Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Mendoza, the City of the Sun and Good Wine, is next to the Andes Mountains in Argentina. In addition to the wineries, it offers several attractions for travelers. Check out this post for all the tips to build your script.

Mendoza, in Argentina, is the ideal destination for wine lovers, for those who want to relax or for those who want to practice extreme sports. The options for what to do in Mendoza are varied, and can suit anyone, depending on the season and duration of the trip. For this, putting together a good itinerary in Mendoza is essential.

The Argentine city is world famous for its wine production. The visit to the wineries of Mendoza, with tasting, is one of the main attractions of the place. Other activities such as trails near Aconcagua delight the most adventurous. But a day of rest in a cozy hotel, or a stroll through the center are also good choices to enjoy the city.

Mendoza offers possibilities for all types of travellers. From tours full of adventure and snow, to relaxing moments in a spa in the city. You won't run out of things to do during your trip!

In this guide you will discover how to put together a very complete itinerary in Mendoza, to enjoy two to five days in the destination. Oh, and you'll also find out about special tips on what to do there in winter. Continue reading to find out more!

In this post you will read:

Itinerary in Mendoza

1st day: city tour

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

The Mendoza City Tour “hop on hop off” panoramic bus – Photo: MzaCityTour Facebook

If you only have one day in the city, a really cool tip is to take a city tour of Mendoza. There are chartered buses that pass through the main tourist attractions of the city on a guided tour. This tour is great for getting an overview of the region and seeing monuments, which is also great for those who want to get an overview of the city before getting to know the sights better.

Strolling through the wine regions is the main attraction of the city, and another excellent tip to put on the first day of your itinerary in Mendoza. However, only if you arrive at your destination earlier, and have time to spare. Otherwise, start the winery tour only the next day, in the morning.

2nd day: wineries of Luján de Cuyo

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Vilstalba vineyards in autumn – Photo: Bruno Tavares

Take advantage of your second day in Mendoza to discover the region's wineries. If you've already been to one on the first day, it's always interesting to visit new vineyards and see the production of the drink from other perspectives.

In a short two-day itinerary in Mendoza, you can get to know some good vineyards on morning walks. Just pay attention to the number of wineries on your itinerary in Mendoza. To get the most out of it, three or four wineries a day is the right thing to do.

Hiring a transport service is a great tip to enjoy the wineries with peace of mind. Most hotels offer packages to visit Mendoza Wineries.

The wineries are divided by regions, and visiting Luján de Cuyo is a good recommendation. In each of the regions there are several wineries open for visit and tasting. You can choose the ones you want, and assemble the vineyard route according to your interest.

Located in Luján de Cuyo, the Catena Zapata winery is one of the most important in the country. It is in this same region where the Chandon winery is located, specializing in sparkling wines. I also recommend the wineries of Vistalba, Viña Cobos and Ruca Malén in this region.

Tip: Respect your own pace, and don't try to go to all the wineries in one day. Prioritize quality, not quantity of seats. Ah, leave for lunch at the last winery to close the tour with a flourish. And don't forget to book tours in advance!

3rd day: Maipú or Valle de Uco wineries

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Bodega La Azul – a great tip is to have lunch there – Photo: Bruno Tavares

On the third day of your Mendoza itinerary, a good tip is to visit other wine regions – a great time to discover the Maipú region.

The Familia Zuccardi winery is one of the best known in this area. There, in addition to the wine tasting, you can taste the olive oil produced on site.

In Maipú there is also a wine museum, called San Felipe Wine Museum. It is located in the La Rural winery. For those interested in the most historic part of Argentine wine, it is worth the visit to see the more than 4 pieces on display.

On this third day you can also visit the wineries in the Valle de Uco region. It is a little further away from Mendoza, about 1 hour by car from the center. Some recommended wineries are Andeluna, Domaine Bousquet and La Azul.

Oh, and if your intention is to see the vineyards full of fruit and pick grapes from the tree, it is advisable to travel during the summer.

Day 4: High Mountain Tour or Skiing

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

The Aconcagua – Photo: Miguel via Flickr

On the fourth day of the itinerary in Mendoza, take the opportunity to explore areas other than wine. Thus, in addition to getting to know the wineries and the urban center, there is also time to stroll through the mountains with tranquility.

The High Mountain Tour has tours with incredible views, including Aconcagua. The whole way has landscapes that are worth a photo stop. Among the highlights are: the Potrerillos dam, Terraza Mirador, Puente del Inca, and the village of Uspallata.

During the winter, nearby ski centers are open for those who wish to venture into the sport.

5th day: squares and museums, rural tourism or relaxing in a spa

Five days is the ideal time for a trip to Mendoza. With this time available, you can get to know most of the city's attractions, and do everything calmly.

