Luggage locker in Sydney: where to leave your bags and suitcases?


Travelling to Australia? Check out the luggage lockers in Sydney to find out where to leave your bags and suitcases during your stay.

Sydney is the most populated city in Australia, and it is also the most famous. Although it is not the country's capital, Sydney has a global resonance. Every year, thousands of visitors from all over the world come to see the famous opera house, the kangaroos, or simply enjoy Bondi Beach.

If you too come to enjoy a stay in Australia, you probably came with one or even several suitcases. Essential to have a good holiday, suitcases often clutter up when we leave. Where to leave your bags and suitcases in Sydney? This is the question often asked on the last day of a holiday. You'd like to continue sightseeing without having to carry this weight all day. Don't panic, there are several solutions. For Travel Lovers offers you a guide to luggage storage in Sydney.

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Consignment from your hotel or apartment rental

Most of the time, it is possible to leave your bag or suitcase at your hotel. Storage space is often provided for people wishing to leave their belongings after check-out. You will then be able to enjoy your day without having to worry about your suitcase.

As far as apartment rentals are concerned, it is not certain that you can leave your belongings there. Usually it depends on the owner of the premises. If another person comes right after you leave, it is often not possible to leave bags and suitcases unless there is special storage space. You should therefore check this before making your reservation.

However, even if you have the option of leaving your suitcases at your hotel or apartment, it is not always very practical. This means that you will need to return to your hotel or apartment before you leave. However, if your hotel or apartment is located far from the centre or places of interest, it will make you make an unnecessary detour.

Find a luggage locker in Sydney

Luggage locker in Sydney: How much does it cost?

Luggage locker in Sydney: rates (for 1 piece of luggage)
Platform 1 hour 3 hours. 24 hours extra day Insurance Book
6€ 6€ 1 000€ See instructions

If you don't want to or can't leave your bags and suitcases in your hotel or apartment, the best solution is to use the luggage lockers in Sydney. With Nannybag, you can leave your belongings at one of the strategic points in the city, so that you can continue to enjoy your last day of your Sydney holiday.

Simply book online at one of the trusted establishments to leave your bags and suitcases in Sydney. Once there, you will need to show your ID and you can drop off your belongings. For only €5 a day, your suitcase is safe and secure while you wander the streets of Australia. In addition to offering you low prices for luggage storage in Sydney, Nannybag guarantees your suitcase up to €1000. If anything happens while you are away, you will be compensated for the loss, theft or damage of your belongings.

When it's time to leave Sydney, collect your suitcase with your ID. It's as simple as that!

Sydney station instructions

Central Station also has a luggage locker in Sydney. Located south of the business district, it is the largest railway station in Australia. It allows you to visit Australia's major cities and also provides a connection to the airport.

Luggage storage in Sydney is €6 for 5 hours for one suitcase. This rate increases by €2 every 3 hours. It can also vary depending on the size of your suitcase. Please note that it is not possible to leave your bags and suitcases in Sydney overnight. You will have to collect them at the closing of the station at 22:00. In the morning, Central Station opens at 6am.

Check-in at Sydney Airport

It is possible to leave your bags and suitcases at Sydney Airport. With 40 million passengers a year, Kingsford Smith Airport is the largest airport in Australia, and even in Oceania.

  • 6 hours: 6€ per suitcase
  • 24 hours: 9 € per suitcase.

Pleasenote: it is possible to leave your suitcase for several days or even weeks. Leaving your bag or suitcase at Sydney airport can be very convenient if you are planning a stay outside Sydney and do not wish to take all your suitcases with you.

Find a luggage locker in Sydney

Sydney bus and ferry station instructions

Sydney terminal coach

Sydney Bus Station connects the economic capital of the country with other cities in New South Wales and neighbouring states. Again, there is a luggage locker at Sydney Coach Terminal. You can drop off your bags and suitcases there during the bus station's opening hours, which are between 7am and 6pm.

Circular quay

Another option for leaving your bags and suitcases in Sydney is Circular Quay. This is the ferry station located near the Sydney Opera House. The ferry is popular with locals who want to walk around Sydney Harbour or along the Parramatta River. You can take advantage of the crossing to admire the view directly over the harbour bridge or the Sydney Opera House.

Museums and Tourist Information

With Nannybag, luggage lockers in Sydney can be found everywhere, even near the most touristy places.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Feel free to leave your bags and suitcases near the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

This aquarium brings together no less than 700 marine species! Come and admire them and leave your belongings in a safe place. A deposit system is also available within the aquarium.

Sydney Opera House

A must-see on a visit to Australia's most populous city, the Sydney Opera House is a site not to be missed.

You can leave your bags and suitcases close to the Opera House so you don't get bogged down during your visit.

State Library

Would you like a bit of culture on your visit to Sydney? The State Library welcomes you all weekdays between 9am and 8pm, and on weekends between 10am and 5pm, to show you its most beautiful collections. It is possible to leave your bags and suitcases there. The deposit system is self-service and the price varies according to the size of your belongings.

  • Small lockers: 2€ (for 8 to 12 hours of storage)
  • Large lockers: 5€.

Find a luggage locker in Sydney

Shopping centre lockers

Shopping centres also have luggage lockers in Sydney. Let's look at the most important ones.

Westfield Sydney

The Westfield Sydney is located at the level of Sydney's high-rise in the business district.

If you wish, please feel free to leave your bags and suitcases there. The shopping centre is open daily between 9am and 9pm. In the evenings, don't forget to collect your belongings. It is not possible to leave them there after dark.


Situated in Sydney's famous harbour, Harbourside is a large shopping centre with the major retailers. Ideal for a shopping session and to bring back some souvenirs.

There is a luggage locker in Sydney in the shopping centre. It is open all week from 10am to 9pm.

Now you know how to book a luggage locker in Sydney. Now all you have to do is!

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