Buenos Aires with children – What to do there and where to stay

Traveling to Buenos Aires with children? Check out the best tours and hotels prepared to receive the little ones.

A trip to Buenos Aires with children is a very interesting option to enjoy with the family. The city offers many cultural tours without leaving the fun aside.

From free to paid options, from classic tourist attractions to specific tours for the little ones, we have selected the best tours in the city to do with the kids.

In this article, you can also check out the hotels that are most prepared to be with children and good places to eat in peace.

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  • Is Buenos Aires with children worth it?
  • What to do in Buenos Aires with kids
  • Tours with children in Buenos Aires
    • Participatory Science Museum
    • Kid's museum
    • Galileo Galilei Planetarium
    • Parks and Gardens
    • Boquense Passion Museum
    • La Costa Park and Boat Trip in Tigre
    • Museum of Natural Sciences or Museum of La Plata
  • Where to eat in Buenos Aires with kids
  • Hotels to go to Buenos Aires with children
    • Luxo
    • Cost benefit
    • Cheap
  • Tips for going to Buenos Aires with children

Photo: Bruno Nascimento, via Unsplash

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Is Buenos Aires with children worth it?

Traveling to Buenos Aires with children is for those who like complete destinations, with lots of culture, fun and tranquility involved. The Argentine capital has good wide sidewalks even for baby strollers.

On walking tours it is possible to explore the beautiful parks, the interactive museums or even get to know the Mafalda and discover the cartoon walk.

Buenos Aires is even more attractive because of the ease of getting to and from the tourist attractions. In addition to the walks, the trains take you to amazing places, such as a water park or museum with dinosaur fossils. 

Mafalda | Photo: Manuel Romaris, via Flickr

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What to do in Buenos Aires with kids

If you still don't know the Argentine capital and are going for the first time with the little ones, it is possible to visit the main tourist attractions of Buenos Aires with them.

Meet the Recoleta Cemetery, it can be an adventure for the little ones. At Casa Rosada, some activities involve children depending on the schedule. 

Let the children surprise you with the grandeur of the Obelisk and the intersection between Avenida Corrientes and Avenida 9 de Julio. In Caminito, has a colorful house, tango on the street and the football stadium The Bombonera.

The dikes along Puerto Madero They are perfect for parents with toddlers in strollers or trying to balance on their first steps. There are boat museums and the famous Woman's bridge

And, of course, take advantage of the trip to Buenos Aires with children to eat lots of delicious ice cream, eat some good dulce de leche alfajores and share the well-served dishes of Argentine cuisine.

Obelisk | Photo: Axel Eres, via Unsplash

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Tours with children in Buenos Aires

Did you see how Buenos Aires with children is worth it and there's a lot of cool things to do? Check out more cool tours to include in your travel itinerary with children in Buenos Aires:

Participatory Science Museum

at the Cultural Center of Recoleta, the Participatory Science Museum is perfect for children of any age. It's a break from the constant 'don't put your hand' on visits to museums in Buenos Aires with children. 

Children learn by interacting – and touching objects – in themed rooms, where technology and natural phenomena are explored in a playful way.

Time passes quickly here, so allow at least two hours for this tour. All visitors, including children, pay ARS250 (about R$ 17) at the entrance.

Museo Prohibido No Touch | Photo: Disclosure, via Facebook

Los Niños Museum

At Shopping Abasto, the museum for children of Los Niños is special. The interactive museum recreates real-life daily life for children aged 0-12. The mini city also represents some professions and children have a lot of fun.

adults pay ARS300 (about R$20) and children ARS100 (about R$7).

Children's Museum | Photo: Boxlove, via Flickr

Galileo Galilei Planetarium

Going to the Buenos Aires planetarium with children is another good idea for a trip. In Palermo, the beautiful planetarium spans five floors and is set in a plaza with lakes. If you get the chance, see the magic of the planetarium's night lighting.

In addition to children's shows, astronomy and telescope observations, there is a museum. They are very technological exhibitions with the right to see a moon rock. Children under 6 years old do not pay, the others pay according to the chosen schedule.

