Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

The Caribbean Sea is home to small islands that are true dreams: crystal clear waters, sunny days and breathtaking beaches. Find out which is the best island to visit on a trip to the Caribbean.

Much is said about the islands of the Caribbean, but not everyone knows that each one has different characteristics, from history to their respective cultures. Currently, many of them are still territories of European countries, such as Saint Martin and the British Virgin Islands, some belong to countries in the Americas, such as Puerto Rico and San Andres, while others have become independent, such as Curaçao and Grenada.

There are so many paradisiacal options in the region that it is difficult to choose just one island to visit. If you like drip trips, a tip is to take a cruise on the Caribbean Sea – so you spend the night sailing and each day wake up in a new place. However, if you want to explore each paradise and its particularities, getting to know the local culture and enjoying a peaceful vacation, we give you the tips on where to go on a trip to the Caribbean.

Want to know a little more about the main islands of the Caribbean?

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The best islands in the Caribbean

In terms of nature, the islands of the Caribbean are true treasures. Some have a lot of tourist structure, while others not so much. The idea is to please all types of travelers: those looking for a high-end destination or those looking for something more economical, those who like rustic destinations full of adventure or those who opt for more comfort.

Below is a summary of the most popular islands in the Caribbean:

Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Photo: Virginia Falanghe – Kenepa Grandi Beach in Curaçao

ABC, Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are among the best islands in the Caribbean. It is one of the closest Caribbean destinations to Brazil, and the three are commonly known on the same trip, given the proximity between them. Departing from Brazilian territory, in a few hours of flight it is already possible to feel the whole atmosphere of the Caribbean Sea in the region where they are located.

Aruba is the most popular of them, with a lot of infrastructure, attractions, shopping options, restaurants and large resorts. The good thing about this destination is to enjoy the good drinks, hotels and casinos on the island.

Curaçao is more charming, with paradisiacal beaches, great infrastructure for tourism and several attractions that attract more and more visitors to the island. There, be sure to visit the famous and wonderful Kenepa Grandi beach (the one in the photo above).

For those who want to have a Caribbean experience without too many people, it's worth taking a 15-minute flight to the neighboring island, Bonaire. In addition to being a paradise for divers, Bonaire is perfect for wind sports like wind and kitesurfing.

Where to stay on the ABC Islands

In Aruba, the all-inclusive resort Barceló it's a good tip. If you want something a little more economical, the Tropicana Resort and Cassino it is a good option.

In Curaçao, we love the Oasis Coral Estate Beach.

In Bonaire, or Buddy Dive Resort it is the best hotel for divers. For those who want something luxurious, the Harbor Village it's the best on the island. Another good option is the recently opened Courtyard by Mariott, the island's first major chain hotel offering value-for-money accommodation.

Here are some more accommodation options on the ABC Islands:

Hotels in Aruba:

  • Kamerlingh Villa – Daily rates from US$ 45 – 9,3 grade
  • MVC Eagle Beach – Daily rates from US$ 152 – 8,7 grade
  • Welcome to Aruba Boutique Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 125 – 9,8 grade
  • Wonders Boutique Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 101 – 9,5 grade

hotels in Curacao e Resorts in Curaçao:

  • Curacao Avila Beach Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 170 – 8,5 grade
  • Blue Bay Beach Villas & Apartments – Daily rates from US$ 190 – 9,5 grade
  • Saint-Tropez Boutique Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 129 – 8,6 grade
  • Bed & Bike Curacao – Jan Thiel – Daily rates from US$ 27 – 8,5 grade

Bonaire hotels:

  • Bonaire Boutique Resort – Daily rates from US$ 104 – 9,1 grade
  • Harbour Village Beach Club – Daily rates from US$ 495 – 9,1 grade
  • Grand Windsock Bonaire – Daily rates from US$ 257 – 9,1 grade
  • Calexico House – Daily rates from US$ 119 – 9,5 grade

Caribbean travel insurance for the ABC islands

For all these destinations, a fundamental recommendation is to Caribbean travel insurance. It is very common for travelers to go diving in these places, in addition to the fact that the sun is very strong in the region, the heat does not let up and the cuisine is different from what we are used to. So it's better to travel cautiously, isn't it?

Oh, and don't worry about the Aruba travel insurance, Curacao travel insurance ou Bonaire travel insurance – although each island has its own particularities, a plan usually covers the entire trip to the Caribbean. 😉


Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

In Exuma, in the Bahamas, it is possible to swim alongside these cute little pigs – Photo:
Forest Simon via Unsplash

As Bahamas are at the top of the list of favorite destinations for Brazilians who go to the Caribbean. It's no wonder, either, as the setting of the archipelago's clean beaches and soft sand make the name of the place synonymous with paradise.

