Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Mendoza is the main city on the Wine Route in Argentina. See our tips to build your visit itinerary and enjoy Mendoza wineries, famous mainly for Malbec wines.

As Mendoza wineries are one of the main destinations when it comes to wine tourism – trips dedicated to wine appreciation. considered one of the Great Wine Capitals, Mendoza it has more than 1200 wineries in activity, and more than 100 of these are open to visitors.

Mendoza is the focus of Wine Route in Argentina. The elevated territory, with an average altitude of 746 meters, is next to the Andes Mountains. With an arid climate and ideal soil for viniculture, the city is responsible for more than 70% of Argentine wine production.

Among the more than 100 options, we selected the 13 best Mendoza wineries for you to discover on your trip to the land of the sun and good wine. Check out!

In this post you will read:

Wineries Regions in Mendoza

Mendoza Wineries are divided by regions. The main ones are:

  • Lujan de Cuyo Region – is approximately 16 km from the center and is where most of Mendoza's wineries are concentrated.
  • Uco Valley region – a little further from Mendoza, the wineries in the region are 1 hour away from the city.
  • Maipu region – also close to Mendoza, about 12 km from the city. That's where the most modern ones are.

How to visit the Wineries in Mendoza?

The vast majority of wineries in Mendoza offer a guided tour, with an explanation of the production stages and, of course, the best part: the wine tasting!

Bodegas (as wineries are called in Argentina) offer different types of tours. The tour with tasting can be closed in packages with agencies, directly with the wineries or, in some cases, directly at the hotel.

Prices are variable. There are tour packages with a harmonized lunch, others with more exquisite tastings… a multitude of options! I closed the tour package for 160 dollars/person for each region – this is the average value of the package with a visit to three wineries including lunch.

The tour is advantageous as it includes transportation. There is also the option of hiring the Remis (driver hired for a fixed time and price). Taxi or Uber are options, but it can be difficult to find a driver on the way back. I don't recommend going by car, as you will be drinking a lot of wine, and drinking and driving don't go together! ?

Which wineries to visit in Mendoza?

Mendoza is famous for producing the best wines Malbec of the world. In addition to this, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Bonarda and Syrah varieties are also highly appreciated.

We have selected some of the best Mendoza Wineries, separated by region, for you to build your itinerary. Check out!

Roteiro Lujan de Cuyo

Luján de Cuyo is the region that most produces high quality wines. That's why it has more wineries to visit. If you have more time in Mendoza, it is worth repeating the region to discover other wineries.

Other options are Bodega Norton, Terrace of the Andes e Luigi Bosca.

Catena Zapata

A Catena Zapata was a pioneer in the successful production of Argentine wines. The winery's activity began in 1902, but took off only in the 90's, with the planting of Malbec grapes. From this variety, they produce several award-winning labels and raised the status of Mendocino wine worldwide.

It is one of the most popular wineries to visit and tasting on trips. It receives tours at different times, and one of the most iconic points of the bodega is the view from the Mayan-inspired pyramid. I haven't had the chance to visit it yet, but it is one of the most must-see tours in Mendoza wineries!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

The pyramid of the Catena Zapata winery – Photo: Catena Zapata Facebook


Em Vistalba, I had a private tour with a super friendly guide, who only spoke Spanish, but with a smooth and easy to understand speech. The view from the place is beautiful, and the production is more artisanal. In addition to wine, they also manufacture oils and beauty products made with the oil itself.

The winery's tasting room is underground, with natural air conditioning. The wall is literally a cut in the earth, where we can see the composition of the soil by layers. I tasted three wines and a sparkling wine there, and bought a Vistalba Court B in the shop (one of my favorites).

#AnotaaDica: In wine sales applications, the Corte B bottle costs around R$ 360. Buying at Vistalba, I paid the equivalent of R$ 146 for two bottles, with protective packaging for travel. It is worth it!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Facade of the Vistalba winery

Cobos vineyard

the winery Cobos vineyard it has a larger production scale and, therefore, a more industrial style. The facilities are more structured and modern, and the guides proved to be very knowledgeable about wine, in addition to speaking Portuguese very well. There, finer wines are produced, awarded and with high scores, from Corte B upwards in the classification.

The class on wine production was the best I had in all the wineries I visited. The tasting drinks were spectacular. There are different types of tour with appreciation to be chosen by the visitor, with different prices and different wines.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Tanks of the Viña Cobos winery

Ruca Malen

the winery Ruca Malen It is right next to Viña Cobos. It was the last one I visited on the day of the roteiro in Luján de Cuyo, so I took the opportunity to have lunch there. In this winery they manufacture some wines that are also sold in Brazilian territory. They are more commercial drinks, which do not have such high prices, but are very good.

