Country Club Lima Hotel – A unique experience in Peru

Hotel symbol of the capital of Peru, Country Club Lima is a luxurious option full of unique experiences to stay!

A unique hotel that combines the glamor of the past with the avant-garde of the present. so is the Country Club Lima Hotel, a luxury hotel in the capital of Peru. Staying there is to be in contact with the history of the city, in a cosmopolitan and traditional atmosphere.

Full of exclusivity, the hotel has classic architecture. works of art by Pedro de Osma Museum help to compose the decor, while the contemporary design meets the needs of travelers and celebrities passing through.

I stayed there in August 2019, and I share my experience of this luxury accommodation here to inspire our readers. ? In this review you will find out why the Country Club Lima Hotel – The Leading Hotels of the World should be your choice when you go to town!

In this post you will read:

  • O Country Club Lima Hotel
  • Location and Check-in at the Country Club Lima Hotel
  • Rooms at Country Club Lima Hotel
    • Presidential Suite Country Club Lima Hotel
    • Dom Perignon Suite
  • Perroquet Restaurant in the Country Club
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch and dinner
  • English Bar at Country Club Hotel
  • Experiences at the Country Club Lima Hotel
    • Ceviche Classroom in Hotel
    • Pisco Classroom
    • Yaku Spa
  • Lima travel insurance
  • Internet chip not Peru
  • Flights to Peru

O Country Club Lima Hotel

Entrance to the Country Club Lima Hotel , imposing and classic!

O Country Club Lima Hotel is one of the best hotels in Lima, with symbology equivalent to what the Copacabana Palace is for Rio de Janeiro. Built in 1927, the history of the luxury hotel is directly linked to the development of the Peruvian capital.

The hotel's opening was considered one of the biggest events of the decade at the time. The president of Peru, Augusto B. Leguia, presided over the ceremony, which brought together great names from the city's political, intellectual and artistic elite.

Old photo of Country Club Lima Hotel with guests playing golf – Photo: CLL Press Kit

The building maintains the classic architecture of the 20s. A renovation in the late 90s gave the hotel a 5-star rating. In 2017, there was a modernization and enhancement of the Hispanic design of the XNUMXth century, but without losing the original characteristics of the environment.

The Country Club decor is considered “the new classic”, uniting past and present in a unique contrast. The common areas maintain the “chic limeño” air, while guests enjoy spacious and sophisticated rooms during their stay.

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Part of the interior decoration of the Country Club, sophisticated and cozy

Location and Check-in no Country Club Lima Hotel

The Country Club is located in the heart of the San Isidro region, one of the most prestigious in Lima. The airport is about 12 km away, but there is a shuttle service.

Leoncio Prado square and Lima Golf Club are in front of the hotel, there are restaurants, cafes and museums nearby, and the ocean is a 10-minute walk away.

You can check more information and dates availability for Country Club reservations by clicking here.

Location of the Country Club Lima Hotel – Calle Los Eucaliptos 590, San Isidro 15076, Peru

Upon entering the hotel, the atmosphere of the place is already defined by the decor. The lobby's ceiling is decorated with stained glass windows, and the space is ornate with mirrors, artwork, chandeliers, plants, and classic furniture. Check-in takes place at a dark wooden desk.

The employees responsible for the service have differentiated and friendly treatment. Check-in is personalized and very fast – the reservation details were ready when we arrived, and the room was already released. The entire process was very quick, a highlight of the hotel's service.

The lobby of the Country Club Hotel, where check-in takes place

The rooms do Country Club Lima Hotel

Country Club rooms are spacious, with a light system designed to enhance the ambience. The decor is refined, with marble accents, tapestry and wooden ornaments. So chic and pretty!

The beds are very comfortable, perfect for resting after seeing the city, with Peru Prima and Plumas y Plumas bedding. Ametinies include slippers, bathrobes and Clarins products. There are also coffeemakers and mini-fridges available.

Master Suite at the Country Club Lima Hotel, where I stayed.

The accommodation is 5 stars, with standard service of the category. Rates start at $184 in low season (January to March and July to August). In high season it is possible to stay there from US$ 270.

There are 83 rooms available for those looking for a quality stay in a great location in Lima. Some accommodations are more exclusive, such as the Presidential Suite and the Dom Perignon Suite. My stay was not in any of these rooms – unfortunately – but I got to know them and I'll tell you more details below!

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Presidential suite Country Club Lima Hotel

We paid a visit to Presidential suite, which is even wider than the other rooms. It has a living room, king-size bed, marble bathroom with Jacuzzi, dining table and terrace overlooking the park and golf course.

The experience is even more unique and unforgettable in a room like this.

Country Club Lima Hotel presidential suite bed

Dom Perignon Suite

A Dom Perignon Suite is the most luxurious accommodation at the Country Club Lima Hotel. The suite offers the most exclusive service, which provides a unique and unforgettable experience. Guests are greeted with a glass of Dom Perignon champagne as soon as they arrive in their room. Very luxury!

