Tango Shows in Buenos Aires that are worth entering the itinerary

Experiencing a Tango Buenos Aires show is unforgettable and needs to be on your itinerary. But which one to choose? Check out a list of the best shows in town.

Attending a Tango show in Buenos Aires is one of the essential programs on the trip to the land of our brothers. It's the kind of show that deserves your investment and attention at least once in a lifetime. In Buenos Aires there are an incredible amount of tango houses, every corner of the city has at least one option.

Let's talk about how the shows work, where they are, what the values ​​​​and what they offer. We have selected the five most famous tango shows in Buenos Aires, which exhibit from classic to more modern performances. Each one follows a style and way of representing the history of tango, always keeping the passion and sensuality present in the dance.

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  • How Do Shows Work?
    • Shows
    • Dinner and Show
    • Tables and Positions
    • Important Tips
  • 5 Best Tango Shows in Buenos Aires
    • Wood Tango
    • Little Angels Cafe
    • Lord Tango
    • Piazzolla Tango
    • Tango Porteño

Tango Dancers | Photo: Habanera, via Pixabay.

How do Tango shows in Buenos Aires work?

It is true that you can watch a beautiful tango show in the streets of San Telmo or even in Caminito. But nothing compares to the shows at the tango houses in Buenos Aires and. They are true musicals with a live band and a lot of elegance.

Shows of Tango in Buenos Aires

The tango show is an all-night program. From hotel departure to return at the end, it takes about four hours. In some cases, it is even possible to arrive early for a tango class.

The tango shows in Buenos Aires have the option of tickets for dinner plus a show or just the show. They also provide transfers to and from your hotel.

Typical Tango Show | Photo: Rande Archer, via Flickr.

dinner and show tango in Buenos Aires

At the dinner and show, you will arrive for a complete dinner with starter, main course and dessert. Drinks are included and the type of menu will define the quality of drinks or variety of dishes. There is an option with drinks included or pay only what you consume.

The show starts after dinner, so it's quiet for those who just want to watch it.

The tables and positions

Each Buenos Aires tango show house follows a table style. All are a little glued, some even more than others. There are options for private or shared tables with up to 8 people. You choose when purchasing your menu.

A tip worth noting: it's not always worth staying too close to the stage, as the view can get tired of looking up.

Concert Hall 'Madero Tango' | Photo: Disclosure.

Important Tips

The moment calls for a more elegant outfit. Nothing too exaggerated, the famous sport is already quite satisfying. Go ready to enjoy a romantic night or, at least, different from the others. Get in the mood to make everything even more special.

About the gastronomy in these shows: she is not the protagonist of the night and, on top of that, dinner time requires a bit of haste. Since there's time to finish the meal and start the show.

The show can often be the best part of the night. So if you're the fussy type with food, sometimes it pays to dine elsewhere.

Although the shows are free for any age, it is recommended not to bring very young children. This is because they tend to be more restless with the environment and do not enjoy the show as much. 

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Astor Piazzolla Theater | Photo: Disclosure.

The 5 best tango shows in Buenos Aires

Wood Tango in Buenos Aires

The great differential of Wood Tango it's in being in charming Puerto Madero. To complete, some tables are close to a beautiful night view of the region. At Madero Tango it is possible to buy tickets just to watch the tango show and request drinks or food separately.

The decoration of the house is very intimate. Low lights with elegant chandeliers, suede walls and glass that allow access to the lights of Puerto Madero. On the round tables, a simple and romantic decoration with small lit candles. They are shared tables with up to 4 couples.

O show

The Madero Tango show lasts about 1h30. On stage, digital backdrops accompany more than 30 artists, including dancers and musicians, to perform an engaging show. We are talking about the biggest LED screen in the Buenos Aires tango show houses.

The show tells the story of four friends in the past and present in Buenos Aires. Through this history, tango presents itself in different ways. And, of course, the four friends are influenced by international influences, so it is possible to hear some well-known music in the rhythm of tango. Or still, appreciate steps from other dance genres that somehow influence the passionate style.

The music is live. An orchestra brings all the energy and emotion to the performances. And, depending on the package chosen, after the show it is possible to get a basic tango lesson. 

