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Bariloche is a small and charming city located 1600 km south of Buenos Aires, in Patagonia Argentina. Surrounded by an incredible natural landscape, mountains and Andean lakes, it is one of the favorite destinations for Brazilians to visit on their honeymoon, with friends or with family.

Anyone who thinks this is an exclusively romantic destination is wrong, as its tourist attractions are the most varied to enjoy with friends or even alone, among them: skiing, trekking, canoeing, among many others.

Check out all the attractions that this city has in store below:

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Bariloche Attractions

Tours in Bariloche have a unique charm in every season of the year. Climates well marked by low temperatures in winter or with autumnal colors in the trees, each season has its beauty and attractions.

In winter, it's the season for the ski seasons, while in summer, trekking through the 'hills' is a must for the whole family! Throughout the year there are the Chocolate and Paleontological Museums, Route of the Seven Lakes, beaches and much more!

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Where to stay in Bariloche

The Argentine winter is the busiest season of the year, considered as Bariloche's high season. That's why it's important to book your accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to stay in the city center or in a room overlooking the lake or one of the hills.

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Room overlooking Lake Nahuel Huapi at La Cascada Hotel. Learn more by clicking on the photo.


Le Bouquet Apart Hotel is a great option for families and friends. Click on the photo for more information.

Internet chip in Bariloche

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Travel Insurance for Argentina

Buying travel insurance for Bariloche it is essential. To have fun and enjoy the best of the country's attractions without worrying, the best thing to do is to buy travel insurance with good medical and hospital coverage. So you can relax to enjoy the destination.

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The beautiful view from the Cerro Otto cable car – Photo: @TelefericoCerroOtto

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