33 photos that prove Australia is crazy.

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    Will you go to Australia after seeing this? Here are 33 photographs of animals and bugs that can be found in Australia and that are chilling!

    Australia is of course a beautiful country, very wild, known for its beaches and nature. But it is also the country where you can find funny (often scary) animals. I reassure you, you are unlikely to come across anything you will see here!

    Python eating a bat

    Pythons are so big that they can lift wallabies.

    A python lost in a shop


    A snake lost in a toilet

    A snake eating an armadillo

    A snake in a golf hole

    A snake that flies

    Catching diseases directly from dogfish is highly unlikely. However, they are known to carry two potentially deadly viruses.

    A dingo eats a shark

    Shark threatens golfers

    A great white shark surfing


    A crocodile surfing

    A crocodile entering a bathing enclosure

    Crocodiles also live in the creeks.

    Crocodile in the street

    Crocodile eaten by a snake

    A huge crocodile

    Michael Franchi / Rex USA

    Huge ticks. Here before and after a meal

    Spiders, lots of spiders

    Daniel Munoz / Reuters

    One of Australia's plagues: beetles

    Here's another one: flies

    And another one: Centipedes...

    A giant earthworm... but not dangerous.

    Monstrous insects (here a courtilière)

    A giant poisonous centipede

    A giant centipede that kills snakes?!

    An angry cassowary attacks a man

    A mysterious giant jellyfish

    The irukandji jellyfish, perhaps the most dangerous creature in Australia, although it's only 2 or 3 cm long.

    A sting of jellyfish box (Cubozoa)

    Blue-ringed octopuses are the only octopuses that are fatal to humans.

    Be careful what it can fall from the sky, hail can kill!

    Even water can kill you!

    Primitive Amoebic Meningoencephalitis is rare and often fatal, with a survival rate of less than 3%.

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