masks are handmade in different colors and styles with two or three layers in cotton, mesh and polyester materials. Despite having a lower protection than other models, it is a good tip to have it in the bag to use over surgical masks and, thus, increase the filtration to protect the individual by up to 90%.

Check out where to buy this model of mask.

How to choose the mask when traveling?

Ideally, plan three to four masks a day while traveling. Remembering that when choosing a model suitable for your face, it is necessary to pay attention to the following details:

  • It must have three layers of protection and the Inmetro seal.
  • The mask must completely cover the nose, mouth and chin.
  • There must be no gaps on the sides of the cheek that allow the entry and exit of unfiltered air.

Another tip that is worth considering when choosing the best mask against Covid is to choose models that tie behind the head instead of elastic behind the ear. In addition, it is important to have a spare mask in your bag or backpack in case of any eventuality. ?

Also don't forget to take out good coronavirus travel insurance. These are specific plans that provide coverage for cases of covid-19 that occurred abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mask for traveling by plane?

The most suitable for traveling by plane is the PFF2 (N95) mask without valve. This model has a higher level of filtration than the others, but it is important to note that the mask that has a valve is prohibited in most airlines. Check more information.

What masks are allowed for international flights?

The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) stipulated that the best masks for traveling by plane are the N95 or PFF2 models without valves, the surgical ones and those made of fabric with a double or triple layer of protection. See more details about best mask for traveling by plane.

Can children travel by plane without masks?

Most airlines do not allow passengers over two or three years of age without masks to enter. What happens is a flexibility for children aged between 2 and 11 years, being able to remove the mask for a short period of time. Read more details.

What is the best mask against Covid?

Most doctors and experts recommend using PFF2 (N95) masks. These masks have greater filtration capacity than the others. However, this does not disqualify the use of other models, such as surgical and fabric masks. See what is the best mask against covid.

How much does an N95 or PFF2 mask against Covid cost?

A 2M brand PFF95 / N3 mask, for example, costs an average of R$10 to 15 per unit. See more details about PFF2.

What types of masks are there to protect against the Coronavirus?

There are 3 main models of masks sold on the Spain: the popular fabric mask, the surgical mask, used among doctors and dentists, and the N95 mask, which is the most effective among them. understand what is the best mask for traveling by plane.

What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of COVID-19?

The best way to protect yourself against Covid-19 is with the use of masks and gel alcohol, in addition to the practice of social distance, especially in closed environments. Find out what the best mask against covid.

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