The dinner

Madero Tango's dinner menu comprises regional and international cuisine. There are also options for vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, lactose intolerant, hyposodic, in addition to the children's menu. Here are four dinner/show options:

  • Audience Dinner Show: on the side tables of the stage. It offers three options of dishes for each stage of the dinner. Does not include chorizo ​​steak.
  • Executive Dinner Show: on the diagonal tables to the stage. It offers four options of dishes for each stage of the dinner. It includes the bife de chorizo ​​and an additional alcoholic beverage menu. 
  • VIP Dinner Show: privileged view. It offers six options of dishes for each stage of the dinner. Includes the chorizo ​​steak. In addition to giving the right to take a video of the show and a tango class. 
  • Jantar Show Premium: exclusive, individual tables in front of the stage. It offers eight options of dishes for each stage of the dinner. Includes the chorizo ​​steak, filet mignon and salmon. In addition to giving the right to take a video of the show, get a tango class and photo with the dancers.

Madero Tango Entrance Menu | Photo: Disclosure.

Values ​​and hours

The values ​​range from R $ 72 to R $ 444 and may change. Children from 3 to 10 years old pay half price.

The presentations take place from Monday to Monday, at 20:30 and the show starts at 22:15. 

The food restriction must be notified in advance, at the time of purchase of the package. All packages include transfer, in Premium the transfer is private.

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Little Angels Cafe in Buenos Aires

O Little Angels Cafe is usually a great choice off the list of the most famous tango shows in Buenos Aires. The 1890's building is divided into a bar/restaurant and the area where the dinner show takes place. It is one of the most traditional cafes in Buenos Aires and is close to the Congreso de la Nación Argentina. 

In the decoration, the memory of the 350th century. The stage is very charming, with ornate details and a charming ceiling. To top it off, XNUMX scattered photographs take you on a journey through time and low lights make the environment more elegant. 

The tables are for two people, but as the place is small, they can be very close together. Some tables are at the top.

O show

At Café de los Angelitos the presentation lasts about 1h20. On stage, the beauty of the costumes crosses time. Added to the production with many lights and dynamic scenarios to tell the story of tango Buenos Aires. Lots of passion and emotion with well-crafted choreography and intense musical interpretations.

There are 21 artists involved. The live band is high above the stage and makes the show even more magical.

The dinner

The gourmet cuisine at Café de los Angelitos offers tasty options for the Buenos Aires Tango Show dinner. All menus offer bife de chorizo ​​and there are options for vegetarians and celiacs. 

  • Standard Menu: It offers three starter options, four main course options and three dessert options.
  • Executive and VIP Menu: offer five starter options, five main course options – including pink salmon and four dessert options.

All include free mineral water, soda and beer. Red and white wine vary in quality depending on the menu. Sparkling wine is added to the executive and VIP menu. And if you want, you can still just watch the show with unlimited drinks. 

Dining Table at Café de los Angelitos| Photo: Disclosure.

Values ​​and hours

The values ​​start at R$ 240 may undergo changes. Performances take place from Monday to Monday at 20:30 pm and the show starts at 22:15 pm. 

All options include transfer and the places are defined by the chosen package. And, at the time of booking, inform about your food restriction.

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Lord Tango in Buenos Aires

Opened in 1996 by singer Fernando Soler, the Lord Tango is one of the main dance shows in Buenos Aires. Located in Barracas, it is also the farthest option. 

Right on the façade, you can see how Señor Tango is a different place. With lots of lights and distinctive architecture, the large three-level building holds up to 1.500 people and has a revolving stage.

Definitely an option for those who like to enjoy a tango show of great magnitude. The proposal is more of an almost circus spectacle than a more intimate presentation. Tables are shared with up to 8 people and as there are many, you need to be patient with the service.

O show

Señor Tango's Buenos Aires tango show has a lot of sensual choreography, pyrotechnics and live music orchestrating the show. Everything happens on the center stage and the band is on the back stage. It's a show to feel a Broadway-style experience. Tango is celebrated through the story told through dance and music.

The dinner

Señor Tango's dishes are served in two menu options. Everyone has an option with the classic bife de chorizo ​​and still and sparkling water.

