26 Tourist Points in Argentina to visit

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From north to south, discover all that Argentina has to offer and plan your itinerary with the main tourist attractions.

Argentina's main tourist attractions are full of history, culture and natural beauty. From north to south, discover the glacial rocks, the past of the caves and have fun in the snow. Taste wines in the vineyards, play on the beaches and even be surprised at the Falls.

Traveling through Argentina is a guarantee of a diversity of destinations, there are options for all budgets and styles of travelers. Discover what to do in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, what to do in Mendoza, Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Salta and Valle del Plata.

In the Patagonia Argentina region, discover Bariloche and even more travel tips for Ushuaia. And to top it off, discover the highest peak in the country at Aconcagua.

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  • Map of the Main Tourist Points
  • Buenos Aires and
  • Mar del Plata man
  • Mendoza
  • Aconcagua
  • Bariloche
  • Patagonia
  • Ushuaia
  • waterfalls of Iguaçu
  • Salta
  • Valley of the moon

Map of the Main Tourist Points in Argentina 

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See the main tourist attractions in Argentina

Sights in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the most European city in South America, being an important tourist spot in Argentina. The capital has been a great option for Brazilians who want to enjoy a city with European style and low prices. To top it off, the main tourist attractions in Buenos Aires are easily accessible by subway, bus or on foot.

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1) Plaza de Mayo and Obelisk

In Plaza de Mayo, discover the Casa Rosada, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires and the Cabildo. Continue along Avenida de Mayo, stopping at the classic Café Tortoni and seeing the Obelisk appearing in the landscape. Located between Avenida Corrientes and 9 de Julio, considered one of the widest intersections in the world.

One of the main tourist attractions in Argentina – The Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires

2) Caminito, San Telmo and Puerto Madero

In La Boca, discover the Boca Juniors Stadium and the colorful houses of Caminito. The street fairs and antiques market in San Telmo They are super charming and attract many curious people. Already in Puerto Madero, take the opportunity to appreciate the Puente de La Mujer and who knows, watch a tango show.

Women's Bridge in Puerto Madero | Photo: Guilhermo Delgadillo, via Unsplash

3) Recoleta Cemetery

O Recoleta Cemetery is a tourist spot in Argentina known for its size. It is also the place where great personalities of Argentine history, such as Eva Perón, are buried. 

Recoleta Cemetery | Photo: Ewerton Freitas, via Flickr

4) Palermo and MALBA

Enjoy the relaxation and excitement of the nightlife of the various Palermo. Or, visit the National Museum of Fine Arts, the MALBA and be dazzled by Floralis Generica.

The MALBA in Buenos Aires

5) Galeria Pacifico

On Calle Florida, enjoy shopping, walking along the boardwalk and visiting the Galeria Pacífico. The building built in the late 19th century has sumptuous hand-painted frescoes and inspiration.

At Galeria Pacífico, in Buenos Aires – Photo: Calos MJ Martinez, via Flickr

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Tourist Points of Mar del Plata

On the coast of Argentina, the Mar del Plata man is a tourist spot in Argentina little explored by tourists. The main Argentine resort does not have very beautiful beaches, but it is worth going and enjoying the special summer program. If you are in Buenos Aires, you can take a train to Mar del Plata.

6) Beachfront

Walk along the beachfront, discover the architecture of Mar del Plata. Old mansions recall the rule of the Argentine aristocracy in the XNUMXth century. 

Border of Mar del Plata – Photo: Amalia, via Flickr

7) Juan Carlos Castagnino Art Museum and Contemporary Art Museum 

Be enchanted by the mansion of the Juan Carlos Castagnino Art Museum and the grandiose Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Mar del Plata. The Punta Mangotes Lighthouse works helping navigators and has a historic hall. 

Museum of Contemporary Art of Mar del Plata | Photo: Disclosure

8) Monk's Keep

Try special dishes at Torreón del Monje, the building from 1904 has a beautiful panoramic view of the sea.

Experience an experience worthy of the Argentine aristocracy, staying or having breakfast at NH Gran Hotel Provincial. The building opened in 1946, was designed by Argentine architect Alejandro Bustillo.

Monk's Tower | Photo: Roberto Iglesias, via Flickr

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Mendoza tourist attractions

Mendoza is a tourist spot in Argentina made up of many vineyards, there are more than 130. In addition to the surreal landscapes in winter and the Andes Mountains. It also has the famous region of Aconcagua It is perfect for outdoor walks.

To see the grapes on their feet, the best time to go to Mendoza is in the summer. The balanced beauty of the snow with the vineyards takes place in September and October. Now, if the idea is to ski, opt for July and August, when the ski seasons are open.

You can venture out by car from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, it's less than 1.200 kilometers. But, as Mendoza is an important tourist spot in Argentina, there are good options for flights there.

Another essential tip for your tour of Mendoza: check the number of bottles of wine allowed by the airline. You will certainly buy some.

