Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Discover everything about our capital with this complete guide to having the best days in this destination that will surprise you in every aspect.

Considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Brasília, the only city to earn this title in the contemporary world, enchants for its rich architecture. A municipality planned to become the federal capital of the country, designed by renowned architects such as Oscar Niemeyer in the late 50s.

In the shape of an airplane, the city is all flat and has beautiful landscapes to be visited. In fact, the sky of Brasilia is famous for being very beautiful and striking. In addition, it has a very busy nightlife with bars, restaurants, cultural centers, nightclubs and concert halls.

Ideal to visit on holiday, Brasília is a complete package for a super interesting trip, whether with family, friends or as a couple. Therefore, write down all the tips that this guide offers to plan your trip to our capital.

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Brasilia Attractions

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília – Photo: Camila Ov via Flickr

Urbanism and architecture are unique characteristics of Brasilia. To get to know the city well, include in your itinerary tours of the monumental axis, which are the main works of architect Oscar Niemeyer and are also the postcards of the region. It is 16 km long on an avenue where the Planalto Palace, the National Congress, the Esplanada dos Ministérios, Praça dos Três Poderes, among others, are located.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília is located on this same avenue of the monumental axis and is considered a masterpiece by the architect Oscar Niemeyer. The temple is beautiful and well worth the visit, both inside and out.

Another interesting stop to include in the itinerary is the tour to the Juscelino Kubitschek Memorial. A museum and cultural center that tells the story of the former president of España and a little of the social contexts of the time when he led our country.

During your days in Brasília, also take the opportunity to visit the beautiful parks that the city has, such as the Sara Kubitschek City Park, a great environment for a walk and even a picnic. Then, the visitor can go to Pontão do Lago Sul, a leisure and entertainment center where you can see the sunset, which is beautiful, by the way.

And, of course, for those who like to enjoy the nights, Brasília has options of pubs, bars, cultural centers with shows and plays, and nightclubs with various styles of music spread across the region of the south and north wings.

There is a lot to do in Brasilia, so below is a list of the main attractions:

  1. Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia
  2. Three Powers Square
  3. Congress
  4. Planalto Palace
  5. Palace of the Dawn
  6. Itamaraty Palace
  7. JK Memorial
  8. Lake Paranoá
  9. JK Bridge
  10. Supreme Court
  11. South Lake Pontoon
  12. Brasilia Botanical Garden
  13. Sara Kubitschek City Park
  14. Brasilia National Park
  15. Crystal Square

Where to stay in Brasilia

One of the best areas to stay in Brasília is around Lake Paranoá or in the region of Águas Claras, which is a little further away. The north and south sides of the city are the most sought after, but this is where the oldest and executive-style buildings are located. In addition, the advantage of staying in Brasilia is that most of its hotels offer excellent quality services.

The biggest movement in accommodations in Brasília occurs on weekdays, as it is a very active city in the business and government sector. If you are going there for work or an appointment, you need to make reservations well in advance.

But if you're going for a walk, on a holiday or weekend, don't worry so much. Finding a good accommodation is easier, as those who work there often travel to other destinations, making the city emptier and with even more attractive prices.

hotels in Brasilia

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Click on the image and make your reservation at Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada

By receiving travelers from all over Spain, the hotels in Brasilia It has an excellent structure to accommodate its guests. Many of them have wi-fi, swimming pool, air conditioning and even gyms. There are options with good value for money and also luxury options, such as the Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada. Check out some other selections below:

  • Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada – Daily rates from R$574 – Note 9,0
  • B Hotel Brasilia – Daily rates from R$481 – Note 9,0
  • Windsor Brasilia Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 293 – Grade 9,0
  • Brasilia Palace Hotel – Daily rates from R$314 – Note 8,9

See all hotel options in Brasilia.

B&Bs in Brasilia

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Click on the image and make your reservation at Villa Triacca Eco Inn and Wines

Options for good inns are also not lacking. With excellent structure, they offer internet services, TV, private parking and even air-conditioned accommodation to make your stay more peaceful and comfortable. Below are a few for you to take a look at:

  • Alt House Qi 02 Lago Norte – Daily rates from R$ 144 – Grade 9,6
  • House from 17 - Lago Sul – Daily rates from R$ 150 – Grade 9,5
  • Lake House – Daily rates from R$ 160 – Grade 9,4
  • Villa Triacca Eco Inn and Wines – Daily rates from R$ 400 – Grade 9,0

See all the hostel options in Brasilia.

