Mendoza – All about the city of Argentine wineries

The city of Mendoza combines everything that is good for travelers of the most different profiles: you can explore wineries, climb mountains, ski, relax in spas, walk around the city, and much more! Check out our post about this complete destination.

Mendoza is an Argentine city known mainly for its wineries. The Land of the Sun and Good Wine is very popular with wine tourists interested in visiting the vineyards and, of course, enjoying a good tasting. In addition, the delicious cuisine – with lots of meat – from our neighbors is another great attraction of this region of the neighboring country.

Mendoza is a versatile destination, with several activities in addition to the hundreds of wineries, such as snow sports. Located to the east of the Andes, it is located at more than 700 meters above sea level. The climate there is arid, with well-marked seasons and little rainfall. From the city it is possible to see the summit of the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas.

Whether enjoying the city's wines and cuisine, taking a tour of the icy mountains or relaxing in one of the excellent spa hotels, the city is a great option for your next trip. Here we will tell you everything you need to know before heading there!

In this post you will see:

  • What to do in Mendoza?
    • Wineries in Mendoza
  • Where to stay in Mendoza
    • Hotels in Mendoza
  • Where to eat in Mendoza
  • When to go to Mendoza?
  • How many days to stay in Mendoza?
  • How to get to Mendoza
  • Mendoza Airport (MDZ)
  • Transport in Mendoza
  • Do you need a visa for Argentina?
  • What currency to take to Mendoza?
  • Duty Free em Mendoza
  • How to bring wines from Mendoza?
  • Travel Insurance for Mendoza
  • Internet chip in Argentina?
  • Air tickets to Argentina
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Mendoza?

Plaque in Aconcagua Provincial Park – Photo: Leandro Kibisz via Wikimedia

There is a lot to do in Mendoza. The wine capital in Argentina is famous, of course, for the production of the drink, with tours that combine a trip to the wineries with delicious tastings – many accompanied by a full meal to close the day. But the destination is also a favorite among adventurers, thanks to Aconcagua, as well as being a good place to rest.

Plaza Independencia is the starting point for many itineraries in Mendoza. With a super central location, it is the most important square in the city, where several attractions take place. Around it are other smaller squares of the city, such as Plaza San Martín, Plaza Chile, Plaza Italia and Plaza España.

Parque General San Martín also stands out, being one of the largest parks in Argentina. There are more than 300 hectares with many trees and trails. Inside it are located the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium and the National University of Cuyo. There are also other attractions in the park, such as the Museo de Ciencias Naturales y Antropológicas, the botanical garden and a zoo.

Another super relevant tourist spot in Mendoza is the Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Americas, Much sought after by mountaineers looking to reach the summit or practice snow sports, the mountain called Sentinela de Pedra is a great attraction for visitors during the summer months.

Travelers to Mendoza in winter can enjoy ski resorts close to the city of Mendoza – as the mountain is inaccessible during the coldest season. Los Penitentes is closer, close to Aconcagua Park, or about 180 km from downtown Mendoza. Las Leñas is another well-known station, but it is a little further from the city, about 400 km.

Wineries in Mendoza

Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina, which is why the main recommendation for a tour is to visit the wineries of Mendoza. The city is famous for the large production of the drink, with emphasis on Malbec wines, a specialty of the region.

In all, there are more than 100 wineries to visit – which would yield weeks of sightseeing in the destination, following a healthy limit of 4 wineries per day. Several glasses are tried on a winery visit, and to enjoy everything with care, nothing better than going with caution.

A good tip to include in the itinerary is the Catena Zapata winery, one of the most famous in the destination. Located in the Luján de Cuyo region, it makes Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines. However, in addition to it, there are numerous other wineries in Mendoza open for visitation.

Where to stay in Mendoza

Outdoor space in Between Skies Mendoza – Click on the photo to book

In Mendoza the accommodation alternatives are diverse. There are hotels in the center, which have a good structure and practical location, close to shops, or different places, further away.

Winery hotels are very suitable for a more intimate and relaxing experience. They are in the most rural part, where the vineyards are. There are three main winery regions: Luján de Cuyo, Valle de Uco and Maipú, where there are several very pleasant accommodation options.

O Between Skies Mendoza, for example, is a great option to stay in the middle of the vineyards. Located in the Luján de Cuyo region, the place has a Malbec winery and is in the middle of nature, in a quiet and super romantic environment, ideal for couples or those looking for a period of rest.

Hotels in Mendoza

room of Between Skies Mendoza – Click on the photo to book

Those who choose a hotel in the center have easy access to means of transport, restaurants and the main attractions of the city. places like the Park Hyatt Mendoza and the Diplomatic Hotel Mendoza are great choices. But, if you have a car, it is a good idea to look for a hotel in other regions, as you will be free to move.