The city has several options for historical tours. Those who enjoy this type of activity can visit the important parks and monuments in the region.

In Plaza del Castillo is the Museo del Area Fundacional. There are exposed, for example, photos of the city before the earthquake that devastated it. Next to it are the San Francisco Jesuit Ruins – a national historic monument.

There is also rural tourism, where you can learn more about the traditions of the region and try the typical Cuyana cuisine.

Another tip is to spend a relaxing afternoon at a spa. Some hotels in the city have their own spas, such as the Between Skies Mendoza, and are excellent tips for a place to renew your energies.

Mendoza at night

To enjoy it at night, one option is to enjoy one of the bars and restaurants on Avenida Aristides Villanueva. For those who enjoy ballads, the region of Chacras de Coria is the most suitable. This is where most of the city's pubs and nightclubs are found.

What to do in Mendoza besides the wineries

The city of Mendoza is super versatile, and has several attractions that go beyond the famous wine tastings for which it is known. It is possible to make a well-crafted itinerary there, with tours that range from contact with nature to regional history museums.

A simple tour tip to get away from the wineries is to visit the center of the city, especially at night, when the bars and restaurants on Avenida Aristides Villanueva are very lively.

See more options to include in your itinerary in Mendoza:

The center of Mendoza

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

A Plaza Independencia de Mendoza at night – Photo: Miguel via Flickr

Plaza Independencia is located in the center of Mendoza and is one of the most important places to visit. There are the Municipal Museum of Modern Art and the Julio Quintanilha Theater. In them, artistic presentations and craft fairs take place. There is also a panoramic bus that goes through the city's main park, Parque General San Martín.

This park is one of the biggest parks in Argentina. Inside it there is the Museum of Natural and Anthropological Sciences, the Malvinas Argentinas Provincial Stadium, the National University of Cuyo and a zoo. In addition, there is Cerro de La Gloria, a hill full of history, where the Ejército de los Andes monument is located.

Cacheuta Hot Springs

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

The Hot Springs of Cacheuta – Photo: Leandro Martínez via Flickr

The Termas da Cacheuta are hot springs that operate close to the Andes Mountains. On site there is a hotel with a spa, which also has an Aquatic Park. It is possible to purchase admission for a full day spa only, or for the park, and enjoy the view of the mountains in the thermal water pools.

There are also other thermal water parks in the region. One of them is Termas del Sosneado, where a hotel used to be in the early XNUMXth century. The old facilities are currently abandoned, but the natural pools continue to function. Entry is free.


Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Uspallata, one of the last Argentine villages – Photo: Pablo Vargas via Pixabay

Uspallata, in Las Heras, is one of the last villages in Argentine territory. It is located on a road in the middle of the Andes Mountains. The Mendoza rivers and the San Alberto and Uspallata streams cut through the region, which has typical mountain vegetation.

There are some points worth visiting. Cerro de los Siete Colores is a mountain seen just outside the village, whose color, as its name implies, is the main highlight. The Caminho del Inca, the Cruz de Paramillos and the Vaults of Uspallata are also nice to see.

In Villavicencio, very close by, is the Camiño de las 365 Curvas (or Ruta de las 365 Curvas). This winding road was the only way that connected Mendoza to Chile in the past. The Villavicencio Nature Reserve is also located there, with 70 hectares of preserved nature in the mountains.

Aconcagua Provincial Park

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

The Aconcagua Provincial Park – Photo: Daniella Pereira via Flickr

If the weather is warmer, you can take the opportunity to climb the mountain and visit the Aconcagua Provincial Park. From there, the peak of the mountain is seen more closely, always covered in snow. Along the way, some important monuments can be seen, such as the Cruz de Paramillos, the Potrerillos Reservoir and the Puente del Inca.

The Aconcagua tour is especially recommended for those who enjoy extreme sports. In the park and in the surrounding mountain areas, it is possible to practice different sports. This region is much sought after by sportsmen for the possibilities it offers.

During the summer period – between December and February, approximately -, climbers from all over the world flock to the site. The main activity is the ascent to the summit of the mountain, the highest peak in the Americas.

But, for those who don't want such an extreme adventure, there are lighter trails and other sports to be practiced. Trekking, rafting, paragliding and even horseback riding are among the options.

Mendoza in winter

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Las Leñas ski resort – Photo: @laslenasresort

One of the main attractions in the Argentine winter is the ski resorts. Open during the coldest time of the year, between June and August, the sport is a great indication of what to do in Mendoza in winter. For both amateurs and professionals, skiing is an experience worth living.

The nearest ski resort is Penitentes, which is further north in the province of Mendoza, 182 km from the city. It is the ideal opportunity to ski in the snow of the Andes Mountains. There are inns on site, for those who want a more complete tour.

