Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

In October 2015 I was once again in Australia and I did something I had wanted to do for a long time: getting to know the Wrecks de Moreton Island.

The third largest sand island in the world, Bruise It is located approximately 40 km from the city of Brisbane, capital of the state of Queensland. The island, however, is only accessible by boat or ferry.

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Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Wrecks in the background

To get there, I took a ferry from Holt Street Wharf, in Brisbane, and after a crossing lasting about 1h15, had landed in the dreamed destination, which is covered by dunes, scrub and forests and is surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea.

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Bruise it is a small island, which allows you to see everything in just one day, as was my case. For those who want to do things more calmly and spend one or more nights in the region, there are some accommodation options, such as Tangalooma Island Resort. 

For the more adventurous, camping can be a good option too. However, even if you decide not to stay on the island, the resort offers several types of packages for those who want to explore the beautiful attractions of the island. You can choose the activities that best suit your profile.

I opted for the quad tour to enjoy the dunes and discover the local nature. In addition, I went kayaking and stand up paddle.

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Tangalooma beach reserves a special surprise for those who enjoy diving. Shipwrecks in this region were kept at the bottom of the sea and today serve as reefs for thousands of colorful fish. During my stay, I dived between the boats to enjoy the rich local marine life and even encountered a small shark.

Those who book the trip for the period between June and November, can still appreciate the migration of whales. 

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

The end of the afternoon is also an invitation for those who admire the spectacles of nature. You can watch the sunset, which happens behind the Glass House Mountains, lying on the lounge chairs that sit on the soft white sands of Moreton. In the end, it is still possible to contemplate the starry and illuminated sky that comes with dusk.

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

sunset on the island

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

An important tip: the island is practically all sand and has few roads. Therefore, the recommendation for those who want to go beyond the ferry landing area is to rent a 4×4.

However, going to Moreton and not seeing the wrecks is almost like being in Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. Tangalooma Island Resort offers some tours there. one of them is the Snorkel the Wrecks tour, which, in addition to transportation, offers all the material for snorkeling. 

As I already have the snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel and fin), I chose to go paddling. However, for those who don't feel safe arriving alone or don't have the necessary material, the tour, which costs 49 Australian dollars (AUD), can be quite interesting. 

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide

In addition, they also have options for Day Cruise. See some of them:

Standard Day Cruise: departing at 7am or 10am and returning at 16pm, the tour costs 65 AUD and includes a lunch voucher worth 20 AUD and round-trip ferry transfers. In addition, travelers who opt for this package will be able to use some of the resort's facilities, such as bathrooms, bars, restaurants and swimming pool.

Dolphin Adventure Tour: a little more expensive (175 AUD), this package includes the same things as the previous one plus the possibility to feed wild dolphins. As they only appear in the late afternoon, the tour returns at 19:XNUMX. I checked this experience up close and it's worth it, everything is done in a very organized way and accompanied by experienced professionals.

Moreton Island in Australia – Travel Guide


For more information about packages and tours, as well as making reservations in advance, visit the official website for the Tangalooma region. Good trip!

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