See other top-rated hotel recommendations:

  • Villa Mansa – Daily rates from US$ 225 – 8,4 grade
  • The Vines Resort & Spa – Daily rates from US$ 800 – 9,6 grade
  • Divine Tupungato – Daily rates from US$ 152 – 9,4 grade
  • Finca Adalgisa – Daily rates from US$ 354 – 9,4 grade
  • Diplomatic Hotel Mendoza – Daily rates from US$ 178 – 9,1 grade

Where to eat in Mendoza

Going to Mendoza and eating really well is almost a pleonasm – that is, if you set aside some money to invest with good taste in your gastronomic experiences in the city.

In Argentina as a whole, the cuisine is one of the highlights of the trip. With amazing meats, special wines, empanadas that are already a tradition, and unique flavored dulce de leche, experiencing a good meal while traveling across the country is quite easy. In Mendoza, even, this rule is maintained.

A great tip to enjoy the place is to organize the itinerary in Mendoza so that the tour between the wineries ends with a special lunch, served by the restaurant of one of the wineries. There are great options to choose from, with menus that follow steps to make the experience unique.

In addition to the wineries, you can also find amazing restaurants in downtown Mendoza, with a wide range of specialties.

Here are some indications to visit while in the city:

  • House The Enemy
  • Atipana
  • Lagarte Winery
  • Bodega Renascer
  • Kotayk
  • Scorched Restaurant
  • Bodega Bonfanti
  • Brindillas Restaurant

When to go to Mendoza?

Green vineyards in Mendoza – Photo: Beatrice Murch via Flickr

The high season in Mendoza is known as the grape season: between the months of February and April. So, if your intention is to participate in the fruit harvest on the foot and find green vines, choose this period. For those who want to venture to Aconcagua, the hottest season is ideal.

However, Mendoza can be visited throughout the year. Depending on the season, the trip follows different styles. The climate of the place is arid, with well-demarcated seasons.

In June, late autumn and the beginning of the coldest period in the region, the vineyards are dry, and snow begins to appear in the highest places. It is the ideal period for those who enjoy the cold. The wineries are open all year round, and what better way to participate in the wine tasting on a cold day, right?

Winter, from June to August, is the low season, as the Aconcagua Provincial Park is closed. At this time, it is possible to find cheaper prices in accommodation and tours. The ski resorts are open during this period.

In summer, between December and March, the temperature can exceed 30ºC during the day, with milder nights. It is the wettest season, but rains are rare in the region. In spring, from September to December, the weather is usually a little cooler.

How many days to stay in Mendoza?

Flower around Mendoza, Argentina – Photo: Pablo Vargas via Pixabay

To enjoy all that Mendoza has to offer, you should book at least five days there. During this period it is possible to enjoy a good part of everything there is to do in Mendoza. You can get to know the center, the wine regions and enjoy some other attraction in the city.

Mendoza offers several attractions, and if you have more than five days to enjoy the city, you can include a tour of the Aconcagua Provincial Park in your itinerary. Another option, for those who have more time available, is to extend the trip to Santiago, or even to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

How to get to Mendoza

The city is located in the western part of Argentina, close to the Andes Mountains and the border with Chile. The most common way to get to Mendoza is by plane. There are direct flights from São Paulo, but there are also options with a stopover in Santiago (Chile) or Buenos Aires.

Due to stopovers, you can combine the trip with a trip to one of these other two cities. Leaving both Santiago and Buenos Aires, there is the option of going by bus or car to Mendoza. The way from Chile to the city is very popular, as it provides beautiful views of the Andes Mountains along the way.

Leaving Buenos Aires, the journey is longer, about 1h30 by plane or 14h by land. From Chile, it usually takes less than 1 hour to reach Mendoza by flying, while the drive through the mountains takes, on average, seven hours.

Mendoza Airport (MDZ)

Mendoza airport is small and is about 20 minutes from downtown. There are taxi, uber, remis (a kind of driver available all day for a fixed price) bus and or car rental stations. You can easily pick them up at one of the rental companies.

You can find good prices and deals on car rental at Rent Cars. The website is a good tip to guarantee your car at much better prices than at the airport. And the best, without IOF, payment in real and you can split up to 12x.

At Mendoza Airport there is also a bank for exchanging money for travelers.

Tip: Make sure your hotel offers an airport transfer service, many do, and at no extra cost.

Transport in Mendoza

When arriving at Mendoza airport, the transport options are varied. You can choose to take a taxi, uber, hire a remis (a kind of driver available all day for a fixed price) or a transfer – check if your hotel offers this option included in the rate. By bus, disembarkation takes place at the Terminal del Sol bus station, and from there you can choose the transport you want.

Another possibility is rent a car – a great option if the idea is to extend the trip to other cities.