The space is about 150m², with a living room, bedroom, dining room, marble bathroom with jacuzzi, extra guest bathroom, terrace overlooking the golf course and a wine cellar with vintage Dom Perignon labels, as well as cheeses. and European hams for sale to the guest.

Exclusive services for guests of this suite include: airport transfer, in-room check-in and check-out, welcome caviar, one bottle of Dom Perignon champagne per night in the room, butler service and Illy coffee.

Two-room room in the super luxury Dom Perignon suite, with Dom Perignon wine cellar on the left

Perroquet Restaurant in the Country Club

O Parrot is the award-winning restaurant at the Country Club Lima Hotel, specializing in Peruvian cuisine. It offers the best of the typical dishes of the country, and is very frequented by both locals and those who are just passing through the city.

Five consecutive times it won the award for best hotel restaurant in Lima, by the Summum Guide, with a menu consisting of Peruvian and international dishes. In addition, it has a terrace with a beautiful view of the region where the hotel is located.

Tables in Perroquet restaurant


From 6:30 am, breakfast is already served at Perroquet. A good tip is to choose one of the outdoor tables to enjoy the beautiful view while enjoying your first meal of the day.

You can choose something from the à la carte menu, such as eggs benedict, or enjoy the buffet served. The options are diverse, with a very complete breakfast menu. It's hard to leave without having eaten too much!

Different flavors of juices, yogurt, milk and coffee are the drink options, in addition to assorted fruits, dried fruits, different cheeses, cereals, and so many other options served for a really complete breakfast ?

The generous breakfast buffet at Country Club Lima at Perroquet Restaurant
(can you find me in the photo? lol)

lunch and Dinner

The Perroquet Restaurant has great meat options on the menu. It also serves seafood, poultry, pasta, salads, soups and dessert. Portions are good and very delicious. I tried a wonderful lomo saltado!

The proposal is for customers to have a complete gastronomic experience. The restaurant has another very pleasant indoor area, on a floor below the famous terrace at the front of the hotel. Dinner is served until 23:30 pm.

Another space at the Perroquet Restaurant

english bar no Country Club Hotel

The English Bar, located in the hotel, is one of the most popular bars in Peruvian nightlife. Both city residents and many travelers frequent the place, which serves one of the most famous Pisco Sours in the capital. He is recognized by the Peruvian Academy of Pisco for maintaining the quality and tradition in the preparation of drinks that take the drink.

The walls of the place are clad in wood, creating an atmosphere of dim and welcoming light, typical of pubs and bars around the world. It's a great environment for an evening happy hour in Lima.

The English Bar at the Country Club Lima Hotel

Experiences no Country Club Lima Hotel

One of the great highlights of the Country Club Lima Hotel is the unique experiences it offers. In addition to the more than 300 works of art provided by the Pedro Osma Museum, available for observation throughout the hotel, there is also a beautiful swimming pool for guests to enjoy.

The hotel has a gym, business center, and the stained glass lounge (Los Vitrales) offers live music while afternoon tea is served. Other special activities offered are: ceviche classes, Pisco classes and the services of the hotel's Yaku Spa, which I talk about further below. 

A linda swimming pool no Coutry Club Lima Hotel

ceviche classroom not Hotel

In the Ceviche class you will learn how to make the classic Peruvian dish with a hotel chef. He uses a separate table, with the ingredients separated into bowls, while we guests watch the explanation from another table. If you want to participate in the class, it is also possible, but I preferred to just watch?

The chef mixes the ingredients and explains the recipe, and at the end comes the best part: we can try the authentic Peruvian Ceviche, freshly made. Very good!

The price of this activity varies according to the number of people interested. Consult the hotel for more information.

Chef's explanation during the ceviche class, with fresh ingredients at the Country Club

The traditional freshly prepared Ceviche – delicious!!

Pisco Classroom

The Pisco class – also called Cata de Pisco – follows the same pattern as the ceviche class. This time in the atmosphere of the English Bar, or in the hotel's private rooms, you learn how to make a drink with Pisco Sour.

A hotel barista explains it, and we receive a letter with the step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the drink. During my experience I learned to make Chilcano, a light and delicious drink with a touch of lemon and ginger.

The price of this activity varies according to the number of people interested. Consult the hotel for more information.

Chilcano is a light and tasty pisco-based drink – one of the experiences offered by the Country Club Hotel in Lima

Yaku Spa

At Yaku Spa you are invited to have a moment of harmony and well-being. Various services are offered, such as massages, facials, exfoliations, tanning and sauna.

Prices for services range from R$150 to R$450. The one-day spa packages can range from R$350 to R$1.300 per person.

Space at the Yaku Spa at the Country Club

Did you like Country Club Lima Hotel? Do you have any questions about the hotel? Tell us!

Flavio traveled at the invitation of Belvitur, Seguros Promo, Xmart and Country Club Lima Hotel.

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