Patagonia Argentina – Travel Guide and Top Destinations

In April 2015, I ventured out on a trip without money and only on the basis of the ride to leave Curitiba and reach UshuaiaAt Argentine Patagonia. It took almost 40 days, covering more than 6 kilometers with the help of 30 different rides.

I spent a few days in El Calafate, and then proceed to the Perito Moreno Glacier. A park that is approximately 1h30 by car from the city of El Calafate. The main attraction of the park are the many different walkways overlooking the incredible and gigantic glacier.

>> Check out the details of the tours to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate by clicking here.

The tip is to set aside a whole day to enjoy this spectacle of nature. If you want to walk on the glacier, you will need to close the tour first, in the city of El Calafate. #ficadica

Another essential stop in Patagonia Argentina is El Chalten, the trekking capital of the world. For me, this was the most beautiful place I visited during this trip. There were almost seven days there and many records of such natural beauty. However, to enjoy the tours there, it's essential to have your own hiking shoes – don't go unprepared, huh?

>> Find out how and how much the trip to El Chaltén costs by clicking here.

Finally, I came to Ushuaia, located on the edge of the Beagle Channel. Known as the “end of the world”, the city is the southernmost in the world and was my last destination… on this trip.

>> Find out about all the tours and adventures in Ushuaia by clicking here.

To inspire you to leave the house and hit the road to the southern end of South America, I selected a sequence of the best photos taken along the way to Patagonia.

Below the photos, be sure to check out everything you need to know BEFORE starting your adventure to the End of the World.

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