The gastronomic experience is complete, with dishes signed by the renowned Chef Lucas Bustos. The restaurant was already awarded in 2013 as “the best bodega restaurant experience in the world”. The menu has six steps and is paired with drinks produced by the winery itself. Among the labels are the lines Yauquen, Ruca Malen e Kinien.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Facade of the Ruca Malen winery

Bodega ChandonMore

Belonging to the LVMH group (Möet Hennessy Louis Vuitton), the Bodega ChandonMore specializes in the production of sparkling wines. The famous brand has French origins, and the building is modern with Baroque inspiration. The winery's strains are dominated by Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties.

The visit is distinguished by focusing on the production process of sparkling wines, with special grape varieties. The winery also offers a paired lunch, in addition to the tasting.

This was one of the ones I couldn't visit, but it's on my list for the next trip to Mendoza. #StayTip: As it is very popular, don't forget to book in advance!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Sparkling Chandon – Photo: Chandon Argentina

Uco Valley itinerary

Valle de Uco is a region further away from the center of Mendoza. The local wineries are different because they produce grapes at higher altitudes. Here are some pointers:


to warehouse Salentein It is located 1200 meters high, in the heart of the vineyards of Valle de Uco. It is one of the most traditional Mendoza wineries. It was designed in the shape of a cross, to facilitate the production of wines. There are underground chambers there, about 9 feet underground.

Salentein has bold and symmetrical architecture, with gardens and stone decoration, works of art and sculptures. The visits last just over an hour, with an explanation of the production process and tasting of wines produced on site. I couldn't visit it, but it's a great indication to meet in Valle de Uco!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Salentein Winery Entrance – Photo: David via Flickr


The day I visited the bodega Andeluna I was unlucky because it was election day in all of Argentina. The place was empty, and the tour was a little disorganized. Upon arrival, a guide welcomed us and took us on a simpler tour, without much explanation. The view from the place was beautiful, with a beautiful autumn landscape with the Cordillera in the background.

This winery had a greater variety of white and rosé wines. The drinks, produced on site, are first-rate – considered the cheapest and least exquisite wines on the market. Even so, they are still of good quality. It's worth it for the most diverse tasting.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Domaine Bousquet

A bodega Domaine Bousquet was founded by the French family Bousquet, traditional in the production of wines. Seeking to produce quality drinks, they chose to invest in Mendoza. The production is completely organic, with underground tanks for economy with air conditioning.

The winery's sustainability is fully explained by a passionate wine guide. There is an option for a tour in English, but it must be booked in advance. This winery is next to Andeluna. Both have the same view, so it's worth choosing just one of the two to visit.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

At the Domaine Bousquet bodega

The blue

I chose the bodega La Azul for the paired lunch itinerary in the Uco Valley. The restaurant's atmosphere is more relaxed and informal, with unlimited wines. This winery does not offer the visiting tour with tasting. But the paired lunch I highly recommend!

The menu offers delicious typical dishes, such as empanada and choripan, all homemade. The wines are great and those from Gran Reserva are sold exclusively there.

#FicaTip: I bought 4 bottles for R$ 67 each, excellent price. I did a search and found that some specialized apps import these unique wines. But the price is up to 4 times more expensive. So, on your trip, take the opportunity to buy when you're at the bodega!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Welcome to the Blue

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Maipú itinerary

To ensure a complete tour for our readers, I researched and selected the best bodegas to include in your Maipu script. Unfortunately I didn't have time to visit the region during my trip. But the next time I go to Mendoza wineries, these are the ones I'll know:

The Rural Winery

A La Rural Winery it has existed since 1885. It was founded by Felipe Rutini, an Italian immigrant who pioneered the planting of vines in the region. In the 90's, the winery's facilities were revitalized to integrate new technologies, without losing the construction characteristics of the XNUMXth century.

Apart from the vineyards, the winery also maintains a Wine Museum. Thus, in addition to a visit to the vineyards with tasting, it is possible to know historical records of Mendoza wineries. There are about 4500 pieces on display at the venue. An unmissable visit in the Maipú region!

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Part of the Wine Museum – Photo: Facebook La Rural

Zuccardi family

Os Zuccardi wines are developed by the Zuccardi family for three generations. Currently in charge of production is Sebastián Zuccardi. Since 2008, the winery has a space for research and development to improve the production of beverages. Studies are carried out on the soil and other variations that affect the grape.