In addition to being an ideal destination for romantic trips or total relaxation, the Bahamas are also popular with sportspeople. Diving in this region is one of the most unmissable activities, but sailing and windsurfing are other good options.

At night, the center of the capital, Nassau, surprises with lively alternatives. Undoubtedly, it is a versatile and charming destination.

Where to stay in the Bahamas

The islands of New Providence and Paradise are the ones that concentrate most of the lodgings in the Bahamas. For those who like large chain hotels, in Nassau, capital of the archipelago, the Grand hyatt baha mar proves to be a good choice for your booking.

Here are some hotel options in the Bahamas:

Hotels in the Bahamas:

  • Coral Sands Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 414 – 8,8 grade
  • The Sunset Cove and Rainbow Room – Daily rates from US$ 152 – 8,5 grade
  • Grand Isle Resort & Residences – Daily rates from US$ 437 – 8,4 grade
  • Augusta Bay Bahamas, Exuma – Daily rates from US$ 158 – 8,3 grade

Bahamas travel insurance

As with any other part of the Caribbean islands (and around the world, for that matter), safe travel is always the best option. So, before heading to the Bahamas, don't forget to hire a Bahamas travel insurance comprehensive, that protects you in the activities you will do there.

US and British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands – Photo: Dietmar Lichota via Unsplash

The British Virgin Islands archipelago is a fascinating destination: the place is dotted with islands that must be known by sailing ship. The best way to get to know the region is by staying on a boat, which gives you the flexibility to visit several islands in a week.

For Brazilians, the news is even better, since Alcides and Tatiana, from São Paulo, receive tourists on the Catamaran Ocean Eyes, in an unforgettable week of charter.

Don't miss the Virgin Gorda island postcard, called 'The Baths'. A labyrinth of stones between two paradisiacal beaches that form natural pools. A show! Visit Foxie's bar in Josh Van Dyke and, of course, go diving, enjoy a lot of beach and take boat trips to enjoy the Caribbean days.

However, if you prefer the mainland to stay, the destination has several good hotels to stay.

Where to stay in the Virgin Islands

The best way to experience the Virgin Islands is on board. We recommend charter on the Ocean Eyes catamaran. However, if you want to stay a few days ashore in St. Thomas, stay in Point Pleasant Resort. In the British, it is worth staying in Sebastian’s on the beach hotel, in Tortola.

Below we recommend some other options:

Hotels in the US Virgin Islands:

  • Estate Lindholm – Daily rates from US$ 345 – 9,5 grade
  • The Waves at Cane Bay – Daily rates from US$ 409 – 9,2 grade
  • Gallows Point Resort – Daily rates from US$ 525 – 9,0 grade
  • Caravelle Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 229 – 8,6 grade

Hotels in the British Virgin Islands:

  • Wyndham Tortola BVI Lambert Beach Resort – Daily rates from US$ 165 – 8,2 grade
  • Long Bay Beach Resort – Daily rates from US$ 389 – 9,2 grade
  • Sugar Mill Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 394 – 9,4 grade
  • Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, Autograph Collection – Daily rates from US$ 559 – 9,4 grade

US Virgin Islands travel insurance and British Virgin Islands travel insurance

The travel insurance recommendation also extends to the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Getting sick on US territory never comes cheap, and the same goes for Britain's overseas lands. So, hire a good plan before boarding to these destinations.

Turks & Caicos

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Turks and Caicos Island – Grace Bay Beach – Photo: Virginia Falanghe

Turks & Caicos is a 1h30 flight from Miami. The archipelago has two large islands: Providenciales and Grand Turk. The first is more touristy and has paradisiacal beaches, such as Grace Bay (photo), elected one of the 10 best beaches in the world to spend the day. The second island is a good option for divers on duty.

To enjoy the day there, spend a day at Grace Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Go around Providenciales and enjoy a day of kitesurfing in Long Beach. If you like to dive, Grand Turk is a must.

Where to stay in Turks & Caicos

Em Providenciales, or The Sands in Grace Bay it is an excellent option. If you want to stay in an aparthotel, the Island Club is the request.

Other recommended accommodations in Turks & Caicos:

  • Seascape Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 612 – 9,4 grade
  • The Oasis at Grace Bay – Daily rates from US$ 360 – 9,1 grade
  • Neptune Villas – Daily rates from US$ 277 – 9,1 grade
  • Sibonne Beach Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 212 – 8,5 grade

Turks & Caicos Travel Insurance

Whether for deep sea diving, or even to enjoy some of the most sensational beach sports, Turks & Caicos travel insurance is a super friendly recommendation for you to enjoy this destination while being protected. If you are planning your trip there, don't forget to take out a good policy and protect yourself from possible incidents.