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9) Wineries of Mendoza

Malbecs are the Argentine favorites, but there is room for all wines in the Mendoza wineries. A famous brand Chandon located in the vineyards of Luján de Cuyo. The tasty San Felipe, wins a Museum of San Felipe Wine in the Maipú vineyard. And, a little further away, Bodega La Azul, in Valle de Uco, serves lunch combined with a lot of tranquility.

Mendoza's vineyards are tourist attractions in Argentina that provide a complete wine experience, including tasting. You can still stay at the foot of the Andes Mountains in the incredible Enter Sky Mendoza.

Explore every corner and wineries of Mendoza, one of the main tourist attractions in Argentina

10) Downtown Mendoza

It's not just wine that this tourist spot in Argentina lives. The city center of Mendoza is a grace and deserves attention. Visit Plaza Independencia, the most important in Mendoza. It is possible to go walking or aboard the panoramic bus, the Mendoza City Tour.

It is worth purchasing Mendoza City Tour tickets in advance to guarantee your spot and avoid queues during the trip.

Downtown Mendoza

11) Visit the Municipal Museum of Modern Art and the Julio Quintanilla Theater

The Museo del Area Fundacional exposes facts prior to the devastating earthquake that happened there. Next door, discover the San Francisco Jesuit Ruins, a national historic monument. Complete the tour at Parque General San Martín, one of the largest in the country and an important tourist spot in Argentina.

Finally, try Cuyana cuisine and try a spa day at the Termas de Cacheuta, with its incredible pools of natural thermal waters.

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General San Martin Park | Photo: Rodrigo Valdez, via Flickr

Cacheuta Hot Springs – Photo: Mendoza Travel

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Aconcagua tourist attractions

The highest peak in America is at Aconcagua. The mountain is an important tourist spot in Argentina and reaches an altitude of 6.962 meters. 

12) La Reserva Natural Provincial Park Aconcagua

The Provincial Park Nature Reserve Aconcagua it is close to the Chilean and Argentinean borders, 180 kilometers from downtown Mendoza. 

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Aconcagua Provincial Park

13) High Mountain Tour

Even from the road, you can admire the Andes and the mountains. To make the most of this fascinating tourist spot in Argentina, do the High Mountain Tour. On the trails, discover the village of Uspallata, he Potrerillos dam and Puente del Inca. 

Due to the high natural danger of the mountain, tours are restricted during the year, it is worth confirming on the park's website. From November to April, entry is allowed, while in winter – May to October – special authorization is required.

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Bariloche tourist attractions

Bariloche is the favorite tourist spot in Argentina for Brazilians who want to enjoy the winter with lots of snow. In Patagonia Argentina, in Rio Negro, Bariloche has established itself as a winter destination. But, it can be a good option to enjoy in the summer.

Neighboring the Nahuel Huapi National Park, in the Andes, it is a destination for sports and nature appreciation. 

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14) Natural trails and monuments in Bariloche

Take a boat trip around Isla Victoria and walk along the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Also explore the Cerrito Llao Llao trail and Villa Tacul. 

In summer, the temperature can reach 30º with lots of sun, but it gets cold at night, so bring a coat. Perfect for discovering the beaches of Bariloche, as well as the calm waters of Praia Bonita. And watch the sunset from Praia Serena.

Lake Nahuel Huapi | Photo: Carlos JM Martinez, via FLickr

15) Bariloche Hills

The smaller mountains of Bariloche are tourist attractions in Argentina that should be invested in. Known as Cerros, it is possible to appreciate the peak of Cerro Otto going up its 2.100 meters by cable car. 

In winter, go beyond the ski resorts. O Small Circuit takes you through the main tourist attractions of Argentina in Bariloche. It is 60 kilometers from the center of Bariloche. 

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Vista do Cerro Otto | Photo: Luis Armando Oyarzun, via Flickr

16) Rotate two 7 Lakes

Another excellent tour to do in Bariloche is the car ride along the Route of the 7 Lakes. The 108-kilometer road is considered one of the most beautiful in Patagonia Argentina. 

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Rotate two 7 Lafos | Photo: CaioVazX, via Flickr

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Sights in Patagonia

Patagonia Argentina is a tourist spot in Argentina where Nature shines, enchants and surprises. Comprises the provinces of La Pampa, Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego. 

It is a predominantly cold and dry region and presents one spectacle after another.

17) Los Glaciares National Park in El Calafate

This is the case of the Perito Moreno glacier, in Los Glaciares National Park in El Calafate. Or the stunning beauty of El Chalten's colorful sunset landscapes.

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Los Glaciares Park | Photo: AFCC Adventures

18) Peninsula Valdes

The tour is more unforgettable going to Península Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with six nature reserves. Stop at the picturesque island village of Puerto Pirámides and watch the southern right whales show. Usually in the months of May and December.  

Lots of color contrast, like the beautiful blue sea and pale rock formations. It is still possible to take boat trips, dives, hikes and enjoy the restaurants in Puerto Pirámides. 

Bariloche and Ushuaia are famous Argentine landmarks and located in the Patagonia Argentina region.

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Photo: Tommaso Olmeda, via Flickr

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Tourist attractions in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego 

Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, in Patagonia Argentina. It is a tourist spot in Argentina with low temperatures, even in summer. 