According to Sebastián, the idea is to produce wines that refer to the place and the Mendoza region. “These are wines with identity, not perfect wines“, in the words of the winery's leader himself. During the visit it is possible to visit the vineyard and learn more about the production of Zuccardi wines.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Tasting at the Zuccardi bodega – Photo: Zuccardi Valle de Uco Facebook

House The Enemy (Aleanna Winery)

The winery is run by Alejandro Vigil, renowned winemaker at the Catena Zapata bodega, and Adrianna Catena, historian. The two friends founded the bodega together Aleanna (combination of their names). The idea was to produce a drink that would unite history and tradition. This is how wine was born El Enemigo – name by which the bodega is also known.

The place is all decorated with the theme of the work “Divine Comedy”, by Dante Alighieri. The walls are stone and there are barrels as part of the decoration. The spaces are called Hell, Purgatory and Paradise, as in the poem. Before Restaurante Paraíso – signed by chef Santiago Maestro – there is a staircase decorated with tiles.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Vinhedos na Casa El Enemigo – Photo: Facebook Casa El Enemigo

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

The staircase decorated with tiles at the exit of ˜Purgatório” at Bodega Alenna

Sugar Mill

the building of Trapiche winery, was built in 1912, in Florentine style. It has been restored and revitalized to welcome visitors from all over the world. The tour is a tribute to the important figures who made wine production possible in the city, and to those who still work towards it.

In the winery, agriculture is sustainable and based on biodynamic practices. The objective is to maintain ecological balance, contribute to soil bacterial activity and biological diversity. The winery is surrounded by 9 hectares of olive trees and vineyards.

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

A Trapiche winery – Photo: NMS_FW via Flickr

Tips for setting up your Winery Tour in Mendoza

Some tips for defining your script:

  • When planning a trip to Mendoza wineries, choose one region per day. They are far apart, and trying to do more than one will leave you a long time on the road.
  • Another important point is the number of wineries. Choice two or three at most, or follow according to how you handle alcohol. In the tastings you will taste a lot of wine, so think about the quality of the tour, not the number of wineries visited! Overdoing it can spoil the experience.
  • Also schedule a lunch at one of the wineries, it's really worth it!
  • My suggestion is to schedule the first winery for the late morning, participate in a harmonized lunch at the second winery, and visit the third in the middle of the afternoon. Another good option is to start the visits early and leave for lunch at the last winery.

Where to stay when visiting Mendoza wineries

Many of the wineries in Mendoza offer accommodation on the property. The experience is unique and very pleasant. If you are looking for a more relaxing hotel away from the city centre. A good option for lodging in wineries is the hotel Between Skies Mendoza.

In the center there are also good options for hotels in Mendoza for your stay. They are further away from the wineries, but close to the city's attractions.

>> I stayed and told all my experience in the post Entre Cielos Mendoza – A Stay amid the Wineries

National Vintage Festival (Wine Festival)

A Harvest Festival is a traditional festival, held every first Saturday in March. The celebration originated in the custom of celebrating the fruits and the production of wines, at the end of the harvest season.

The celebration has some notable moments, such as the Blessing of Fruits, the parade and coronation of the Queen of Vendimia, the Carrousel da Colheita and the Central Ato. The latter is the most lively, with several shows and presentations, and is repeated in the last days of the event. At the end of the party, there is a fireworks display on Cerro de la Glória.

#StayHip: During the party the city gets more crowded, so it can be more difficult to find more varied accommodation options. If you are interested in participating in the celebration, the suggestion is to plan your trip early and book your accommodation in advance.

>> See here options that we recommend from Hotels in Mendoza

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Part of the national Vintage Festival, in Mendoza – Photo: Javinaselli via Wikimedia

A Curiosity – Olive Growers in Mendoza

Mendoza is also home to some olive oil producers. Among the options for olive groves with visits and tastings, stands out the Olivícola Laur, producer of an award-winning olive oil. O Four Gran Mendoza It is considered the “Malbec” of Argentinean olive oils.

Most olive groves are located in the Maipú region. Others of note are the olive tree Simone, Olive Grove Pasrai and Olivícola Maguay.

If your trip is longer or you are interested in olive oils, the visit is highly recommended. The experience is unique and special. And I recommend you try picking an olive off the tree and tasting it – the sensation is very unique! Then tell us here in the comments what you think?

Wineries in Mendoza that you cannot miss

Olives in Mendoza's olive tree – Photo: Jorge Gobbi via Flickr

What do you want in Mendoza beyond the wineries

Those who want to escape the Mendoza wine route will not be left without something to do. Even though it is the wine capital of Argentina, the city offers many other activities for all tastes.

With a reference tourist structure, Mendoza offers different experiences in the four seasons of the year. During winter it is possible to ski and enjoy the snow. Summer, on the other hand, is the ideal time for those who want to venture into the eternally icy mountains.

Mendoza travel insurance

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