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From ForTravelLovers we have createda list of destinations and tourist activities that you have to see and do inGambia Did you know that it is the smallest country in continental Africa? Discover this wonderful country.

From ForTravelLovers we have created a list of destinations and tourist activities that you should see and do in The Gambia. Did you know that it is the smallest country in continental Africa? Discover this wonderful country.

Route and map for Gambia

Before starting with this guide, it is important that you know how to movearound the Gambia in a timely manner. That's why we've marked the places you need to see on the map and then explained how to get from one place to another.

  1. Arrival: We will arrive at Banjul airport. We will spend the first day there and take the opportunity to visit Banjul.
  2. From Banjul to Brikama: If you have rented a car, you can reach Brikama perfectly in one hour. There we will visit the Makasutu forest.
  3. From Brikama to Kartong: It takes about 35 minutes to get from Brikama to Kartong.
  4. From Kartong to Senegambia: We will go to Senegambia to make a route by car.

Best time to travel to Gambia

The climate in The Gambia is tropical and warm. Throughout the year there is a marked dry season and a rainy phase. In spring, temperatures in the interior can reach 43 °C during the day. Temperatures on the coast rise to a maximum of 34 °C. From October to June the average temperatures vary between 31 °C and 34 °C.

The months from October to June are the most recommended for travelling to The Gambia, as it is the best travel season in The Gambia. As described above, this is the dry season.

What to see in Gambia

Are you thinking of taking a trip to the Gambia? We will help you decide and explain what to see in The Gambia and what s ights you should visit if you are.


It is the capital of the Gambia and is located on an island. It's a very crowded city, though the most populated city of Gambia is Serekunda. To accede to Banjul it is necessary to pass a bridge and shortly after you find to the right The National Assembly. A huge white building and very modern.

  • Arch 22: An arch that commemorates the 22nd of July 1994 and commemorates the second Republic. It can be climbed and is worth it to have the best possible views of Banjul.
  • Royal Albert Market: The most authentic market that gathers all the essence of Africa. Here you will find mainly fabrics, clothes and slippers. It is interesting to take a walk.
  • Kachikally: It is in the area of Bakau, here you will find the Museum of Kachikally where it speaks of the history of Gambia and a mysterious pond full of crocodiles.


image source: wikipedia

Brikama is one of the largest cities in The Gambia. It is located south of the capital, Banjul, in the Western Division. It is known for its carved woods and its musicians. Among the local attractions is the Makatsu Cultural Forest

Makasutu is the main tourist activity in The Gambia. It is located in Brikama, it is a natural reserve that consists of 5 varied ecosystems. It can be visited both by day and by night.


image source: Kalilu Foundation

Kartung or Kartong is a coastal town in southwest Gambia on the border withSenegal. It is located approximately 60 kilometers from Banjul and 9.5 kilometers from Gunjur. It is located in the southern district of Kombo in the Western Division.

  • Allahein River: we can take a boat ride on the Allahein River. This river is located on the border between Gambia and Senegal.
  • Boboi Beach Lodge: A perfect place to have dinner and watch the sunset. We recommend you to spend the night there.


image source: Lonely Planet

In Senegambia we will take the opportunity to make a route by car. Later we will be able to relax in the hotel and to have dinner in Senegambia watching the sunset.
We can see vultures being fed at Senegambia Beach Hotel, see crocodiles at Kachikally and visit Bijilo Natural Park.

What to do in Gambia

So far we have explained what you can see in The Gambia on a tourist and cultural level. But don't worry, this country also offers activities and adventures that will make your experience unique. Here are some suggestions for activities to doin The Gambia:

  • Visit Sanyang Safari: A region located in the south of Gambia, where you can hire a safari, which is famous for its magnificent and endless beach, Paradise Beach.
  • Beaches: One of the things to do in The Gambia is to visit its beaches. The Gambia hides many beautiful beaches. We recommend that you get lost and discover them to relax.
  • See sunset in Tanji: Tanji is a fishing village where at sunset you can see dozens and dozens of cayucos arriving at the coast with lots of fish to sell in the markets.
  • Visit a school: tour the facilities to see how the level of education is there and enter the classes, talk to the children, etc. It is a unique experience.
  • Batik Fabric: Another thing to do in The Gambia is a visit to the Batik factories, where they make those colorful fabrics with African motifs, handmade, that we easily identify with Africa.

Travel tips to Gambia

The Gambia has a very different culture from ours and a different standard of living. That's why you should consider the following tips before you travel:

  • Visa: Regarding the visa, there is nothing to worry about, it is done on arrival. Take your valid passport and a pen with you to fill in the short questionnaire on arrival
  • Currencies: The Gambia's national currency is the Dalasi. The exchange rate in January 2020 was 1 Euro to 56.21 Dalasi.
  • Budget: The expensive thing about going to the Gambia is the flights. The standard of living there is not so different from ours, for example: a beer in a supermarket costs 70 dalasi or 150 in a bar.
  • Vaccinations: Vaccination against yellow fever is only compulsory if the country of origin has yellow fever as an endemic disease.
  • Language: Unlike most countries with a French-speaking tradition, the Gambia has English as its official language. The second language is Mandinka, although there are many tribes with different dialects.

Is it safe to travel to The Gambia?

Although The Gambia remains a relatively safe country for tourism, petty crime has increased in recent months. There have been careless robberies and some cases of muggings which, although not common, can become violent, especially at night.

There areno apparent terrorist threats in The Gambia, although it is useful to be informed about the regional situation, especially after the attacks in Mali, Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

Beware of petty criminals (pickpockets, scams or swindles), as well as the offer of all kinds of services that local citizens sometimes provide to tourists under the pretext of engaging in conversation or offering themselves as guides, especially on beaches or in bar/restaurant areas

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