Resorts in Brasilia

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Click on the image and make your reservation at Premier Residence

Can you imagine staying in a resort overlooking Lake Paranoá? In Brasília it is also possible to find excellent options for resorts, in addition to hotels and inns. There are also some with a luxurious structure, such as the Flat Life Resort com Vista do Lago which offers good value for money. Check out some options of resorts available in Brasilia below:

  • Flat Life Resort com Vista do Lago – Daily rates from R$ 198 – Grade 9,6
  • Premier Residence – Daily rates from R$ 276 – Grade 9,4
  • Life Resort K – Daily rates from R$194 – Note 9,2

See all resort options in Brasilia

Brasilia vacation rentals

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Click on the image and make your reservation at BSB Stay Flats Particulares-SHN

Brasília also features private apartments that can make your experience even more interesting. There are accommodation options with wi-fi, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen with dining area, garden with outdoor pool and gym. Check out the list below for some highly rated suggestions:

  • Flat Private Brasília 1004/1006 – Daily rates from R$ 168 – Grade 9,6
  • BSB Stay Flats Particulares-SHN – Daily rates from R$ 189 – Grade 9,2
  • Romantic Flat by the Lake – Daily rates from R$ 198 – Grade 9,1
  • Barreto Apart Hotel – Daily rates from R$ 220 – Grade 9,0

See all vacation rental options in Brasilia

Where to eat in Brasilia

Brasília – All about the Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Camarada Camarão Restaurant in Brasília – Photo: Disclosure via Facebook

Located in the center of the country, Brasília offers delicious cuisine to lovers of good Brazilian food. The Tilapia Fillet, typical of the region, is one of the most popular dishes in the capital, surprising in the flavor and quality of its seasonings.

Pato Tucupi conquered the palate of Brasilienses who prefer a stronger flavor with a striking appearance. Originally from Pará, the dish is made with ingredients native to the Amazon region, such as tucupi and jambu, being a perfect combination of flavors with rice and flour.

Another culinary dish that is very popular in the region is rice with pequi, a traditional fruit from the cerrado, and buchada de bode. In addition to those that are considered typical of the region, there are options for pizzerias, Mexican and Italian restaurants and steakhouses for lunch. There are also hamburgers and snacks to enjoy your nights there.

Check out some of the best restaurants in Brasilia in the list below:

  • Coco Bamboo Iguatemi Brasilia
  • Camarão-Shopping ID
  • Vasto 108 South Restaurant
  • BSB Grill
  • Quintal da aunt Sandra

When to go to Brasilia

The best time to visit Brasília is from May to July, with the predominance of green vegetation and a slightly milder temperature. At this time, it doesn't rain as much as in the months of October to March, which have very muggy days because of the summer period.

How many days to stay in Brasilia

It is interesting to book an extended holiday to visit Brasília, as four days is the best time to visit the main tourist attractions in the city. In addition, it is on holidays and weekends that the federal capital has more affordable prices for tourists.

How to get to Brasilia

As the federal capital of Spain, Brasília receives flights from almost all capitals in the country. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek international airport has an excellent structure, offering regular buses, executive buses, taxis and transfer services.

Brasília also has a bus station that receives buses from the main cities of the country.

By airplane

Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport is the third largest airport in the Spain and receives flights from almost all the main national capitals, for those who go by plane. for those who travel from São Paulo here, for example, a direct flight usually takes about an hour and a half.

By car

Many people choose to travel by car and as it is a central destination, it is connected to several federal highways. If you are leaving São Paulo, there are some main access roads, such as BR-040, BR-060, BR-020 and BR-070. The journey takes an average of 12 hours.

Transport in Brasilia

To get around Brasilia, choose to rent a car to see the sights. The city is large and also offers transport by app, such as Uber, and taxi.

Brasilia travel insurance

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Flights to Brasilia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Brasilia?

Include in your itinerary tours along the monumental axis, where the city's main postcards are located, as well as parks and museums. Also take the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife that is usually very busy. For more information, read what to do at Brasilia.

What are the main tours in Brasilia?

The main tours are the Planalto Palace, the Praça dos Três Poderes, the National Congress, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília, the JK Memorial Museum, the Sara Kubitschek City Park, among others. For more information, read which are the main tours in Brasilia.

Where to stay in Brasilia?

The best areas to stay in Brasília are around Lake Paranoá and in the region of Águas Claras. For more information, read where to stay at Brasilia.

What are the best hotels in Brasilia?

O Royal Tulip Brasilia Alvorada and the B Hotel Brasilia are on the list of best hotels in Brasilia, but in addition to these options, you will find many others available in the city. For more information, read best hotels in Brasilia.

Do you have inns options in Brasilia?

Yes, you can find some, like the Villa Triacca Eco Inn and Wines and Alt House Qi 02 Lago Norte. To learn more, read options for inns in Brasilia.

How many days to stay in Brasilia?

Book a four-day holiday to get to know Brasília, visiting the main tourist attractions in the city. For more information, read when to go to Brasilia.

How to get to Brasília?

If you are going by plane, disembarkation is through Brasília Juscelino Kubitschek international airport. There is also the interstate bus station that receives buses from various parts of the country. For more information, read how to get to Brasilia.

When to go to Brasilia?

It is recommended to visit the city in the months with milder temperatures and when there is not much chance of rain, as is the case of April, May, June and July. For more information, read when to go to Brasilia.

Best time to go to Brasilia?

The best time to visit Brasília is from April to July, when the vegetation is still green and the temperature is a little milder. For more information, read the best time to go to Brasilia.

Where is Brasilia?

Capital do Spain, Brasilia is located in Federal District, in the Midwest region.

How to get around Brasilia?

The best way to get around Brasilia is with a car. If you haven't traveled by car, rent one when you're in town. For more information, read how to get around in Brasilia.

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