Galileo Galilei Planetarium | Photo: Roberto Iglesias, via Flickr

Parks and Gardens

Traveling to Buenos Aires with children is also for those who want to explore the green areas of the Argentine capital. The largest green area in the city is in Palermo and is known as Palermo woods ou February 3 Park

It is a large area composed of the Botanical Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden. Each one has a different particularity and, except for the Japanese Garden, the others have entrance participation

February 3 Park | Photo: Peggy Nicolai, via Flickr

Boquense Passion Museum

If you go to Buenos Aires with kids who love football, go visit the Museu da Paixão Boquense. In La Boca, the museum is in La Bombonera, the home stadium of Boca Juniors. The exhibition has facts and trivia about the history of football in Argentina and the home team. 

The exhibitions are dynamic, with championship cups and different experiences. It is still possible to buy tickets with special visitation through the stadium. Children pay from $205 to $255 (about R$14 to R$18) and adults from $460 to $850 (about R$32 to R$60).  

See tour options here and make your reservation so you don't waste time on your trip.

Boquense Passion Museum | Photo: Wally Gobetz, via Flickr

La Costa Park and Boat Trip in Tigre

Taking the train in Buenos Aires with kids can be incredibly fun. The destination is Tigre, the charming suburb of Buenos Aires full of canals winding through the houses. 

It's perfect for taking a boat trip or boat trip with the kids. You can also enjoy the day at Coast park, the biggest amusement park in Buenos Aires, and it also has an aquatic area, the Aquafan. It's guaranteed fun for all ages.

DISCOVER in this link the boat trips in Tigre and/or see the tickets for Parque de La Costa here.

Coast Park | Photo: Frank.mayuri20, via Flickr

Museum of Natural Sciences or Museum of La Plata

Include a trip to La Plata in your itinerary for a trip to Buenos Aires with children. The former capital of the province of Buenos Aires can be reached by train from Estación Constitución. The train is a little old, but the trip is interesting and has different landscapes.

There you will visit the Museum of Natural Sciences, considered the largest in the area in Latin America. With Greco-Roman architecture, it houses one of the most complete natural science exhibitions in the world, with fossils and dinosaur replicas. 

The visit is recommended for older children. Entrance to the museum is free for children under 12 and on Tuesdays. adults pay ARS70 (about R$5).

Silver Museum | Benjamin Dumas, via Flickr

Where to eat in Buenos Aires with kids

There are many options for eating in Buenos Aires with children. Some even have children's areas, or some fun for the little ones. At the 1810, in Palermo, it is possible to taste the classic empanadas while the children are distracted by drawing.  

Now if you want to explore the parilla, the classic Argentine barbecue, it's better to go to the The Payuca. The dishes are really tasty, for the whole family and they have a neat children's area, with monitoring. 

For quick snacks, the carlito's thing It's super family friendly and relaxed. Pancakes and juices are the house attraction. There is still an option for celiacs. There are several branches around the city, those in Caballito and Villa Crespo have a children's area.

La Payuca | Photo: Disclosure

Hotels to go to Buenos Aires with children

*Always consult the website of the Booking.com to check updated prices.


No Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires children are welcomed with total exclusivity. Bathrobes and amenities for children are individually prepared. Board games, movies and toys are available, as well as babysitting services. The hotel even has a swimming pool for summer days.

  • Rates from R$ 2.570*, breakfast not included.

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Public Relations

Cost benefit

O Hotel Buenos Aires, located at Av. Corrientes is usually the favorite of visitors with children in the Buenos Aires capital. In the Family & Novotel program, children up to 16 years old stay free of charge and breakfast when sharing a room with the parent. There are rooms for families, including the pet, with a children's TV channel and extra beds. Or even 50% off the second bedroom.

  • Rates from R$ 492*, breakfast not included.

>> See prices and availability by clicking here!

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Staying in Buenos Aires with children can be cheap if you opt for aparthotels and apartments. It is also a way to be more comfortable with the family. O The Apartmentos Building It is located in Recoleta and has a full kitchen. There is an option with one bedroom or duplex.

  • Rates from R$ 121*, breakfast not included.

>> See prices and availability by clicking here!

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Tips for going to Buenos Aires with children

Take your trip to Buenos Aires with children at spring ou autumn. In summer, the heat can prevent some walks. On the other hand, the night takes a long time to come. In a week you can enjoy the Argentine capital well.

It is worth remembering that many tourist attractions in Buenos Aires are outdoors in areas of high concentration of people. Therefore, there is little care, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Also, if you are not used to going to places that are very crowded with children, avoid San Telmo Fair. Don't forget to hire a good family travel insurance and make the most of your trip to Buenos Aires with children.

Photo: Pixabay, via Unsplash

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