Another station that can be visited is Las Leñas, which is the highest in Argentina – with a peak of 3430 meters. It is further from the city of Mendoza (about 400 km), but is still part of the homonymous province. It is considered one of the best in the Southern Hemisphere, and its structure is more complete than that of Los Penitentes.

The closest town to Las Leñas is Malargüe. But at the station itself you will find accommodation options, both simple and luxurious, as well as restaurants and shops. In the region there are also many nightclubs, due to the large number of young visitors to the place.

Tips for a Buenos Aires + Mendoza itinerary

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Buenos Aires, in Argentina – Photo: Sking via Wikimedia

Travelers planning to visit Mendoza often combine their trip to Argentina with Buenos Aires as well. Depending on the time set for the trip, you can enjoy both cities.

The capital of Argentina is far from Mendoza – there are more than 1000 km separating the two cities. However, there are different transport options to make the journey between the two. You can rent a car and go on your own, buy a bus ticket and spend almost 12 hours on the road – enjoying the view or resting-, or go flying.

When defining your itinerary through the country, try to reserve at least 3 days to explore Mendoza. A good tip, if you are going to travel by land, is to buy bus tickets to travel at night (so you can arrive as rested as possible).

Itinerary in Mendoza + Santiago

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

Plaza in Santiago, Chile – Photo: Monica Volpin via Pixabay

Santiago, in Chile, is much closer to Mendoza than the Argentine capital. Due to the proximity to the Chilean capital, and due to the view that the trip provides, the itinerary in Mendoza combined with Santiago is very popular.

The distance between the two cities is 363 km, and this journey can be done in less than an hour by plane. By land, the trip takes longer – about 7 hours, due to the difficulty of the road -, but it makes up for the time spent with beautiful landscapes of the Andes Mountains.

The tip here is to travel during the day so you don't miss the landscape, if you choose land routes. And, to make the most of the journey, choose seats in the first row on the top floor of the bus. There you will have a privileged view of the mountain.

The bus trip is more suitable for those who value value for money. The only point of attention is the weather: if there is a blizzard, the road closes indefinitely. Therefore, be aware of the time of year you plan to travel, and the weather conditions of the days of the trip.

And here the same recommendation mentioned above applies: book at least three days in Mendoza. Then it's just a matter of putting together your itinerary to get to know Santiago as you wish!

Where to stay in Mendoza

Itinerary in Mendoza – Tips for 2 to 5 days in the city

O The Vines Resort & Spa with a beautiful view of Mendoza – Click on the photo to book

In addition to perfecting your itinerary in Mendoza, choosing the right accommodation is another of the main tasks when planning your trip. We have a complete guide to hotels in Mendoza, but we still selected a few places to indicate here:

  • Villa Mansa – Daily rates from US$ 225 – 8,4 grade
  • The Vines Resort & Spa – Daily rates from US$ 800 – 9,6 grade
  • Divine Tupungato – Daily rates from US$ 152 – 9,4 grade
  • Finca Adalgisa – Daily rates from US$ 354 – 9,4 grade
  • Diplomatic Hotel Mendoza – Daily rates from US$ 178 – 9,1 grade

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to put on the 1st day of the itinerary in Mendoza?

When you arrive in Mendoza, if you still have plenty of time in the day, take the opportunity to take a city tour and have a panorama of the city. See more tips for setting up your itinerary in Mendoza.

What to put on the 2st day of the itinerary in Mendoza?

On the 2nd day at the destination, the most suitable tour is to visit some of the famous wineries in Mendoza. See more options to include in your itinerary in Mendoza.

What to put on the 3st day of the itinerary in Mendoza?

For wine lovers, the 3rd day of the itinerary in Mendoza is a new opportunity to discover other wineries. If you want to take a different tour, the city's museums are good tips.

What to do on the 4th day of the itinerary in Mendoza?

If visiting as many wineries as possible is your priority, you can add another day of winery tours to your Mendoza itinerary. Otherwise, you can take the opportunity to stroll along Aconcagua.

What to do on the 5th day in Mendoza?

With all this time available to explore Mendoza, the 5th day of the trip can be dedicated to getting to know the city center better, doing rural tourism or even fully resting. See more itinerary tips in Mendoza.

What to do in Mendoza besides the wineries?

There is a lot to do in Mendoza besides visiting wineries, although this is the main activity for travelers. You can ski, visit Aconcagua, stroll downtown, see a game at Malvinas Argentinas Stadium, and more. Check out tips for your itinerary in Mendoza.

What to do in Mendoza at night?

The tips on what to do in Mendoza are quite varied, and at night the main recommendation is to enjoy restaurants in the center or the most famous pubs in the city. See our tips for setting up an itinerary in Mendoza.

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