  • Executive Menu: It offers a starter, four main course options and a dessert. 
  • VIP menu: offers a reception with canapés and sparkling wine, four options for starters, four for mains, four for desserts and coffee with petit fours.

The VIP also includes beer and seven types of wines with their variations, including sparkling wine. The executive has two variations of wine.

Senor Tango's Concert Hall| Photo: Disclosure.

Values ​​and hours

Values ​​start at approx. R$ 150 and may change. Performances take place from Monday to Monday at 20:22 and the show starts at XNUMX:XNUMX. The transfer is charged separately.

At Señor Tango you can only watch the tango show.

>> Buy your ticket here to watch this show.

Piazzolla Tango in Buenos Aires

The experience of watching a tango in Astor Piazzolla Theater is even greater because of its theater. Located on Calle Florida, at Galeria Guemes. The 1915 theater is completely restored and follows the charming architecture of the Belle Époque. Everything recalls the golden age of tango Buenos Aires.

The luxury of the salon takes you on a journey through time with all the elegance in shades of red and gold. The classic counters share the look with private and shared tables. The house is less cramped, has high ceilings and everything has a certain cinematic aspect.

O show

The show “As Quatro Estações do Tango” was inspired by the traditional music of Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla. The musical variations are subtly accompanied by Buenos Aires tango steps.

In the dances a lot of sensuality and charm. They are very well produced compositions. The representation of each musical style is exquisitely accompanied by the sextet, live, in an innovative spirit. The show lasts about 80 minutes. 

The dinner

At Piazzolla Tango the dishes are exquisite and with a special Argentine flavor. They serve vegetarian, children's and bife de chorizo ​​options on both menus.

  • Audience menu: offers three starter options, six main course options and three dessert options. 
  • VIP menu: offers four starters, six mains and four desserts. Welcome sparkling wine and table next to the stage.

All include soft drinks, mineral water and red and white wines. The tango class is also included in the menus, and takes place before dinner.

Main course of Piazzolla Tango | Photo: Disclosure.

Values ​​and hours

Values ​​start at approx. R$ 100 and may change. The performances take place from Monday to Monday, at 20:30 and the show starts at 22:XNUMX.

There is still a ticket to watch only the Buenos Aires tango show.

>> Buy your ticket here to watch this show.

Tango Porteño in Buenos Aires

Near the 9 de Julio and the Teatro Colón o Tango Porteño is a traditional Buenos Aires tango show house. The lights on the facade of Tango Porteño draw the attention of even those who are not going to enter. Formerly the house was a cinema complex of the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer. 

Years ago he left the world of films to give way to tango performances. The fact that the architecture has been preserved makes the place even more interesting. The stage is very large, with red curtains and three environments that allow good visibility from different points.

O show

Bailando Tango is the current Tango Porteño show. In it, the history of tango Buenos Aires gets a very well choreographed reinterpretation.

Created by award-winning dancer Mora Godoy, he introduced malambo and boleadoras, important styles in Buenos Aires folk culture. Live music is performed by a beautiful orchestra and surprising solos. 

The dinner

Tango Porteño's cuisine is well served. All include unlimited water, soda and wine, plus an hour of tango lessons. There are three types of dinners.

  • Audience and Executive Dinner Show: They offer three starter options, four main course options, two dessert options and coffee or tea. The difference is in the location of the tables.
  • VIP Dinner Show: it is well located. It offers four starter options, six main course options and four dessert options. It also has a private transfer. It also includes Petit Fours (a classic French gastronomy sweet) with coffee or tea.

Tango Porteño Dinner | Photo: Disclosure.

Values ​​and hours

Values ​​start at approx. R$ 100 and may change. Except for the show only option, transfers are included.

Performances take place from Monday to Monday at 20:30 pm and the show starts at 22:15 pm. Tango classes take place at 19:30 pm – in this case, the transfer does not pick up.

In addition, there is still a ticket to watch the Buenos Aires tango show only, or include two empanadas with unlimited drinks.

>> Buy your ticket here to watch this show.

Did you like the tango shows in Buenos Aires? Leave your comments or questions here!

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