Saint Martin or Saint Maarten

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Maho Beach in St. Martin – Photo: Brian Baldrati

Saint Martin ou Saint Maarten is a small island, however, ruled by two countries: France and The Netherlands. It's no wonder that everyone wants to stay with Saint Martin, as it's quite a destination! The island has more infrastructure for tourism, such as resorts, shops and downtown. It is a destination for those who like, in addition to paradisiacal beaches, a lot of comfort, varied cuisine and good hotels.

While in St. Martin, a visit to Maho Beach is a must – you know that beach where planes fly right overhead? That's it! However, Saint Martin is much more than that, so take a moment to also visit David's Hole, Cupecoy Beach, Baie Long, among many others.

Where to stay in Saint Martin

O Hotel Palm Cort it is a great indication on the island. Generally, the Hotel La Planation has good offers and is an excellent option.

Below we recommend more options:

  • Love Boutique Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 134 – 8,8 grade
  • Villa Jwi Lavi Boutique Hotel – Daily rates from US$ 179 – 9,3 grade
  • The Balconies of Oyster Pond – Daily rates from US$ 108 – 9,1 grade
  • The Pebbles Sxm – Daily rates from US$ 188 – 9,5 grade

Saint Martin travel insurance or St Maarten travel insurance

Don't forget to hire your travel insurance for Saint Martin to visit this island with greater tranquility. This service is essential to give you that support and security in a tight time. After all, we cannot predict which incidents will appear along the way, so the best solution is to protect yourself and acquire a plan.

San Andres

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

San Andres in the Caribbean – Photo: Patricia Schussel

San Andres, in Colombia, has become a 'hit' among Brazilians in recent years. In addition to constant promotions for air tickets to the island, it is also close to Brazil. The best tip to enjoy the place is to take a complete tour of the island (complete tour in a few hours), in addition to visiting the islets around San Andrés, still very preserved, if you have time to spare.

This Colombian island also stands out for being one of the most economical destinations in the Caribbean. Even because of this, it usually receives a considerable amount of travelers, and in high season periods (school holidays), it can get crowded to the point of disturbing the calm of the sea.

In short, what is most not to be missed there: the tour around the island, El Acuario and Haynes Cay, Johnny Cay and West View. To learn more, you can read all the tips of the destination in our full post about Saint Andrew.

Where to stay in San Andres

O Boutique Hotel Praia Tranquilo It is a super exclusive option with good service. THE Tamarindo House It's a tip for families. For those who want to save money, it is worth taking a look at hostels like Sun And Sea Islands.

Check out more tips on where to stay in San Andres:

  • Hotel Boutique Casa Hendaus – Daily rates from US$ 156 – 9,4 grade
  • Casablanca hotels – Daily rates from US$ 205 – 8,2 grade
  • In Di House of Reggae Boutique – Daily rates from US$ 114 – 8,8 grade
  • Lulu's Inn – Daily rates from US$ 90 – 8,7 grade

San Andres travel insurance

There's no telling if you're going to spend the whole period enjoying the Caribbean at the height of your well-being. Sometimes to get there you have to make a long layover, which ends up knocking your immunity down, or you end up spending a little too much time in the sun and feel some effects of heat stroke.

For any of these cases, the best solution is to call your San Andres travel insurance, and that's why it's so important to always travel safe.

Los Roques

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Photo: Virginia Falanghe

Los Roques, in Venezuela, is Caribbean Polynesia: the sea waters are so crystal clear and turquoise that they reflect in the clouds. Getting to know the archipelago is a unique journey.

Take a boat and head out to explore the dozens of islets in the archipelago. Take a scuba diving trip there and enjoy a day of kitesurfing through the waters that most resemble French Polynesia.

Where to stay in Los Roques

Los Roques is a simpler destination compared to others found in the Caribbean. So don't expect to find luxury hotels there, but rather charming inns with a more homely welcome.

In accommodations, it is common to have the option of closing half-board packages, or even full board, and it is often the places that offer breakfast already included in the daily rate.

There are few Los Roques options available on Booking today, but it is possible to book good accommodation online, such as Piano and Papaya Inn or Posada Acquamarina Los Roques.

Los Roques travel insurance

Did you know that to enter Venezuela it is mandatory to present a travel insurance policy?

The country began to require, since 2013, that all travelers have the document when entering its territory. The plan must have a minimum of $40 in medical and hospital expenses, plus $1 in baggage insurance.

When looking for your travel insurance for Venezuela, pay attention to the minimum requirements, to guarantee the contracting of a product that complies with the requirements. Also confirm that the insurance company covers trips to Venezuela – due to the political and economic problems in the country, not all companies include it in the plans.


Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Colorful houses in Havana – Photo: Spencer Everett via Unsplash

One of the most famous Caribbean islands, Cuba It is quite charming, and visiting it is like traveling back in time.

There is no shortage of things to do in Cuba. Culture, history, tradition. Contact with the people and customs is a 'must', in addition to getting to know the iconic Havana. The country also has several beaches, great for enjoying the day or diving.

Where to stay in Cuba

In Cuba, go back in time in Havana by staying at a classic city hotel, the Cuban National Hotel. In order not to have a mistake in the accommodation, choose a chain hotel like the Mercury. If you want to save money, look for hostels like Havana House.

Cuba travel insurance

Another Caribbean destination that requires travel insurance for its visitors is Cuba. Since 2010, the country has established as an entry requirement for foreigners a Cuba travel insurance with a minimum coverage of US$ 10 for any medical expenses.

Best time to travel to the Caribbean islands

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

US Virgin Islands, neighboring the British Virgin Islands – it is possible to see both archipelagos in one trip

The best time to visit the countries above the equator, where most of the Caribbean islands are located, is between November and June – when there is no hurricane and rainy season.

Countries that are below the equator, such as Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, are free from hurricane risk, however, they can also have more rain at this time. To visit them, give preference to the months between February and July, avoiding the period from October to January.

What to pack in your travel bag for the Caribbean

What to pack in your suitcase is always a good question. Don't forget that in tropical places, the chance of rain always exists. Plus a lot of wind too! So don't forget windbreakers, raincoats… but of course, lots, lots, swimwear, plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses and hats or caps!

Caribbean travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance for the Caribbean is an excellent tip to ensure a smooth trip and avoid worries. Even without being mandatory, having the assistance of insurance gives you the peace you need to enjoy the destination and know that you have support, if necessary. Also enjoy our Insurance Promo discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

Flights to the Caribbean

Do you want to guarantee a ticket to the Caribbean islands at super attractive prices? we use the platform Promo Tickets to find the cheapest flights on the market. Check out the promotions of the day and keep an eye out to save on the purchase of your airline tickets. – SEE PRICES

Non Caribbean internet chip

How about spending your entire stay in the Caribbean 100% connected to the internet? With international travel chips this is possible, and for super fair prices, which don't weigh on your pocket. Check out the offers from America Chip and guarantee internet right now to use freely on the islands. Enjoy and check out our America Chip discount coupon. - SEE PRICES

Caribbean – Travel Guide

Caribbean Islands – The 11 best to book your trip

Kudavudadhoo, one of the islands of the Maldives – Photo: Ishan @seefromthesky via Unsplash

The Caribbean stands out as a vacation destination for bringing together the best for moments of rest. The limpid beaches, with fine sand and crystalline waters, are the perfect setting for the paradises found on the islands that make up this region of Central America. Precisely for this reason, Caribbean destinations are among the most sought after for honeymooners or travelers looking for pure peace.

There are options with excellent infrastructure in the middle of the Caribbean, as well as super preserved, very rustic portions of land, surrounded by a clear sea, rare to find on the coasts of large countries. This is just one more of the charms of the Caribbean islands, which, therefore, also prove to be versatile places for trips of the most diverse styles, pleasing people of different personalities.

To enjoy the Caribbean region, it is worth venturing to several islands on a cruise route, or even to base yourself in a few countries, knowing better the particularities of each place. One thing is certain, however, no matter the choice: the Caribbean inspires tranquility and tranquility, and is an unmissable place to experience the best of island nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place in the Caribbean to travel?

To choose the best Caribbean island to visit, consider your personal preferences. There are more rustic islands, perfect for the more adventurous, and others that offer excellent infrastructure. Check out the post for travel tips to the Caribbean.

When is the best time to travel to the Caribbean?

The best months to visit the Caribbean are November, February, March, April, May and June, but you also need to consider the climate of the island you plan to visit. Check out more information in the post about traveling to the Caribbean.

What is the best beach in the Caribbean?

Grace Bay Beach, on the island of Turks & Caicos, is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean to visit. Check details of other Caribbean islands.

What is the cheapest Caribbean island?

San Andrés is one of the cheapest Caribbean destinations, and also one of the most popular, precisely because it offers more affordable prices. Learn more about the islands of the Caribbean.

Which islands are part of the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is made up of thousands of islands and islets, some of the best known being the islands of Aruba, Bahamas, Curaçao, Barbados, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and many others. See which Caribbean islands to visit.

Where in the Caribbean is it possible to swim with pigs?

The famous Big Major Cay beach (Pig Beach, in other words, “beach of the pigs”) is the beach on the Exumas island, located in the Bahamas, where the famous walk between the Caribbean pigs takes place, in a paradisiacal setting. Check out other curiosities of the Caribbean islands.

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