Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

The Aconcagua Providencial Park is home not only to the highest point of the Andes Mountains, but also beautiful walks and trails, for those looking for adventures and beautiful landscapes.

Aconcagua is what it means, in Quechua – indigenous language – Sentinela da Pedra. The highest mountain in America and in the Andes, with an altitude of 6.962 meters, it is a place that arouses the interest of the most adventurous visitors.

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Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside Asia – Photo: Nicolas Perez via Unsplash

When to visit Mount Aconcagua?

The tour can be done all year, in any season. However, it is important to be extra careful in winter, since often, due to blizzards and avalanches, they end up closing the place.

During the months of June and September, it is possible to make some stops at the ski resorts and spend some time there.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

Aconcagua covered in snow. Photo: Nicolas Prieto on Unsplash

Where is Pico do Aconcagua located?

O Aconcagua Provincial Park it is 180 km from downtown Mendoza, Argentina, and welcomes climbers from all over the world.

Leaving Mendoza, the trip starts at Uca Valley, a region that has several wineries. 

How to get to Aconcagua Park?

We chose to do this tour in just one day. We rented a car and left Mendoza very early. We returned in the late afternoon without major complications.

For visitors who do not rent a car, there are numerous specialized companies that offer this one-day itinerary.

The entrance to the Aconcagua Provincial Park is on the RN7 road. For those who go by bus, the trip usually takes about 4 hours and transport usually leaves from Terminal del Sol, in Mendoza.

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Important Tips BEFORE going to Aconcagua

We will help you with some tips or questions that may appear during your planning. It's worth noting everything down, with the planning animation, you might even forget these details.  


1 – Do you need a visa to travel to Argentina?

For Brazilian citizens, a visa is not required for tourist stays in Argentina for up to 90 days.

2 – What documents are needed to visit Argentina?

For Brazilians, in addition to a valid passport, it is possible to enter Argentina only with a RG. But I was careful, as long as it is in good condition and with the photo updated and preferably with less than 10 years of issue. 

Write it down! Other documents are not accepted, such as CNH (Driver's License), Birth Certificate, OAB card, CREA etc.  

3 – Do you need Travel Insurance for Mendoza? 

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Things to do in Aconcagua 

Now let's go to the coolest part and discover everything to know in Aconcagua.

Potrerillos Dam

The first attraction is just 60 km from downtown Mendoza, Potrerillos Dam, built in 1999. In addition to generating electricity, it is also responsible for supplying the city and irrigating the region's wineries. The lake landscape with blue waters is a great spot for photos.

However, it is worth knowing that guided tours do not usually make stops for observation.

There, it is already possible to see one of the more than 60 types of birds in the region. The most typical species that can be seen are the condor and the Chilean eagle.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

To Potrerillos dam. – Photo: Uliaparicio via Wikimedia

Cross of Paramillos

Reaching approximately 3 meters of altitude, it is already possible to see the highest peak in South America, Aconcagua, in a place called Cross of Paramillos.

Worth a stop for some mountain photos.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

The Cross of Paramillos and Aconcagua in the background – Photo: Leandro Kibisz via Wikimedia

Uspallata Valley

After Cruz de Paramillo, we head towards the Uspallata valley, with an altitude of approximately 1.800 meters.

The beauty of the place is unique and it was once the filming set for the renowned film Seven Years in Tibet, starring actor Brad Pitt, from 1997.

Inca Bridge

On the way, the Inca Bridge It is one of the most famous places along the way. The attraction is located 183 km from Mendoza, almost on the border with Chile.

Quechua legend says that the heir to the throne of the Inca Empire was sick and, without hope, was taken to the place to be cured by the hot springs.

The crossing would take months and the men then embraced to form a human bridge allowing the passage of father and son. When they turned to give thanks, the men ended up being petrified, giving rise to the stone bridge.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

A Puente del Inca - Photo: magicaltravelling via Pixabay

The area is formed by a natural bridge over the Las Cuevas River and once housed a famous hotel with thermal baths.

When we visited the place, in October, the snow surprised us with beautiful images. At 2.700 meters of altitude, the mineral salts of the region are responsible for the orange colors of the rocks.

The caves

The caves it is the last village in Argentine territory. The main attraction is the statue of Christ the Redeemer of Los Andes, which is at an altitude of 4.200 meters, considered the highest point for those going on the day trip. It is a symbol of the division between Argentina and Chile and a kind of union between the two countries.

The way to Cristo is a little difficult and it is only possible to do it by car. In winter, depending on the snow, they end up closing the roads.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

O Christ the Redeemer of the Andes – Photo by KIAIMAR13 via Wikimedia

Ski Resorts in the Region

The ski resorts were closed when we visited, but many visitors ended up playing in the mountains and slipping even without equipment.

It's a great attraction for kids to enjoy. As the snow was soft, it was also possible to play and make snowmen – very American movie style!