But remember: as Mendoza is known mainly for its wines, visits to wineries should not be done by car. Driving and alcohol don't mix, and there are better alternatives to the ride. ?

The wineries are located further away from the city center, and some are in locations without GPS. Therefore, taking a taxi or Uber can make it difficult to return. The ideal is to hire an agency, or go with a guide to these tours. Some hotels offer tours of Mendoza wineries with a driver included. In addition to this alternative, remis are also a good option.

Do you need a visa for Argentina?

Spaniards do not need a visa to enter Argentina, as long as the period of stay does not exceed 90 days. To travel to Mendoza, all you need to do is bring your updated identity document (RG) – less than ten years old since it was issued – or a valid passport.

What currency to take to Mendoza?

The Argentine peso is a very undervalued currency these days. Therefore, the best choice for the exchange rate at the destination is the dollar. Thus, you guarantee greater bargaining power and facilitate payments.

The real is also accepted in some establishments, but it is not as certain as the dollar. Another option is, of course, the credit card, accepted in practically all places.

For currency exchange there are several specialized houses in the city center, most located on Av. San Martin. There is also the Banco Nación at the airport, which facilitates the exchange of those arriving by plane.

In addition, some hotels can carry out small exchanges, although the quote is not the best. In more emergency situations, it is an option. If you need it, check if your hosting offers this service!

Duty Free em Mendoza

Mendoza Airport (ARG) – Photo: Bruno Tavares

The Mendoza Airport Free Shop is a bit disappointing. Be sure to buy wines or alfajores there, as they are hard to find. The place is very small, and does not offer anything different from what is sold here in España.

How to bring wines from Mendoza?

Mendoza wines – Photo: David via Flickr

Bodegas are the best indication to buy wines in Mendoza. In them, you buy directly from the producers and guarantee lower prices. There is also the possibility of purchasing rarer labels, often sold only at the winery. They also sell protective packaging to ensure safe transport of the drink back by plane.

Another option is to buy wines in stores in the city of Mendoza. A well-reviewed one with reports of great prices is Sol y Vino Mendoza, downtown.

From Argentina to España, in hand luggage, the maximum limit is five liters, that is, you can bring up to six 750 ml bottles. In checked baggage, the limit rises to 12 liters – equivalent to 15 750 ml bottles. But it's worth checking your airline's website to confirm.

Remember, the Spanish Federal Revenue Service only allows you to bring (without paying tax) up to 15 liters of alcoholic beverage, within the limit of 500 dollars for purchases abroad. So pay attention to the value of drinks – *data from the RFB website.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the baggage weight limit established by the airlines, to avoid extra fees.

Travel Insurance for Mendoza

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Internet chip in Argentina?

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Air tickets to Argentina

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Did you like our Mendoza tips? Any questions or comments, leave it here and we'll help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Mendoza, Argentina?

The possibilities of what to do in Mendoza are numerous, and go far beyond the wineries. You can enjoy an adventure in the vicinity of Aconcagua (or even venture to the top), enjoy the vibe of the center and the restaurants, or even take historical tours through the city of Mendoza.

When to go to Mendoza?

Mendoza is a versatile destination, with attractions all year round. Those who go there in the summer have very hot days and can even pick grapes from the tree. In winter, nearby ski resorts open up. Mid seasons are the most suitable for those who like mild weather.

Which hotels in Mendoza are recommended?

There are numerous hotels in Mendoza that are great for your stay, such as the Between Skies Mendozathe The Vines Resort & Spathe Divine Tupungato and the Finca Adalgisa. See also more tips about the city of Mendoza.

How much are the tickets to Mendoza?

There are always promotions for tickets to Argentina, such as those published on the Promo Tickets. Also check out all the tips about Mendoza.

What are the best wineries in Mendoza?

Going to Mendoza and not visiting the wineries is a wasted trip. Some of the best places to visit are Catena Zapata, Trapiche and Familia Zuccardi. Check out more wineries in Mendoza.

When does it snow in Mendoza?

In the province of Mendoza there is a chance of snow in the coldest months of the year in the southern hemisphere – between June and August. There are even ski resorts in operation at this time. Learn more about the city of Mendoza.

How to put together an itinerary for Mendoza?

A good itinerary in Mendoza reserves at least one day for visits to the wineries, in addition to including the city center, General San Martin Park and a visit to Aconcagua. See more tips about Mendoza.

Is it possible to go from Mendoza to Chile?

Yes, the distance between Mendoza and Santiago, the Chilean capital, is less than 400 km. The cities are separated by the Andes Mountains, and there is a road with beautiful landscapes joining the two.

What is the population of Mendoza?

There are about 150 residents in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. The homonymous province has just over 1 million inhabitants. Check out our travel tips for Mendoza.

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