Ushuaia has tours for all seasons. It is worth remembering that in summer the sun can last 17 hours and in winter it only shines for 7 hours a day. The average summer temperature is 10º, great for interesting walks. But winter is perfect for those who want to play sports in the snow.

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19) End of the World Museum

In addition to boat rides, trails through the parks, you can also get to know the End of the World Museum.

Photo: Robert English, via Flickr

20) Beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego National Park

The port city has been an important stopping point for tours of Antarctica. On the tour of the Beagle Channel, discover the penguins, sea lions and other species. And, of course, make the obligatory stop at Tierra del Fuego National Park.

The natural beauty of the park is impressive. A mix of winter forest, in gray, green, brown tones with crystal clear turquoise waters in the lakes. It is one of the most exotic tourist spots in Argentina.

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Beagle Channel | Photo: Flavio Antunes

21) Tourist Tour and Trem of the End of the World

Taking a mega tourist tour of the region is a great option. With the right to ride on the End of the World trem, icy landscapes and drink at the city's ice bar. 

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Train ride at the end of the world | Photo: Brian Baldrati

22) Laguna Esmeralda and Isla Martillo

Getting to know Laguna Esmeralda up close is really unique, but it requires preparation, a total trail of 10 km. Another different tour of this tourist spot in Argentina is to see the various penguins in their natural habitat on Martillo Island.

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Esmeralda Lagoon | Photo: Brian Baldrati

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Sights in Iguazu Falls

The Iguaçu Falls is the result of a volcanic eruption, it is 2,7 km wide, with a height that varies from 60 to 82 meters. The 275 water jumps are divided between the Spanish and Argentine borders in the middle of the Selva Paranaense.

Considered a Natural Heritage of Humanity, the Falls are surprising for the grandeur and power of their waters. The best time to visit is after the rainy season. The river gets fuller and the waterfalls get stronger.

23) Iguazu National Park

The Iguazú National Park, in Puerto Iguazú, receives its share of the Iguazú Falls on the Argentine side. Two thirds of the Falls is in Argentina, a very important tourist spot for the country. The park has three trails and a train that takes you closer to the access to the Iguazú Falls.

The Iguazú National Park is open daily, from 8 am to 16:30 pm, and you can stay in the park until 18 pm. Tickets are charged in Argentine pesos and can be purchased directly at the box office or through the website. Spaniards have a discount and pay AR$640.

De Foz do Iguaçu, take a regular bus, bound for Puerto Iguazú, at the International Bus Terminal – Argentina. At Rua Mem de Sá, 26-158. The common bus stop is next to the Urban Transport Terminal – Pedro Antonio de Nadai. 

The bus takes you to the bus station in Argentina, there you take the Rio Uruguay bus to the Falls. The entire journey, from Foz do Iguaçu, to the Iguazú Falls takes about 1h30. So the sooner you organize, the better. Remember to bring your documents (passport or identity documents) to cross the border.

>> Read more Discover the Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side.

Photo: KBL Luccia, via Flickr

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Sights in Salta

Located at more than 1.000 meters of altitude, Salta, in the north of Argentina, is not a very explored tourist spot in Argentina. However, it reveals an unusual beauty, such as the most perfect peak in the world at the Cone de Arita, in Salar de Arizaro. 

Cone de Arita, Salta – One of the tourist attractions in Argentina – Photo: wikipedia

24) Museum of High Mountain Archeology

The peaceful center is full of narrow streets and colonial houses. Museums preserve local history, like the mummies in the High Mountain Archeology Museum and then there is the beautiful Cathedral of Salta.

Remembering that Salta is the land of the most famous empanadas in the world, so be sure to try several.

Photo: Renata Fetzner, via Flickr

25) San Bernardo Hill

Take the opportunity to see the city from the top of Cerro San Bernardo. The cable car takes you to one of the highest points in Salta. The panoramic view of the city is an incredible tourist spot in Argentina.

On the way to the gaucho city of Cafayate, be dazzled by the rock formations of the Quebrada de las Conchas. The typical white wine from Argentina, known as Torrontés wine and from this region. Find out more on guided tours of Cafayate vineyards, such as Bodega Piattelli.

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View of Cerro San Bernardo | Photo: Rubén, via Flickr

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Sights in Valley of the moon

26) Provincial Park of Ischigualasto or Valley of the Moon

In northwest Argentina, in the province of San Juan, is the Ischigualasto Provincial Park, also known as Valle de La Luna. It is a tourist spot in Argentina with unique geological formations. A desert of many cliffs, canyons and curious stone spheres. 

Close to the Chilean border, it is ideal for travelers who like to venture out on scenic trails. Lots of nature, earthy tones and almost no tourists to bump into. Stay in graceful San Agustin del Valle Fertil.

As a classic desert, Valle de La Luna is known for its dry climate. Cold nights of -10ºC and very hot days, reaching 45ºC. 

The park offers a real trip back in time to cavemen with dinosaur fossils. The best time to visit Valle de La Luna is from April to June and from August to November. 

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