Fraser Island in Australia – Travel Guide

 Australia is a country I've always wanted to visit, and before arriving here, I used to imagine myself strolling along paradisiacal beaches, watching surfing championships and bumping into a kangaroo or another, but in reality it has been much more than that.

I love camping, and this three-day trip I took recently to Fraser Island It sure made me like it even more. We left Hervey Bay early in the morning in a group of about 30 people, in 4 4×4 jeeps to catch the ferry to Fraser Island. Once there, each group got into their car and we actually started the trip.

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  This island is the biggest sand island in the world, and the beaches are like normal roads, with signs and all. You can even see police circulating in 4×4s and planes landing on beaches! Unfortunately, all the beaches on the island are unsuitable for swimming due to the large number of sharks. After a lot of emotion on the sandy roads, we made our first stop. The guide could not have chosen a better place to welcome us. O Lake Mackenzie It is one of the 27 freshwater lakes spread across the island and, for me, the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. Hard to believe that a huge, perfect lake like that is made up of nothing but rainwater.

  The lake sand is made up of pure silica, so I took the opportunity to catch up on the exfoliation! After a couple of hours in paradise, I mean, in Lago Mackenzie, we continued our journey. The day before we had gone shopping and stocked the cars with food for the three days. We chose to make a tuna sandwich for lunch, the most practical option since we always had lunch at a quick stop along the way.  

  Before heading to the campsite, we made the last stop of the day. We went to see another lake on the island, the Lake Wabby. To get to this lake, we had to make a trail of about 30 minutes. The lake is surrounded by dunes, and the view from the top is amazing! This was the most relaxing moment of the trip, I lay down by the lake and let the fish treat my feet! On the way back from the lake, we caught a lot of rain in the middle of the trail, making the tour even more exciting!  


  We arrived at the campsite and the tents were all set up, the only thing we had to do was put everything in the car before going to sleep, since at night the Dingoes (wild dogs that look like a cross between a dog and a fox) show up to pay a visit and “steal” the things that people leave outside the tent. The two nights we spent at the campsite, we barbecued and chatted. It didn't even look like that entire group had just met! At 7 am the next day, our guide started banging the pot so everyone would wake up. We had breakfast together and went to meet the famous Eli Creek, the river that is reputed to cure hangovers! The water is super cold (there's really no undertow that can resist), and to go down the river you don't need to make the least effort, it's super shallow, and the current takes you back to where the cars are parked, a delight! When planning your trip to Fraser Island, include it in your list of things to take a float to sit on. Going down the river sitting on a buoy must be even more fun, too bad I didn't have one.  

The second and last tour of the day went to the Champagne Pools, some pools formed by stones on the edge of the beach. The name was given because these pools are filled with foam when the waves hit the rocks, like a natural jacuzzi. Fine thing! On the third day of the trip, we woke up early again to the sound of pot, had coffee, packed all our things and went to check out the Lake Birrabeen before taking the ferry back. Like the other lakes, this one also left nothing to be desired. The bicolor water and the landscape around it are breathtaking. If you like adventure, be sure to visit this wonderful place that is still very little explored by Brazilians.

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