Australia's tourist attractions

My history with Australia is long, so long I could write a book. I came to Australia to study for 6 months and more than 10 years later I'm still here. I'm sure that like me, you will also fall in love with this wonderful place! or why? Go reading.

Australia is a country of spectacular beauty known worldwide for extraordinary landscapes, vibrant cities and beautiful beaches.

A Australia it is also, quite literally, the dreamland of the sacred legends of the Aboriginal, the first inhabitants of the region and traditional guardians of Australian lands. Also known as “the Land Down Under” because of its geographical location, the Australia has a great natural and cultural diversity with approximately 22 million inhabitants, more or less the same as the Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo.

With so many options and beauty to explore, it is difficult to choose an itinerary and decide where to visit. So, thinking of you, I got in touch with my Aussie friends (Australians of the gem) and together we developed this list of the 10 tourist spots you should definitely know when you're "down under".

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1. Sydney Opera House – New South Wales

Located at Bennelong Point in Sydney harborthe Opera House is one of the most famous and distinctive architectural wonders of the 20th century. Designed and built by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Opera House with all its grandeur and geometry, it was inspired by nature, its colors, functions and shapes.

I always visit the Opera House in the late afternoon for the wonderful sunset of the Sydney harbor which ends up getting much better when accompanied by cocktails at the Opera Bar. Remember that it is possible to take a guided tour inside the Opera House, which makes it possible to see the stunning interior architecture of the place up close.

Tour prices vary, starting at around $60 reais. It is also worth adding to the script the Royal Botanic Gardens, since it is located very close to the Opera House.

Australia's tourist attractions

Opera House – Photo: Bruno Tavares

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge – New South Wales

As the Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the biggest icons of Sydney and is the largest (not the longest) steel arch bridge in the world. Completed in 1932, the bridge spans Sydney Harbor and contains over 6 million hand-crafted rivets (BY HAND!!!). The legends of its construction fascinate Sydneysiders (Sydney locals) and people from all over the world.

The bridge can be appreciated and explored in many ways. One of the most popular tours is the BridgeClimb Sydney which allows the visitor to climb the bridge to the top through its side stairs, the tour costs between $350 and $800 reais depending on the day and time of the climb. A more affordable option is to see the bridge of Sydney harbor Near the Opera House and cross the bridge on foot.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Danijel-James Wynyard Follow

3. Bondi to Coogee Walk – New South Wales

The famous Bondi to Coogee trail (or hike) stretches for 6 kilometers along the rocky coast from the eastern suburbs of Sydney, with virtually uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. The trail is divided into 6 parts, each with spectacular views and wonderful beaches.

In addition to the beaches, the trail also passes through several natural pools, parks, cafes and restaurants. The trail can be accessed via Bondi or Coogee, so why not start at coogee and leave the best beach for last? I recommend bringing a hat, water, wearing comfortable clothes and shoes and putting on plenty of sunscreen.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flicker: Daniel Lerps

4 Melbourne

Victoria Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is the second most populous city in Australia. The city that was, for the sixth consecutive year, elected the best in the world to live is known for its vast and diverse commerce as well as its restaurants, bars and great nightlife.

Put on your most comfortable shoes and enjoy the day exploring the famous Laneways of the city starting at Flinders Station, passing through Degraves towards Little Bourke Street. The best way to access Melbourne by plane, as the city center is about 30 minutes from the airport.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Peter Mackey

5. The Great Ocean Road – Victoria

Every tourist destination has a wonderful road, and in Australia that road is the Great Ocean Road. The road that is over 400 kilometers is located in southwestern Australia along the Southern Ocean and connects the cities of Torquay and Allansford.

Along the road it is worth checking out the Twelve Apostles (Twelve Apostles), a collection of giant limestone rocks that formed because of the erosion of caves in the region due to the extremely strong wind coming from the Southern Ocean. Today only 8 of the original 12 rocks can be seen as the rest were literally blown away by the wind.

Along the way, it is also worth checking out the Bells Beach, known worldwide for its waves. THE Great Ocean Road it is 90 minutes from Melbourne and the easiest way to access the road is by joining a Melbourne tour or by renting a car.

Australia's tourist attractions

12 Apostles – Photo: Bruno Tavares

6. Great Barrier Reef – Queensland

A Australia's Great Barrier Reef It is the largest in the world, a world heritage site and one of the seven wonders of the world. Of extraordinary beauty, it is easy to understand why the place is the world's favorite destination for divers and ocean lovers.

The best way to access the barrier is through Cairns, and from there joining a tour or cruise. It is also possible to access the barrier from other cities such as Port Douglas, but I always prefer Cairns, since from there it is easy to access two other beautiful destinations, the Daintree Forest and the Cairns Esplanade.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Colorful wonderland

7. Whitsunday Islands – Queensland

As Whitsunday Islands are a collection of 74 islands of white sand and crystal blue water located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. Of the 74 islands, 70 are uninhabited national parks and only 4 are occupied and offer accommodation.

Of the countless secret islands and bays, for sure Whiteheaven Beach It is the most beautiful beach in the region. With more than 7 kilometers, the beach has the whitest sand in the world and has already won several awards for its beauty and pristine condition.

I could write for hours about Whitsunday Islands, but the truth is that words cannot describe the breathtaking beauty of this paradise that has to be seen in person. The best way to access this idyllic place is to fly to one of the two airports in Whitsundays, by car via the Bruce Highway or taking part in a tour.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: dany13

8. Urulu – Northern Territory

Located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Urulu (also known as Ayers Rock) is one of the largest monoliths in the world, standing 318 meters high, nearly 10 kilometers in circumference, extending more than 2,5 kilometers deep into the ground.

The site, which is sacred to the Aborigines australians, is well known for its dramatic color changes throughout the year and even in the course of a day. Characteristic for its red color, the Urulu turns blue, purple and red during sunset.

The best and most convenient way to access Urulu is a flight to the site. If you're excited and willing to go on an adventure, I highly recommend a flight to Alice Springs and then drive to Urulu, the scenery along the way is simply extraordinary. Stay at least two days in Urulu to experience all the beauty of the place, from sunrise to sunset.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Ted Wemwemwem

9. Kakadu National Park – Northern Territory

O Kakadu National Park it is a world heritage site and the largest national park in Australia, covering almost 20,000 square kilometres. More than half of the park is Aboriginal property, as they are the traditional guardians of Australian lands and have lived in the region for over 50,000 years.

Em Kakadu you will find more than 2000 species of plants, 280 species of birds and countless Aboriginal historical paintings, the oldest one made 20,000 years ago. O Kakadu National Park it is a magical place full of history, certainly one of the most special places in Australia.

The best way to access the park is from Darwin or Katherine, either on a tour or by renting a car. The trip is in a remote area and takes about 3 hours, so you need to plan well.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Travolution360

10. Barossa Valley – South Australia

O Barossa valley is the largest region australia winery and one of the oldest in the world. About 70 kilometers from Adelaide, in the south of Australia, Barossa is home to the famous wines Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek e Wolf Blass.

Occupied by Germans during the 19th century, parts of the region were built in the same style used for hundreds of years in the eastern German colonies and it is easy to find many stone houses and Lutheran churches.

The best way to access the valley is from Adelaide with a tour or by renting a car. not already Barossa, I recommend a bike tour through the beautiful wineries in the region.

Australia's tourist attractions

Flickr: Stephen Michael Barnett

Well… these are the 10 tourist attractions you cannot miss, but I consider these destinations 10 reasons to fall in love with Australia. Did you like the tips or would you like more recommendations for tours in australia?

Leave your comment here on the post or visit the profile of @hellolarissa don't urge!

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