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    In which neighborhood to stay in São Paulo?

    • Centro Velho
    • Vila Madalena
    • Granja Julieta and Alto da Boa Vista
    • Gardens
    • Liberdade

    On a trip to Brazil, how not to miss Sao Paulo? Here are the best places to stay in Sao Paulo!

    A gigantic city of 1,523 km², São Paulo is home to nearly 12 million inhabitants and nearly 29 million in its metropolitan area. It is the largest city in Latin America, Brazil, and the third largest city in the world. Commercial, industrial, financial and economic nerve centre of Brazil, Sao Paulo is also considered a tense, dangerous city (some neighbourhoods).

    Sao Paulo is subdivided into 31 districts and nine zones. The most popular districts are Paraiso, Vila Madalena, Gardens, Vila Mariana and Higienopolis. Here is our non-exhaustive selection of areas to stay in Sao Paulo.

    Centro Velho

    The historic district of São Paulo is home to different architectural styles. The Catedral da Sé is located in the Praça da Sé, the liveliest square in the city centre. There are also the skyscrapers of multinational companies and investment banks, shops, pick-pockets and - as everywhere in Brazil - huge wealth disparities. One can enter inside some buildings such as the Edificio Martinelli (26 floors), Edificio Italia or Banespa to gain height on the megalopolis. Warning: staying at Centro Velho can be dangerous if you go out late.

    Vila Madalena

    Vila Madalena - or Vila Madá - is the bohemian district of Sao Paulo. There are innumerable bars where you can go out every night of the week. International tourists flock here to attend the events and cultural events that take place here all year round. For example, the Carnival, which is held in February. Many alleys are dedicated to street-art, such as the famous Beco do Batman between rua Harmonai and rua Aspicuelta. Restaurants, concert bars - samba, an institution here! -, cafes and discos will give rhythm to your Brazilian life if you are a fan of wild and festive evenings. It is therefore a safe area, ideal for visiting, eating and partying: a good compromise for accommodation in Sao Paulo.

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    Granja Julieta and Alto da Boa Vista

    Very quiet residential areas, Granja Julieta and Alto da Boa Vista are very quiet, bordered by large houses and luxury buildings. A small town life in the city where the inhabitants love to go for a bike ride and enjoy the passing of time, nature and its tranquility. They are also lively neighbourhoods where you can find all the shops necessary for everyday life. There are also many bars and restaurants for going out, convenient for enjoying the nightlife.

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    Further north, the Garden District is one of the most attractive areas in Sao Paulo. On Paulista Avenue, you can enjoy a majestic view of the skyscrapers of the city centre. You will find there a great quantity of shops to do your shopping, bars and restaurants to go out and museums to discover the culture of Brazil.

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    Historically, this is the Japanese quarter. Sao Paulo is home to the largest Japanese community outside Japan, with 57,860 inhabitants. Located near the city centre, the district is a small piece of the Japanese archipelago in an ocean of Latinity. Created in the 1950s, it is one of the tourist attractions of Sao Paulo. Here, Portuguese writings have been replaced by Japanese kanji and the influence of Japanese culture can be felt. Asian shops, restaurants, karaoke bars and cultural events punctuate the social life of the neighborhood. It should be noted that the Japanese are not the only ones here: many Koreans and Chinese settle here and tourists from all over the world flock here by the thousands. A good accommodation plan to stay in Sao Paulo.

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