Providential Park of Aconcagua

With 71 thousand hectares, the Park Providencial do Aconcagua it is 180 km from the center of Mendoza and welcomes climbers from all over the world. There are options for lighter and shorter trails to explore the natural landscapes. The simplest track is called the Horcones Lagoon, with only 2 km of extension.

It is worth remembering that it is only possible to do this route in the summer, as the roads are closed in the winter. Due to the amount of snow, we were unable to take the tour.

The park has a website with several tips where you can clear all your doubts before visiting. There is also a table with prices for entry. Children need a permit to enter, so it is important to ask any questions before entering.

Access the official website of the Providencial do Aconcagua Park by clicking here.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

A Laguna Horcones – Photo: Fernando de Gorocica via Wikimedia

Trekking in Aconcagua

For the more adventurous, my tip is to look for specialized companies to do the Aconcagua trekking tour. Due to the weather, we were unable to take the tour as it was closed.

However, there are two types of trekking: the short, which lasts 3 days, and the long, 7 days, which goes to the summit.

For both tours, you must have a park permit and pay a fee that varies depending on the season. For more information, just access the Parque Providencial Aconcagua website before organizing your trip.

In addition, it is very worthwhile to bring quality and thermal clothes to wear on the trip to Aconcagua. Thermal jackets, windbreakers, snow boots and gloves are some good recommendations.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

A campsite in Aconcagua – Photo: Freesolo via Pixabay

How to reach the summit of Aconcagua 

To reach the summit, the south face is undoubtedly the most difficult. The south wall was first climbed by Brazilians in January 1953. There are two routes inside the park: through the Rio Horcones and through the Rio Vacas.

Leaving Puente del Inca, towards Horcones, after 3 or 4 hours of walking, the trail ends up splitting between the Plaza de Mulas campground (4.300 meters of altitude) or the Plaza Francia camp (4.200 meters of altitude), and base of the South Wall.

To climb Aconcagua on the south face, you need to know a little about rock climbing and ice wall climbing with slopes of up to 70 degrees. It is considered one of the most dangerous climbs in the world.

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

South wall of Aconguagua. Photo: Marcelo Drago via Pixabay.

The most popular walk through Plaza de Mulas is the base camp to reach the summit. Usually, specialized companies end up taking the equipment by mule, which ends up making climbers more comfortable and lighter.

Leaving the Confluencia camp, the route to Mulas takes almost 9 hours on 19 km of trail. There is no public restroom on site.

For adventurers who do not opt ​​for companies, it is necessary to hire one to use the bathroom and also to set up the tent.

The price is usually very affordable, worth about 5 dollars a day. Nearby, there is an abandoned hotel and a lagoon with transparent water.

Tips for preparing for the hike

In the Andes, it is quite common for the pressure to drop during the late afternoon due to the storms. Therefore, the ideal is always to wake up early and take the walk in the morning.

My tip is to rent the equipment when you are in Mendoza. Often, we end up not finding equipment in España – such as sleeping bags, for example – that are so good for the local climate. There are many places that rent for a very nice price and more affordable.

The cool thing about the stores is that you can find a gas cylinder for the stove and make the walk more comfortable. It is an item that is not authorized to be checked on the plane. It's always worth negotiating and haggling for promotions.

It is worth remembering that more or less 40% of the people who try end up not reaching the summit of Aconcagua because of the altitude, variations in the weather and also strong winds. Climbing Aconcagua is not for everyone. Because of this, you need to do some physical preparation before venturing out and do an extra health check.

Where to Stay When going to Aconcagua

Traveling to Aconcagua we stayed in the city of Mendoza Argentina

The city is well known for the more than 130 wineries in the region that are open to visitors. For those who want to know, leaving Buenos Aires and, the province is a 14-hour drive or a 2-hour flight.

For wine lovers, Mendoza is the ideal place. However, it is necessary to schedule visits, as many have limited hours and are very popular among tourists. Some wineries have lunch and the experience ends up being very pleasant, as many renowned chefs sign the menus.

Read more in our post Mendoza Argentina: The 20 essential tips to plan your trip

Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

The Chandon Winery in Mendoza Argentina – Photo: Chandon Official Site

The city's cuisine is incredible and it has several famous restaurants. It is worth researching and organizing the trip well to be able to enjoy Aconcagua and also the city of Mendoza.

The city has several places for those looking for Hotels in Mendoza.

For those looking to save money, the city offers several options of pleasant hostels for the most different audiences. For those looking to rest, Mendoza also has luxurious hotels and also more distant places, where tourists can stay in wineries, for example.

We opted to rent an apartment downtown, which ended up costing a lot less at the end of the trip.

See the accommodation options and our tips in the post Hotels in Mendoza that We Love and Recommend – from Budget to Luxury. 

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Aconcagua – Everything for you to plan your trip to the highest peak in America

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